Starting as a Class Five Mutant

Syd Castell found himself transported to the Marvel universe, turning into a mutant held in a research facility. He was somewhat panicked... Luckily, at a critical moment, he awakened his mutant ability: 'Imitation,' allowing him to mimic the abilities of others! Imitation Targets: - Orochi (Titles: Sun God, Earth's Will) - Wanda (Titles: Scarlet Witch, Owner of Chaos Magic) ...Imitation Target → Sun God… … Professor X: "We must find him quickly and guide him in controlling his powers to prevent an irreversible catastrophe!" Magneto: "Are you my child???" Thor: "Brother?" Loki: "?" https://zaelumtranslations.com/ [+3 Extra Chapter FOR FREE] [Schedule: 1/Day]

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Chapter 2

"How do I increase this unlock progress?"

"And these energy points..."

As Syd pondered with a frown, a voice sounded in his ear.

[Light Energy +1]

Syd was startled and subconsciously looked at the panel, noticing that the energy point had increased to one.

"From absorbing sunlight with 'Energy Absorption'?" Syd mused in surprise.

"But... how do I use these energy points?"

He began to experiment.

Soon, he realized that by focusing his attention on the unlock progress and using his mind, he could spend energy points to increase it.

Unfortunately, even after investing one energy point, the progress didn't budge.

Subconsciously, Syd moved into the sunlight, trying to absorb more.

Promptly, a series of notifications sounded.

[Light Energy +1]

[Light Energy +1]

[Light Energy +1]

Syd comfortably absorbed the sunlight.

However, not half an hour later, familiar footsteps sounded nearby.

The white man named Gill walked to the neighboring cell, clanged the door open, and barked, "Scum, it's time for you to get some air, hurry up and get out!"

Then, he quickly reached Syd's cell.

With a clang, he opened the door, first glancing at the untouched utensils, then at the young man squatting in the sunlight, his disgust growing.


With a cold snort and a mocking curl of his lips, he turned and left.

He wanted to see how long this freak of a boy could last; there would come a time when he would eat.

Watching his retreating figure, Syd's face remained hidden in the shadows, his expression unclear.

"Almost there..."

[Unlock Progress 4%]

After spending half an hour's worth of light energy, the unlock progress startlingly reached 4%, and he had a feeling that gaining new abilities was imminent!

Syd's eyes gleamed with anticipation.

The abilities of the Sun God, the Will of the Earth, he was indeed looking forward to it, heh...

With an expressionless face, he stood up, walked out of the cell, and headed down the corridor towards the distant playground.

Along the way, he saw some ordinary prisoners and fellow mutants wearing blue prison uniforms and neck collars restricting their powers.

Syd couldn't help but take a closer look, then fell into deep thought.

Among these mutants, some were even weaker than him, classified as the lowest tier of Level 1 mutants.

Weak abilities aside, some even had significant flaws; they lacked the appearance of normal humans, deformed yet without useful powers!

Class 2 mutants, on the other hand, were much better; although their mutant abilities were still weak, they looked more like normal humans, with most abilities being supportive, like his previous self.

Phantom Cat, with the ability to walk through walls, was one of them.

Class 3 included individuals like Wolverine.

Class 4 mutants would include Magneto and Professor X.

"I just don't know if this is the movie universe or the comic universe; if it's the comics..."

Syd shivered.

Thinking about it, he couldn't help but think of Class 5 mutants.

"Class 5 mutants, especially Omega mutants, are kind of outrageous."

"It seems Omega mutants have infinite potential, capable of many things that defy physical phenomena!"

Simply put, they possess abilities that are outrageously unscientific!

Thinking about it, Syd couldn't help but sigh, "I really wonder what an Omega mutant is like, how outrageous they can be. I'd like to see that if I get the chance."

After recalling these details about mutants, his gaze returned to his fellow mutants.

Watching their current state, they looked like dogs locked in cages, both pitiful and sad.

"But... am I not the same?"

Syd paused briefly, then laughed coldly.


After a while, he emerged from the corridor.

Sunlight hit him directly, enveloping his entire body.

[Light Energy +1]

[Light Energy +1]


The incessant reminder kept sounding, Syd's heart beating a bit faster.

At that moment, a voice called out nearby, breaking his immersion.

"Hey, Syd, heard you tried to escape a few days ago?"

Syd turned to see a freckled white young man approaching, his face full of curiosity.

After sizing him up for a moment, the freckled youth asked, "Did they drag you off for experiments again these past few days?"

"Are you okay, you..."

Syd shook his head.

Before he could speak, the white youth continued, "Man, I've told you, there's no escaping from here. Even if you do get out, with this thing on our necks, where could we possibly hide?"

At that moment, jeering from a few prisoners carried over.

"Exactly, it's stupid to even try escaping. Got caught and punished, right?"

"You're right; once you're in this place, there's no getting out. Stop dreaming!"

"We can't even use our powers, if we could escape, I'd..."

Syd ignored the taunts around him, his focus now on the unlock progress.

In just a few minutes, the progress had reached 5%!

And as the progress hit 5%, a notification immediately sounded.

[Ability: Dark Particles (Unlocked)]

Syd quickly called up the panel in his mind and checked it immediately.

[Ability: Dark Particles (0/100) Level 1]

As he focused on the Dark Particles ability, detailed information about it immediately appeared in his mind.

The next second, he was surprised.

This ability involves space?

Creating a black hole-like distortion with the power of the void that launches forward!

Anything in its path seems to vanish, meaning the target must withstand the devouring and cutting of space, or they will undoubtedly perish!

This is essentially an attack that can't be blocked, only avoided!

"Wasn't it this exaggerated in the game?" Syd couldn't help but be shocked.

And this was only level one...

"It's just unclear whether it needs energy points to upgrade, or practice."

Thinking this, he couldn't help but want to test it, but...

Glancing at the people nearby and the guards and cameras monitoring the area in the distance, he restrained the urge for now.

"It won't be long now, perhaps tonight or tomorrow night, I should be able to escape this hellish place!"

He couldn't stand being here a moment longer!

Syd's eyes were filled with expectation.

[Light Energy +1]

[Light Energy +1]

[Light Energy +1]


As Syd diligently collected light energy, aiming to continue awakening new abilities, in a distant luxurious school, an old and a young man were conversing with serious expressions.

"Professor, you said you sensed an immense X-energy source similar to Jean's?!"

Scott Summers, clad in black and shocked, inquired.

Professor X nodded gravely.

Recalling the brief but immense energy source he had sensed earlier in the cerebro room, even now he couldn't help feeling alarmed.

"Scott, we must find that child quickly!"

"Besides Jean, I've never seen anyone with such immense power; that child might be an Omega-level mutant!"

As he spoke, Professor X's tone became urgent, "We must find him quickly and guide him to control his power, otherwise if that child loses control, it could cause an irreparable disaster!"

Scott was profoundly shocked; no one knew Jean's power better than he did, and now the Professor was telling him that a mutant might possess that kind of power?!

His instinct was disbelief, thinking the Professor might have sensed it wrong, yet he didn't want to outright contradict him.

Hesitating for a moment, Scott nodded, his brow furrowed, "But Professor, you need to give me an exact location, right?"

Professor X shook his head regretfully at this.

"That child is special; I can no longer sense him."

"Scott, go to the location I mentioned and look carefully..."

(End of Chapter)