Start making Honkai Impact III, my boss is Da Bronya.

Su Mu, who just graduated from college, suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai Impact III. It's just that this world is completely different from what he expected. Otto, the president of the Schicksal Foundation, announced his entry into the idol industry to contribute to his granddaughter's career. Anti-Entropy Entertainments newly released Homu movie has become the No. 1 box office hit worldwide. World Snake Security Company has launched a new funeral service. The highest standard service will have six gray snakes carrying the coffin. In response, the weak, pitiful and helpless Su Mu could only hug his big duck tightly. If you want to leave your own traces in this world, then start by making games! Honkai Impact III, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil, Elden's Ring ... That day, Su Mu looked at the game list dominated by a certain yellow-skinned rabbit and secretly swore. One day, he will break the world's obsession with yellow-skinned rabbits and let them know that beautiful girls are the right ones! This is a MTL, I will try to touch up a little. Like names gender etc. OG: 开局制作崩坏三,我的老板是鸭鸭

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Chapter 98 Kevin: No matter what the cost, humanity will definitely defeat Honkai!

In the live broadcast room, when everyone saw Rin lying in a pool of blood and Sakura, whose eyes were lifeless and grief-stricken, even though everyone had expected it, when they saw this scene with their own eyes, their hearts still couldn't help clench tight.

This feeling was particularly strong when they discovered that Rin, who was lying in a pool of blood, was covered with all kinds of shocking scars.

Obviously, before her death, Rin suffered unimaginable torture.

It was as if they could personally experience the despair in Sakura's heart at this time.

[ ... Sakura is still a step too late ... ]

[Damn it! Why did Rin die? Didn't Mei say before that the Herrscher had awakened? Was Ling killed immediately after awakening as the Herrscher? ]

[Why should Sakura see such a scene ... It's really cruel ... ]

[Are Sakura and Yae Sakura really not the same person? Their fates are too similar, right? They are all equally helpless, watching their sister die in front of their eyes ... ]

The viewers in the live broadcast room found it difficult to accept this ending.

Sakura obviously worked so hard, even betraying the organization, but in the end she could do nothing and could only watch Rin die tragically before her eyes.

For someone who regards her only sister as the most important person, this is definitely a blow no less than the destruction of the world.

However, they did not vent their anger on the Fire Moth.

Because Mei had made it very clear before that the Twelfth Herrscher had awakened, and the tragic situation on the thirty-third underground floor also meant the disaster caused by the Herrscher's awakening.

Therefore, it is understandable that the people of the Fire Moth kill Rin. After all, it is a difference in stance. They are not Sakura. To them, Rin is just a Herrscher.

Of course, the reason why they think so now is just because they don't know the truth of the matter yet.

" Su Mu, when you write like this, are you really not afraid that Sakura will come to settle the score with you? "

Elysia let out a long sigh, and then looked at Su Mu faintly.

" She doesn't play Honkai Impact III, what should I be afraid of? "

Su Mu said indifferently.

Sakura, a programmer, lives a life of getting up early and coming home late every day. How can she have time to play Honkai Impact III?

" And it's just a game. Who would be so serious? Otherwise, Kiana would be the first one to stab me to death. "

"... I really don't know whether to call you brave or thick-skinned. "

Elysia said speechlessly.

" Oh, poor Sakura, if she can hurry up and get there before the Fire Chaser's people kill Rin, she might be able to regain Rin's consciousness by relying on the bond between sisters. "

Tesla sighed with regret.

" Well ... actually, if she hurry up, she can really save Rin, and Rin won't turn into a Herrscher. "

Su Mu thought for a while and said.

" Huh? "

After hearing Su Mu's words, everyone immediately cast doubtful glances at him.

What does it mean that Ling won't turn into a Herrscher?

Hasn't she already awakened?

" You will know when you go forward. "

Su Mu didn't reveal too many spoilers, but just signaled Elysia to continue playing.

Sakura looked at Rin's body as if she had lost her soul. She had ignored all the sounds from the outside world. In order to protect her from the attacks of the dead soldiers, Seele could only fight with all her life.

But soon, the flames swept through and turned all the dead soldiers into ashes.

It's Kevin.

Kevin told the two that the Twelfth Herrscher's ability was to release a large amount of corrosive airborne viruses at the moment of death.

Unbeknownst to them, the soldiers in the base executed her without authorization, which awakened the Herrscher.

Sakura was wrong, Rin was the real Herrscher.

