Start making Honkai Impact III, my boss is Da Bronya.

Su Mu, who just graduated from college, suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai Impact III. It's just that this world is completely different from what he expected. Otto, the president of the Schicksal Foundation, announced his entry into the idol industry to contribute to his granddaughter's career. Anti-Entropy Entertainments newly released Homu movie has become the No. 1 box office hit worldwide. World Snake Security Company has launched a new funeral service. The highest standard service will have six gray snakes carrying the coffin. In response, the weak, pitiful and helpless Su Mu could only hug his big duck tightly. If you want to leave your own traces in this world, then start by making games! Honkai Impact III, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil, Elden's Ring ... That day, Su Mu looked at the game list dominated by a certain yellow-skinned rabbit and secretly swore. One day, he will break the world's obsession with yellow-skinned rabbits and let them know that beautiful girls are the right ones! This is a MTL, I will try to touch up a little. Like names gender etc. OG: 开局制作崩坏三,我的老板是鸭鸭

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Chapter 104 long night dark sky

But when they learned that the captain would also be involved in the plot of this event, the players couldn't help but be more vigilant.

After all, the players haven't forgotten the last Midsummer Night.

Although Su Mu patted his chest and assured that the plot of this event would be an extremely happy and joyful story, the more he said this, the less the players believed it.

But no matter what, players are still looking forward to this update of Honkai Impact III.


" Hi ~~ Did you miss me? "

Turning on the live broadcast, Elysia smiled and waved at the camera and said the classic opening lines.

As the live broadcast started, a large number of viewers also poured into Elysia's live broadcast room and began to say hello and say hello.

Then Elysia also introduced this guest to the audience.

In addition to Su Mu, who is always there, the guests this time are Senti and Fu Hua.

That's right, this time Senti didn't start the live broadcast by herself, but came to be Elysia's guest.

She didn't mean anything else, she simply thought it would be more fun for everyone to play games together.

" Su Mu, can you tell everyone what the main storyline of this update is about? "

Elysia asked Su Mu while updating Honkai Impact 3.

" Actually, it doesn't matter whether I say it or not. I believe everyone has guessed that the main storyline of this update is all related to Kiana. "

Su Mu said,

" I have said before that Kiana is completing her transformation and heading towards becoming a hero, and this main plot is her first turning point. "

" Then there won't be any plot that makes people cry in this story, right? "

Elysia asked quietly.

" For this kind of thing, I can only say that it varies from person to person. "

Su Mu grinned and looked careless.

" After all, people have different levels of tears. Maybe an ordinary story can make people cry, but some people won't feel anything no matter how they read it. "

[Damn it, old thief, could you be referring to yourself? ]

[Really, after all, the old thief is a heartless guy. I guess he might still laugh while reading the plot he wrote. ]

[Fuck ... hearing what you said, my blood pressure went up. ]

The audience complained for a while, but considering the warm reunion at the end of the last plot, everyone is still in a good mood now.

" By the way, speaking of it, it seems that you didn't cry, when I was playing Honkai 3, Old Antique. Are you as hard-hearted as Su Mu? "

Seeing the comments from the audience, Senti seemed to have remembered something, and immediately looked at Fu Hua with strange eyes.

" How is it possible? I'm just not as obvious as you make it out to be. Crying is not the only way to express sadness. "

Fu Hua waved her hand and said.

" I hope I have enough tissues this time. "

Elysia said sincerely.

After chatting for a while, Elysia's game was also updated.

She couldn't wait to enter the game, and then clicked into the main plot interface with ease.

The title of the main plot of Chapter 13 came into view: "The Long Night and the Dark Sky".

The cover shows Kiana and Rita with their backs facing each other.

" There's Rita on the cover? Does that mean there are a lot of Rita roles in the plot this time? "

Elysia said thoughtfully.

" This guy should be here to catch Kiana. I really want to see Kiana beat up this Schicksal lackey. "

Senti waved his fist and said viciously.

