1 Junior Sister Challenges Me Always

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"Countdown to world destruction: 1,000 years."

"Please hurry up and look for the Heaven Patching Stone."

"Point One: Kunlun Taiqing Sect, Golden Ridge Cave Abode."

"Identity: Qiu Changtian."

"Imitation Mode covered, currently traveling through time."

He suddenly opened his eyes and found himself sitting on a stone bed in a cave adobe, his body in a meditative posture.

Picking up the bronze mirror next to him, he finds that he is a handsome young man in the mirror.

He had sword-like eyebrows, starry eyes, a jade-like face, red lips, white teeth, and was gentle and refined.

Tsk, so handsome. How can I be so handsome?

He put down the bronze mirror and thought for a moment. Then, he heard a cold female voice from outside.

"Is Senior Brother here? Junior Sister came to ask for guidance on swordsmanship."

He was stunned for a moment before he sighed.


Walking to the entrance of the cave abode, he confirmed his current identity once again.

Well, the new disciples of the Kunlun faction, the personal disciple of headmaster, Qiu Changtian.

Qiu Changtian left the cave abode and saw a white-robed fairy-like beauty standing outside.

Her facial features were as exquisite as Venus and she had an otherworldly aura. She was dressed in a white, plain Daoist robe. Her long black hair hung down to the back of her waist and was casually tied with a strap on her shoulder blade. She was gentle yet not lacking in heroic spirit. She was the kind of super popular actress that would immediately be recognized by the audience when she appeared in Xianxia dramas.

This white-clothed fairy was his junior sister, Xu Yinglian.

She was born in a large cultivation clan, the Xu family of Tiannan, and had the rare cultivation talent of the Smart and Adroit Mind.

Therefore, last month, the Kunlun Taiqing Sect made an exception and allowed her to enter the sect. She became the personal disciple of the Kunlun Sect Headmaster and was a "god's favored one" in all sorts of ways.

Without him, she would be the undisputed leader of this generation's disciples.

Seeing Qiu Changtian come out of the cave abode, Xu Yinglian formed a sword seal and summoned a red stream of light from behind him.

The sword was about three feet and seven inches long, and it hung in front of her chest. There was a lifelike divine bird scarlet-feathered sculpture at the hilt.

Xu Yinglian stroked the flying sword with her slender fingers and said in a serious tone.

"This sword's name is' Yu Jia '. It's a legacy of my Xu family."

"Master helps me seal its last eight levels of Daoist magic so that it can only unleash the power of the Qi Refinement Stage. It's a good match for our sword duel."

Her fingers slid over the sword, bringing with them a brilliant spark.

Her eyes were filled with fighting spirit as if there were flames burning in them.

Qiu Changtian was speechless.

It was just a moment ago that she said that she was going to ask for guidance on swordsmanship, but now, it had turned into an unconcealed 'sword duel'?

He sighed.

Junior Sister is actually perfect at every aspect except this.

She was too stubborn.

If he defeated her in any aspect, she would have to compete with him thousands of times. She had to win him back.

This was the seventh time she had come to challenge him with an excuse of learning the Flying Sword Technique this week…

Qiu Changtian was a little distracted. Xu Yinglian saw that, and her beautiful face was slightly angry. She asked again, "Senior Brother, can you teach me with your sword? Or are you inconvenienced?"

Qiu Changtian: …

To be honest, he was not someone who liked to show off.

If possible, he really wanted to deliberately lose to his junior sister in this sword duel so that she could stop disturbing him for a few days.

But my invincible persona does not allow that!

"I wouldn't dare to teach you," Qiu Changtian said gently. "Let's just learn from each other."

He also formed a sword seal and pulled out his flying sword, "Yu Yan".

"There's no need to introduce my flying sword, right?" Qiu Changtian smiled again.

These words were slightly mocking, implying that his junior sister had lost to him many times and was extremely familiar with his flying sword.

"Senior brother, please enlighten me." Xu Yinglian said stiffly with an expressionless face.

The two of them formed another sword seal at the same time. Hence, two streaks of light shot into the sky. One was red and the other was green, indicating that the battle had officially begun!

Xu Yinglian made a series of hand seals and controlled Yu Jia to attack Yu Yan.

She knew that according to the standards of the Heaven Stems Forging Sword Technique, her senior brother's Jade Smoke was only at the seventh rank, while her Yu Jia was at the tenth rank.

Although both of them were only at the Qi Refinement Stage and their sword techniques were sealed, the hardness, sharpness, and speed of a Level Ten flying sword far surpassed that of a Level Seven flying sword.