[ " But, this was not Rin's original intention! If those soldiers had not killed her, this tragedy would not have happened! " ]

[Seele overcame her fear of Kevin and retorted loudly. ]

[ " Even if those soldiers are stopped, there will be other people and other things that will become the last straw for her. " ]

[ " When Rin was chosen to become the Herrscher, the outcome was already determined. This is Honkai ... ! " ]

[Kevin's eyes were fierce, and blood seemed to flow from his clenched fists at any time. He tried to keep himself calm, but his anger and pain were clearly exposed. ]

At this moment, Mei's voice suddenly sounded from the communication channel.

She anxiously told Kevin that the Herrscher had not been eliminated yet!

The true form of the Twelfth Herrscher is an ultimate virus with self-awareness that can corrode everything and is now seizing control of the nuclear bomb silo!

Seeing this, everyone suddenly realized!

[What a fool! It turns out that those people from Fire Moth killed Rin before she became the Herrscher? These bastards! They was actually able to do this to a little girl! ]

[Mader, if they kill Rin who turned into the Herrscher, then I can barely accept it. After all, they are enemies. But you're telling me now that they just killed a little girl? ]

[What an irony. They were afraid of the Herrscher, so killed an innocent little girl, but thus released the real Herrscher. It was so ironic. For the first time, I felt that the Herrscher was killed well, so he should be killed. Kill these beasts! ]

[In that case, if they don't kill Rin, will the Twelfth Herrscher never appear? ]

[Wait a minute, if Rin becomes the Twelfth Herrscher, then Hiigomaru is actually Suzu? ]

After understanding the truth of the matter, everyone in the live broadcast room became angry.

The Fire moth killed not the Herrscher, but Rin.

This also means that the scars on Rin's body were all caused by humans.

Previously, they had thought that although the Fire Moth was a bit radical, it was for human beings after all, so it was understandable.

But now that I look at it, I understand that it's a hammer!

" Although I can't understand the Fire Chasing Moth's fear of the Herrscher, this is really too much. "

Elysia said with an ugly expression,

" Even if it was Otto, he would do some research first, right? These people killed Rin without even knowing what kind of Herrscher she was. Is the Fire Moth such a childish organization? ? "

" Well, there is nothing we can do about it. This Fire Moth is obviously not as monolithic as Destiny led by Otto. It can be seen from the previous attitudes of Kevin and Mei that their handling of Rin is for monitoring. They wanted to do more research, but some people executed Rin without authorization. "

Tesla said with some disgust,

" That's why I hate infighting. "

" But maybe what Kevin said is right. "

Einstein said calmly,

" When Rin became the Herrscher, the outcome was already doomed. "

" It's just the stupidity of these people that made this ending come earlier. "

" I quite like the plot written by Su Mu. Human beings take action because of fear, but in the end they die because of fear. It has a dystopian flavor. "

" Mophead, I don't agree what you are saying. Who said the outcome is doomed? If they can protect Rin well and keep Rin alive, then the Twelfth Herrscher will never awaken. "

Tesla said unconvinced.

" The idea is good, but can they really protect Rin? "

" And even if Rin can be protected, who can guarantee that the awakening of the Twelve Herrschers is only triggered by Rin's death? Also don't they need to find ways to make Rin immortal? After all, we still know too little about Honkai at the moment. "

" Su Mu, tell me, if Rin hadn't died, would the Twelfth Herrscher have awakened? "

Tesla couldn't retort to Einstein, so she simply asked the screenwriter Su Mu directly.

" As for this, it's actually not important. "

Su Mu shrugged.

" Because the fate of the former civilization's is already doomed. They lost a long time ago. The awakening of the Twelfth Herrscher just added the last handful of dirt to them. "

" Hmm ... I don't like stories about pre-era anymore. "

Elysia said a little depressingly.

She likes stories where everyone is happy together, but according to the narrative tone of pre-civilization, which is full of despair, it is really difficult for her to agree.

But even if she doesn't like it, she still has to keep playing.

She also wanted to see what would happen to Sakura and Kevin in the end.

When she heard the news that Rin was still alive, Sakura seemed to be grasping at straws and turned her eyes to Kevin.

She is going to find Rin.

Neither Kevin nor Seele wanted her to go, because her departure would most likely mean goodbye forever.

[ " Rin must be very lonely now. She has always been a child who is afraid of loneliness ... She needs me. " ]

When she heard Sakura say these words, Seele couldn't say anything to reject her.

So she decided to go find Rin with Sakura.

But Sakura shook her head sadly, she couldn't let Seele go with her.

[ " Seele, I'm sorry. " ]

[The blade was unsheathed, and Sakura's blow completely ' froze ' the space ! ]

[Time stagnates, consciousness scatters, and everything tends to stand still. ]

[In this lightless field, for a few seconds, she was the only one who could move. ]

At this moment, everyone in the live broadcast room also understood what Sakura's true ability was!