" Not necessarily. If they are enemies, then they should be facing each other face to face on the cover, instead of exposing their backs to each other, right? "

Fu Hua pondered.

Su Mu glanced at Fu Hua in surprise. He didn't expect the immortal's observation skills to be so keen, and he didn't even miss this little detail.

" Hey, what the hell, Elysia, come on and start playing. "

Senti urged without taking it seriously.

" Okay ~~"

As Elysia clicked into the game, the game screen soon appeared.

The beginning of the story is a confusing development.

It wasn't until they saw the back that everyone realized that this was talking about the World Snake organization.

With Kevin's return, the World Snake finally surfaced.

Their personnel all over the world began to take action, and even stole the body of Chi You, a judgment-level Honkai beast.

And later, they actually invaded the Anti-Entropy Base and took away Siegfried and his Judgement of Shamash.

Finally, in the World Snake's base, Gray Snake respectfully delivered Chi You's body and the Judgement of Shamash to Kevin who was sitting on the throne.

[ " Old friend, we meet again. " ]

[Kevin stared at the dim giant sword in front of him, and the memories of the past were brought back. ]

[He once held this sword and faced the punishment of the ' gods ' . ]

[The warrior holds the hilt of the sword as if holding his own past. ]

[The giant sword made of soul steel trembled as if came to life. It seemed to have its own soul and was also responding to the man's call. ]

[The fire that burned the world burned again, and the red firelight reflected Kevin's eyes, and those blue eyes were as calm as the sea. ]

[ " From now on, fight with me! " ]

[The thunderous command resounded through the hall, and it was like announcing to the world that the storm was coming. ]

" Let me go, why is this guy Kevin so handsome? "

Seeing the scene of the Judgement of Shamash awakening in Kevin's hands, Senti couldn't help but smacked her mouth, her face full of envy.

Let's not talk about how strong Kevin is, but he is definitely full of strength.

[I am super! Kevin is so handsome! It would be great if the three men from Honkai Impact were playable. I would definitely pull Kevin! ]

[It turns out that the World Snake has been waiting for Kevin's return. After all, this organization is too loyal, right? Kevin has been in the Quantum Sea for fifteen hundred years, and he can still maintain operation without a leader. ]

[It should all be due to this gray snake, right? He doesn't seem to be human, maybe he is a monster that has lived for a long time. ]

[So what exactly is World Snake's plan? ]

The audience in the live broadcast room immediately started talking, and the shocking scene at the beginning made them excited.

Although they still can't understand many things, they can't help but think that Kevin is really handsome. Not only are the female players excited, but the male players are even more excited!

" By the way, I remember that Siegfried's Judgement of Shamash is a very dangerous weapon, right? It seems that its user will suffer backlash, isn't Kevin afraid? "

Elysia remembered something and asked curiously.

" To others, the Judgement of Shamash is a weapon that kills one thousand enemies and damages eight hundred allies, because no one can withstand the high temperature when the Might of An-Utu breaks out, but Kevin can. "

Su Mu explained,

" In pre-civilization times, the Judgement of Shamash was Kevin's weapon, and only he could use this weapon. "

" How did itt fall into the hands of the Kaslana family from that day? "

Senti also asked,

" If Kevin is not dead, he will definitely not lose such a powerful weapon easily, right? "

" This involves another story, but what I can tell you now is that the reason why the Judgement of Shamash is in the hands of the Kaslana family is because Kevin's genes flow in their bodies. "

" Eh?! "

Hearing what Su Mu said, everyone in the live broadcast room was immediately shocked.

No one expected that Kevin, a lone warrior left over from the previous civilization, would actually have such a relationship with the Kaslana family!

Thinking about it carefully, both Siegfried and Kiana seem to have white hair and blue eyes just like Kevin.

[I'll be a good boy! The Kaslana family actually has Kevin's genes? In other words, the ancestors of the Kaslana family are descendants of Kevin? ]

[In that case, Siegfried and Kiana will both call Kevin their ancestor? ]

" Ethically speaking, that's true. "

Su Mu nodded and answered the barrage's question.

