Starting My Cultivation With Time Management Book

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Starting My Cultivation With Time Management

You Zhu

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“So, you have been lying to me all this time?” She raised her head and realized that the face of her senior brother, one who she knew so well, was unfamiliar and scary. “What are you talking about?” Her senior brother scoffed and shook his finger. “All I can say is that none of you knew who I really am.” He then turned around and walked towards the Sky Throne, a symbol of absolute power. Master Sword Aura, Sea of Flame, Star Light… The dozens of skills that were used to stop the man from approaching the Sky Throne simply bounced off him. All the skills simply vanished into thin air. “No!” Xu Yingling bit her lip and turned to look at An Zhisu and Shi Liuli. They exchanged glances. All the despair, sadness, fear, and even love, were now meaningless. The only thing that was important at the moment was to stop that man. ... A cultivation novel. The main character used his cheat ability, Time Travel, to secretly live among all the powerful sects while learning their skills. He eventually managed to gain the power to approach the Sky Throne and become an immortal. However, it seemed that things weren’t going as smoothly as he had planned…"


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