1 Getting a Superpower for the First Time

How will you live your life if you receive a superpower?

Many people fantasized of becoming super humans who would rule the planet and be surrounded by beautiful ladies.

Of course, this was Leo's goal as well. It wasn't just a dream; it actually came true.

It was a year ago when the incident occurred. Leo, who had been deep asleep, was awoken by the need to pee on a morning that was no different than any other. In a daze, he considered hastily going to the bathroom to remedy the problem before returning to his bed.

"Buzz.." as though a strong wind had passed by his ear and a thunderclap had erupted in his head. Leo's originally muddled-headed mind immediately cleared up, and his sleepy eyelids opened. His pupils immediately constricted and his eyes widened.

He was shocked to find that he was standing in his bathroom and the toilet that he was familiar with was right in front of him. He had 'fought hard' on it countless times, and there was no way he could be mistaken.

'Wasn't I sleeping in bed just now? Why did I come to the bathroom the moment I opened my eyes?'

Just as he was contemplating with this, there was another "buzz" in his mind. Leo was horrified to discover that he was lying on the bed, as if he had never moved.

Leo pinched himself.

"It hurts." was he still dreaming? Leo paused for a moment.

An indistinct sound once again rang out in his mind. The next moment, Leo found himself sitting in front of a computer table. In front of him was the computer he was familiar with. It was as if he had never moved before.

When Leo turned to face the bed, he noticed an erratic light blue energy fluctuation that was slowly disappearing. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

'Did I acquire the ability of the protagonist in the movie Jumper?'

Leo couldn't help but think that since he had watched the movie "Jumper" before he went to bed yesterday. He was familiar with the protagonist's abilities, and it seemed to be similar to his current situation.

The movie was basically about the protagonist giving his high school crush a snow globe, only to be seen by one of his classmates who threw it onto the frozen river.

The cowardly protagonist could only pick up the snow globe on the frozen river but unexpectedly, the frozen river couldn't withstand his weight and pressure. It suddenly shattered and the protagonist fell into the river.

In a crisis, he activated his "jumping" powers and instantly teleported to a library.

After discovering that he had this ability, the protagonist began to go out on a trip. In one day, he roamed around the world's famous and ancient sites. He even stole the bank's vault and slept on a pile of cash.

However, while the protagonist was having fun, he didn't know that a black man was hunting people with teleportation abilities. He believes that only God should have this ability. Human beings shouldn't have this power which could disrupt human order.

So, he and the organization behind him have been hunting people with teleportation. It just so happens that he noticed in a bank theft case that the protagonist had this ability and started hunting him.

In the end, the protagonist and another "Jumper" worked together to defeat the villain and win the beauty back.

The plot of the film wasn't particularly impressive, but the protagonist's superpowers were enviable, and one could only think how wonderful they would be if they had them.

But when Leo found out that he really had obtained this ability, not only was he pleasantly surprised but he was also a little scared.

He was afraid that on Earth, there was an organization similar to the one in the movie that was secretly chasing people with superpowers like him. He felt a shiver run down his spine as he remembered how a group of big guys were waiting for him when he returns home one day.

Even if there were no superhumans on Earth his heart sank when he considered the repercussions of his powers being found by a group of people in white coats.

Even if he would not be caught because of his teleportation powers, he still had family and friends. While his superpower looked cool, it didn't have much lethality. It wasn't enough to fight the world.

To put it simply, if he ran into danger, he could only run. He didn't even have the ability to counterattack.

However, there was no point in worrying too much at this point. He continued to familiarize himself with the superpower he had obtained. At the very least, he would be able to escape instantly.

Thinking it was plausible. First, he tested the ability a few more times in the house. After confirming that he had really obtained this ability and not that he was delusional, Leo quickly washed up, got dressed, and went straight to the company he was working.

A figure flashed ceaselessly in a specific forest deep in the mountains a year later. He was standing in a corner one second and then appeared 100 meters away the next. He was back in the exact spot in the blink of an eye. After that, he once again vanished. The figures whizzed through the forest for a brief while, leaving everyone befuddled.

"Huh! Not bad, a few seconds faster than last time. With my high concentration, I can already teleport in almost split second. It's almost evening, I should stop training. It's time to go back!"

The figure stopped and took a few deep breaths. Raising his hand to look at the time, he mumbled something before he disappeared. The woods returned to their usual calm, as if nothing had happened!

Leo returned to the room he had rented. First, he washed up in the bathroom. Then, his figure disappeared from the bathroom and appeared at the computer desk in the bedroom.