It's not fast speed, nor is it space teleportation!

But let everyone and everything pause for an unexpected time!

With just one strike, it was the moment of reaching the pinnacle!

Although this is not a real pause in time, the skill of using a sword is already incredible.

Sakura is gone.

Seele anxiously wanted to help her, but Kevin said something meaningful.

That is no longer necessary.

After an unknown amount of time, Mei's voice sounded from the communicator in the pitch-black scene.

She told Kevin that Herrscher had been trapped and she would find a way to move her into the black box.

[ " Sorry, Mei, can you give me some time? " ]

[ " I have some things ... to deal with. " ]

As soon as the scene changed, Kevin and Seele had found Sakura.

In the ruins, Sakura sat on the ground holding her bruised body.

Her eyes were dull, a trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth, and a smell of death filled her body. Anyone who looked at it could tell that Sakura was already dying at this time.

Her most cherished pendant also withered with her figure.

[Holy shit, the old thief really wants to end the group with a annihilation? Rin was afraid of being lonely, so Sakura died with her, right? You are such a kind person! ]

[Sakura! My Sakura! ]

Everyone was stunned when they saw Sakura dying.

Although Sakura has only appeared on the scene for a short time, her strength, calmness, and tender love for Seele and her sister have been deeply remembered by everyone.

However, in just ten minutes, Rin died and Sakura was about to die. How could everyone accept this?

So they vented all their anger and resentment towards Su Mu, and began to crazyly accuse Su Mu of being a heartless soul.

In the sad BGM , Kevin told Sakura that Herrscher suffered an unexplained disorder at the last moment, and Mei did not miss that opportunity.

[ " That's good ..." ]

[The corners of Sakura's mouth raised slightly, revealing a smile that was either gratifying or bitter.]

[ " I stayed with Rin ... until the last moment ... until the end, she is still my sister ..." ]

[ " I have kept ... the pride of being a sister. " ]

[ " You never regretted it until the end, that's enough. " ]

[ " Kevin ... I have one last request. " ]

[ " Seele ... take her back to our hometown. " ]

[ " I promised her that I would take her to the square where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. " ]

Hearing this sentence, the audience in the live broadcast room burst into tears.

Even at this time, Sakura actually still remembers the agreement she made with Seele. What a gentle person she is!

" Bad Su Mu, you made me cry during the live broadcast again ... I will remember this grudge. "

Elysia's eyes were red and she picked up a tissue and wiped her tears.

Originally she could hold it back, but it was this small detail that made her really unable to hold it back.

Sakura is really strong and gentle. After Rin turned into the Herrscher, she was able to draw her sword to fight against her, giving Dr. Mei a chance to prevent her sister from becoming the evil Herrscher.

At the last moment of her life, she also remembered the agreement she made with Seele and asked Kevin to take Seele to see the cherry blossoms.

In fact, her underlying meaning is that she hopes Kevin can help Seele find her sister.

It was precisely because she understood this that Elysia couldn't help crying.

[ " Sister Sakura ..." Seele burst into tears, overwhelmed by endless sadness. ]

[ " Seele ... don't be sad ... there are some things, some regrets, there is nothing we can do ..." ]

[Sakura said softly,]

[ " But you ... there is someone you want to protect. When you stand under the cherry blossom tree with her ..." ]

[ " You will find that this world is still beautiful ... You will find that there is still hope in your world ..." ]

[As the words fell, the last light in her eyes also dissipated. The world bubble gradually disappeared, and the life of the warrior fell into nothingness. ]

[Only the girl's sobs continue to float in the darkness until they disappear. ]

The audience in the live broadcast room burst into tears again.

is in sharp contrast to Himeko's sentence " You will find that the world is no longer beautiful " in her last lesson.

In a sense, Sakura and Himeko are both the same kind of people. Although they look different on the outside, they both have a gentle heart on the inside.

Before they both died, Sakura and Himeko's words were different, but they both contained their unique tenderness.

Himeko hopes that Kiana can grow up so that she can see the world clearly and still move forward.

Sakura, on the other hand, is in a tragic world, hoping that Seele can still believe that there is still beauty and hope in the world. The purpose is to tell Seele not to let the tragedy of herself and Rin happen to them again.

It is precisely because I have been caught in the rain that I want to hold an umbrella for others.

This is Sakura's last tenderness towards Seele.

It is precisely because of understanding this that everyone feels so uncomfortable.

But when everyone was in tears, Kevin's voice suddenly sounded in the dark game screen.

