Starting With 3000 Special Agents' Protection Book

novel - Urban

Starting With 3000 Special Agents' Protection

Shushu Xingxing

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Leiden is an ordinary worker who accidentally obtains the 'Tech Tree' system. The system's newbie gift for Leiden is research on antimatter! This makes Leiden, who has not graduated from high school, extremely embarrassed. However, the system can provide Leidan with knowledge at every stage, and he still gets money from it. Leiden, who originally wanted to randomly research something to fool the system, suddenly realizes that those things can actually be developed by him. In the end, the crumpled manuscript that Leiden had discarded is discovered by the country and then becomes a national treasure with the highest level of security. Leiden, who never realizes what he's researching, is stunned only at the moment of success. Three thousand top secret agents from the country surround him and protect him.