Winning with her flying sword's rank was the chance of winning this match!

However, Qiu Changtian's reaction was even faster. Yu Jia only moved slightly, but Yu Yan had already descended, slashing towards Xu Yinglian.

Xu Yinglian's eyes turned cold, and she immediately had Yu Jia turn back to defend, trying to block Yu Yan's attack.

However, Yu Yan quickly stopped and changed directions, easily breaking through Yu Jia's blockade. Then, she turned into a jade-colored streak of light, instantly closing in on Xu Yinglian's side, the sword point suspended in front of her chest.

The outcome of the battle was decided within a few seconds.

"I lost." Xu Yinglian lowered her head.

Her face was filled with unwillingness, it was so thick that water was about to drip from it.

At the same time, the Kunlun Mirror's voice sounded in his mind:

[Invincible persona, synchronization value+1]

"Junior Sister's swordsmanship has improved tremendously recently." After receiving the Kunlun Mirror's hint, Qiu Changtian felt relieved. He smiled and said, "In the future, I'm afraid I won't be your match."

"Is that so?" Xu Yinglian seemed to be deep in thought. "I think it's because I benefited a lot from competing with you in swordsmanship. I'll have to seek your guidance more frequently from now on."

Qiu Changtian's expression stiffened as he corrected himself.

"Cough, although Junior Sister's improvement is really fast, practicing the sword all the time is easy to encounter a blockage. Why don't you practice the Dharmic Dao and change your mood?"

You come to me all day to compete with me in swordsmanship, but I can't reject your challenge in order to maintain this invincible persona. How annoying!

"Then I'll train harder and try to break through the blockage as soon as possible." Xu Yinglian was unmoved and insisted.

"Junior Sister, what exactly do you want your Senior Brother to do?" Qiu Changtian said helplessly, "I'm not your personal sparring partner. You've come to me every single day, and I don't even have the time to cultivate by myself."

"Senior Brother." Xu Yinglian was silent for a moment before saying, "I want to defeat you."

"That's easy. I can control—"

"Senior Brother is not allowed to lose on purpose!" Xu Yinglian said angrily, "I want to defeat you with my own strength!"

"How long will that take?!" Qiu Changtian was furious.

As soon as he said it, he regretted it.

This was because the meaning was: "You won't win me no matter how many years you practice."

With Xu Yinglian's stubborn character, how could she possibly endure it?

As expected, the junior sister's face immediately turned pale.

Xu Yinglian held back her tears and bit her lower lip. She bowed with difficulty.

"I have indeed troubled Senior Brother these days. When I come again, it will not be sword training, but an official challenge!"

Before Qiu Changtian could say anything, she flew up using her flying sword and disappeared.

The Kunlun Mirror spoke again.

[Invincible persona, synchronization value+1]

Qiu Changtian: …

Junior Sister, it's not that I have to show off in front of you.

It was only because of the Kunlun Mirror that I had to maintain this invincible persona. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to continue cultivating!

Sigh, in the end, wasn't it all to save the world?

He cast his gaze towards the northwest and saw that the Kunlun Mountains were endless. The white snow covered the land like it was wrapped in silver. It was majestic and magnificent.

The sky was clear and cloudless, making one feel relaxed.

However, who knew that after a thousand years, there would be a world-shaking Cultivationless Age?

The place where Nuwa used to mend collapses once again. The sky tilted to the northwest, the stars hung upside down, and the sun and moon changed course.

The Heavenly River, which was almost limitless in volume, surged out crazily from the shattered areas, causing the Divine Land flooded.

All-stars of the sky descended to the nine states. Endless light and heat radiated outwards, burning mountains, and boiling the seas.

Therefore someone says "The fire never extinguishes, while the flood never ends". The human race was wiped out, and the world was completely dead!

The mortal with a limited lifespan would give up. They would die fast, so why would they care so much about it?

Unfortunately, he was chosen by a Connate treasure called the Kunlun Mirror when he had just transmigrated to this world.

He had to find the spare Heaven Mending Stone left behind by Nuwa from ancient times, and then repair the place where the heavens were repaired in the past to avoid the calamity of the Cultivationless Age.

According to the Kunlun Mirror, the remaining Heaven Mending Stone had already been split into six pieces and scattered everywhere.

The reason why he had used the Kunlun Mirror's "Imitation" technique to disguise his appearance and disguise himself as Qiu Changtian to infiltrate the sect.

It was because one of the Heaven Mending Stone fragments was in the Kunlun Taiqing Sect!

It was in the Hollow Jade Temple on the Kunlun Pillar!

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