[ " Hector knew that the kingdom would eventually fall, and Achilles also knew that he was heading for death. But the two of them still stepped onto the battlefield without hesitation. " ]

[ " In this story that was destined to be a tragedy from the beginning, no one has ever hesitated or wavered. " ]

[ " They are like this, and so are we. " ]

Everyone was stunned by the sudden appearance of Kevin's voice. They didn't know why Kevin suddenly said these inexplicable words.

Seele in the game also expressed the same doubts.

Kevin's voice continued, but his tone became heavier and more serious.

[ " I brought her body back to her hometown, but when I arrived there ... all I saw was wasteland with nothing left. " ]

[ " The Herrscher controlled the silo and used nuclear bombs to completely destroy the three remaining cities of mankind. " ]

[ " I stood in the square that had been turned into ruins ... I couldn't see a single cherry blossom in my eyes. " ]

Then, countless mottled light spots appeared on the screen.

When the camera turned, I saw a beautiful cherry blossom tree standing in the endless quantum sea.

Kevin stood under the cherry blossom tree, clenched his fists, and whispered like an oath to everyone's ears.

[ " On the burned earth, I made a promise to her and everyone. " ]

[ " No matter how much it costs, humanity will definitely defeat Honkai. " ]

Seeing this, everyone was stunned.

Although they knew that the Herrschers can cause a lot of damage, they did not expect it to be so exaggerated!

Herrscher of Corruption had obviously been sealed, but she still launched nuclear bombs at the last moment, completely destroying the only three remaining cities of mankind!

Although the number of cities destroyed was not large, the word "remaining" also means that humans in the pre-civilization era have reached their limits in the battle of collapse.

At this time, they also understood why Su Mu said that pre-civilized humans had already failed.

But what they still don't understand is why Kevin can still appear in the quantum sea after the world bubble disappeared?

It wasn't until Seele said with a horrified look that Kevin was the ' Snake ' and that the bubble in the world was actually created by him, that everyone suddenly realized.

But Kevin just said that it was his past memory and unfinished agreement.

" So that's it ... the things that Seele experienced just now were actually neither things that happened in the world bubble, or things that happened in the main world "

Elysia finally understood. It turned out that everything just now was the world bubble created by Kevin using his own memory for Seele to see.

And he is truly a warrior left over from the previous civilization!

" Turtle, who is this Kevin? He can actually live in the past civilization until now? Is it because he has been in the quantum sea? "

Tesla said with a shocked look on her face.

" Maybe it's because he's a fusion warrior, or he's had some special genetic surgery, or he's had some kind of advanced technology ..."

" Anyway, none of this is important. What's important is that since he is a warrior left over from the previous civilization, and his purpose is to fight against Honkai, why is Yang trying to stop him and prevent him from returning to the real world? "

Einstein said thoughtfully,

" Unless ... it's because of his ' no matter what the cost ' of fighting Honkai ... This so-called price is unacceptable to Yang, or in other words, unacceptable to today's humans. "

" What's the price? It's impossible to sacrifice all the humans, right? "

Tesla said casually.

" It seems that Kevin's role in this game is a tragic hero. "

Elysia couldn't help but sigh.

From what Kevin said just now, it is not difficult to see that this character must have a lot of stories.

People can't help but become interested in him and want to discover more stories about him.

After all, people always have a good impression of tragic heroic characters.

Kevin is a warrior from a pre-civilization. All pre-civilized humans have become extinct. His family, his love, and his friends may all be dead, leaving him alone floating in the quantum sea.

Now, he wants to come back and defeat Honkai at all costs in his own way.

Just thinking of these, everyone's expectations were involuntarily raised.

[Alas, Kevin is also a poor man. I don't know how many companions like Sakura died in front of his eyes. ]

[Yeah, it's a little uncomfortable to think that he shoulders the mission of defeating Honkai, and then survives from the previous civilization to the present alone. ]

[Perhaps he is not the only person who survived the previous civilization. Isn't that World Snake Kevin's organization? Maybe there are some of Kevin's former comrades in there. ]

Just as the audience in the live broadcast room was sighing with emotion, Bronya in the game finally arrived at Seele's side and officially confronted Kevin.

Although Welt Yung and others were very wary of Kevin, Kevin did not have any hostility towards them.

He said that he saw Welt's past in that maze.

His will is not a disguise. As the Herrscher, he is indeed fighting for mankind.

Although Kevin acted very calmly when he spoke, no one knew how happy he was in his heart at this time.

He was happy that his comrade's wish had finally come true.

In the future world, Herrschers really appear to fight for mankind.

If she knew the news, she would be very happy, right?