Starting As A Top Student, I Get Back 100 Times The Knowledge I Teach

Lin Luo was reborn back when he was still in university. In his previous life, he lived his youth in vain as a rich second generation and squandered his family’s wealth, ultimately resulting in the bankruptcy of his family. Now, he was determined to turn over a new leaf. Thankfully, he awakened the Super Teaching System. He would receive a hundredfold of knowledge whenever others mastered a topic that he taught them. [Ding! You taught your students a German word. In return, you mastered 100 German words.] [Ding! You taught your students quadratic equations. In return, you mastered calculus.] [Ding! You taught your students fluid mechanics. Critical reward unlocked! In return, you solved the P versus NP problem, one of the seven unsolved problems in the world.] Unknowingly, Lin Luo had become one of the most reputable scholars in the world. At the same time, he realized that he had access to countless advanced technologies.

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The Super Teaching System

Translator: Zayn_

[ A and B were swimming together. A swam to the opposite bank and B was 400 meters away from the opposite bank. Afterwards, A and B returned at twice the speed of their departure. When A reached the starting position, B was in the middle of the river. Question:]

[ How wide is the river? ]

I looked at the question in front of me and realized that if I didn't use an equation to solve it, I wouldn't be able to do it.

God, can someone tell me why sixth grade questions use equations?

I'm Lin Luo, a first-year student at Jianghai University. My family's financial situation is not good, so I chose to work part-time to earn my living expenses after I entered university.

I'd been looking for part-time jobs for a few days before I decided to be a tutor.

One-on-one tutoring like this would not only pay a good amount for each lesson, but if the student's results improved, the parents would also give extra red packets.

However, to be on the safe side, I didn't choose high school or junior high school, which required teaching experience. Instead, I chose elementary school.

In my opinion, it's simply too easy to tutor primary school students. Isn't it just a matter of having hands?

This money was simply too easy to earn.


I looked at the problem in front of me, and sweat gradually appeared on my forehead. I changed my method of trying to solve the problem and slowly thought about it.

It still didn't work!

I racked my brain, but I couldn't figure out how to solve this problem in the way an elementary school student would.

I was a little flustered. I was a college student after all. Although I was not from a famous university, how could I not solve an elementary school question?

Did I go to a fake university, or have the primary school students started to evolve?

I looked at my student, Mary, and felt a hint of pity. What a poor child. She had to do such difficult questions at such a young age.

Mary looked over at this time and pointed to another question on the paper. "Teacher, I still have a question I don't know how to do."

I immediately came back to my senses and sighed. I should pity myself. I wanted to teach her now, but I actually didn't know how to!

I glanced at the questions and quickly jotted them down. Then I told Mary, "Continue with the questions. I've drunk too much water and need to go to the bathroom."

After saying that, I tried my best to look calm as I walked towards the bathroom.

I'd decided... I'd better Google it first.

Although it's a little embarrassing to do this, I can't lose my job.

I can't possibly tell a primary school student that I don't know how to do primary school questions. That would be too embarrassing.

Besides, I don't know how to solve the second question that Mary asked me just now.

I sighed and resigned myself to my fate. I launched Google on my phone and searched: [ Both A and B are swimming. A is 400 meters away from the other side... ] The answers came out instantly.

I reached out and was about to open one to check...


"Binding the Super Teaching System..."

"Super Teaching System binding successful!"


I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. I actually had a system?

God, I actually have a system!

I was ecstatic. I couldn't care less about being tested by an elementary school student as I hurriedly checked the system in my mind.

Could this be the same as in the novels, where I could reach the peak of my life with the system? Let these questions go to hell!

After checking the system, I calmed down.

The Super Teaching System I was bound to couldn't make me rich overnight. This was a teaching system.

But this solved my most pressing problem, as I needed a system like this.

Moreover, the system's description had mentioned that the system would provide an additional buff to my teaching ability, as well as a 100-fold return function for my teaching.

As for what the return function looked like, the system did not give me any hints.

But in my opinion, since it was a teaching system, it would probably be related to knowledge questions.

I was not greedy. Instead, I grew very curious about what this 100-fold return was.

I suppressed the curiosity in my heart and didn't continue to study the system. After looking at the answers given by the netizens, I got up and walked out of the bathroom.

When I returned to my room, I saw Mary staring at me with a pair of big eyes and a suspicious gaze.

"Teacher, what took you so long? Did you go to Google?"

"How could that be? You're looking down on your teacher too much!" I smiled and sat beside Mary, then said with confidence, "It's just a question for primary school students. I don't need to Google it."

I picked up the draft paper and said, "Read the questions."

"The parameters given by the question are distance, speed, and time. From the question, it is not difficult to figure out that the time they used is the same. Therefore, when the two of them swam for the same time, the distance between the two satisfied the relationship of 'speed difference x time = distance difference'.

"When they started swimming, A was ahead of B by 400 meters... Therefore, the final result is that the width of the river is 2400 meters."

I put down the pen and looked at Mary. "Do you understand?"

Even without the system, after looking at the answer to this question, I understood the key point.

If the time was the same, I could use the speed to calculate the distance and then calculate the width of the river.

The reason why I couldn't figure out how to do it earlier was that my thoughts were confined to the equation and didn't spread out.

After reading the answers on the internet, I naturally understood.

However, now that the pressure was placed on the system, even if I explained it, did this little girl understand?

Was this teaching buff really effective?

I looked at Mary and saw that her mouth was wide open in shock.

I frowned. Did she not understand?

Very quickly, I realized that I was wrong. Mary's eyes glowed with excitement as she grabbed my arm.

"Teacher, I actually understood!"

"You're simply too amazing!"