First of all, he picked up the phone on the table and ordered takeout. Leo didn't bring a phone with him during training because the phone had a GPS tracker. It wouldn't be good if he was discovered shuttling through space.

Half an hour later, the takeaway arrived. After dinner, Leo turned on his computer and played video games for a few hours.

Ever since Leo obtained his superpower, his mental strength had increased significantly as he trained for the past year. This showed that as Leo focused, time seemed to slow down. In reality, Leo's thinking had sped up. In a situation like this, playing video games couldn't be easier.

Also, Leo's physical fitness was getting better, not only was his strength getting stronger, even his skin doesn't bleed when he tried to slash it with a knife. There was only a little white mark on it, which was a little different from what was shown in the movie. When he pondered about it, however, he realized it was quite reasonable. An instantaneous space transfer would undoubtedly cause a huige burden on the human body. Without a strong physique, how could one withstand it?

"Unknowingly, it's ten o' clock. Yesterday, I watched 'Avengers 4'. Iron Man sacrificed himself as he snapped his fingers to save the universe. Black Widow died on Planet Vormir in order to get the soul gem. Thinking about it now, I still can't accept it. You asshole director, bring back my Iron Man, bring back my Black Widow!"

No matter how many times Leo watched it, he still couldn't accept it. Ten years of watching Marvel, ten years of youth. The first Avengers had already ended, and so is his youth. In the future, as grown man he would have to work hard and make money to support her family.

'But that's for the ordinary people. I already have superpowers. The life of an ordinary person is getting further away from me.'

He didn't know what his future life would be like, but Leo felt that it was far from being ordinary. It would definitely be very exciting.

Leo sighed inwardly. He had a feeling that his peaceful life would be coming to an end.

Ever since he inexplicably obtained the power a year ago, he knew that his life definitely wouldn't be peaceful. The current calm was just the calm before the storm.

However, Leo wasn't scared, he had already trained his ability to do as he pleased in the past year. If he focused, he could use his ability a dozen times in a second, and he could teleport continuously for an hour. He believed that at this speed, no one would be able to hit him with a gun. His ability to escape could be said to be unstoppable.

The superpower which Leo obtained was the same as in the movies. He could only teleport from places he had been to and where his eyes could see. He could also be teleport from the location in the showed in photos.

Leo had already jumped into a photo of the North Pole as a test. The Aurora was very beautiful and the polar bears are really cute, but it's too damn cold. After returning home and catching a cold for several days, Leo swore to himself that he will never go to the North Pole again.

As for attacking, Leo had also developed a few abilities. With the frequent accumulation of how to use his powers from other movies, he could unleash a punch with twice the power.

Also, he can also teleport to a certain location and can bring a heavy object to smash someone. Leo had tested himself to be able to carry an item during a jump with a weight ranging no more than 50 tons within a distance of ten meters, similar to what was shown in the movie. However, Leo felt that the best way to attack was to carry someone up into the sky and let him experience what a free-fall exercise was.

'It's time to watch the movies again. Today, let's start with Iron Man 1.'

For the past year, Leo had been training his superpower during the day. Before he went to bed at night, he would watch a movie or TV shows with superpowers genre.

As for why, it's not hard to understand when you think about what happened when Leo got the supepower. In the past year, Leo had watched "Ironman" dozens of times. Regretfully, after he got the ability to teleport, no matter how much he watched the movie, he never received another superpower, but even if the chance was small, Leo had to persevere. As for why he wants to watch Iron Man, if it was not for the Ironman suit it could also be for the money.

'Iron Man 1' had already started to play. As Tony Stark was kidnapped by terrorists, he created the bulky Mark 1 prototype in the cave and escaped from the terrorists. It wasn't until Tony Stark said 'I am Iron man' at the press conference that the movie ended.

"No matter how many times I watched, Tony Stark still looks very cool when he was wearing Mark 2 on a test flight. His genuine, heartfelt smile was contagious, like a youngster playing his favorite toy. After that, I rarely saw that smile on him when he was wearing his armor. Finally, he put his life on the line and snapped his fingers. It would be amazing if I could join the battle with him! "

'What am I dreaming of? The movie is over. It's time to sleep.'

Leo turned off the computer. With a thought, his body disappeared from the computer desk, and he reappeared on the bed.

"It's convenient to have superpowers!"

Sighing, Leo fell asleep.

What he didn't know was that as he fell asleep, strands of blue energy slowly appeared around his body and wrapped around him, forming an oval blue ball of light. As time passed, the blue energy became extremely dazzling. Ripples appeared in the surrounding space, and the dazzling blue light suddenly contracted. The light gradually dimmed until it disappeared.

Leo, who was sound asleep, also disappeared with it.

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