" So, is Kevin already married? Who is his lover? Could it be Mei? "

Elysia blinked her eyes, an expression of interest written all over her face.

" Not married, but his lover is indeed Mei. "

Su Mu nodded. This is not something worth hiding. Anyway, he will publish a special chronicle in the future to summarize the plot of the pre-civilization from the comics, so that players can understand the background setting.

To be honest, MiHoYo's Honkai plot in the former world was all over the place, games, comics, and visual novels?

This makes it difficult for players to understand the plot sometimes.

Just like Chapter 13 of this main story.

Originally, there was no plot in which Siegfried was robbed of the Judgement of Shamash. Gray Snake directly took the Judgement of Shamash to Kevin.

The plot of Siegfried being robbed of the Judgement of Shamash and himself captured by the World Snake was told in the comics.

This means that if you haven't read the comics, you will definitely be confused just by reading the game plot in this chapter.

Where did Gray Snake got the Judgement of Shamash from? Is Kiana's father dead? Did he died during Void's rampage off-screen?

That's why Su Mu made some changes and added the plot of Siegfried being robbed to the front.

" By the way, since Kevin is Kiana's ancestor, will he help Kiana fight Otto? "

Senti suddenly thought excitedly.

" Uh ... you'll know later when you look at it. "

Su Mu said with a strange expression.

Although Kevin is Kiana's ancestor, this ancestor has never cared about his so-called descendants.

Not to mention helping, he stabbed Kiana with the Judgement of Shamash when they first met.

He also had a fight with Durandal, who was his true descendant.

It is true that the ancestors are kind and the son is filial.

Elysia continues the game.

The camera cuts back to Skydome City four months after the Great Collapse.

At the edge of Sky City, the mecha troops were struggling to resist the attack of the Honkai Beasts. Just when they were about to lose their defense, Kiana descended from the sky in time and eliminated these Honkai Beasts as quickly as possible, and then Float away.

But she didn't realize that two pairs of eyes from the darkness were already staring at her.

Snake lurking in the dark was worried that Kiana would interfere with their plan, so he simply passed her news to Schicksal, hoping that Schicksal would send someone to contain Kiana.

But Otto is not a fool. He can naturally see these little tricks of the world snake, so he sent Rita and asked her to go to Shencheng Medicine in the name of transporting medicine and use the medical records and information channels there to conduct searches.

Soon Rita arrived in Tianqiong City and met with Siola, the representative of Shencheng Medicine. She also took a tour of the interior of Shencheng Medicine under the leadership of the other party.

Originally there was nothing wrong with this plot, but the appearance of the raven caused complaints from everyone in the live broadcast room.

[Laughing, Rita, are you really blind? How could a representative of a pharmaceutical company dress like this? ]

[The character design of the old thief is also great. This Siora is definitely an important character, otherwise the modeling would not be so exquisite! ]

[So can anyone explain to me why this Siora painted the barcode on her chest? This is too bitter! ]

One thing to say, Honkai Impact 3 is indeed easy to criticize at this point.

The most classic thing is when Veliona and Seele switch, it makes people can't help but complain about the people around them. Why can't others see the obvious difference between Veliona and Seele?

In fact, it's not that others can't see it, it's just that Veliona's character model is for players to see, to distinguish Seele, and for the characters in the story, they still see the original appearance of Seele.

So it's the same now.

This raven is wearing a battle uniform, and it is obvious at first glance that she is not a simple character, but Rita does not doubt her identity at all, which naturally easily arouses complaints from players.

After asking Raven for the records of Divine City Medicine, Rita sent them to Alvite, who was known as Schicksal's most powerful tool man. Under the other party's search, Rita finally discovered Kiana's traces.

During a Honkai beast disaster two days later, Rita fished for law enforcement and finally found Kiana.

Kiana, who was surrounded by Rita and other Valkyrie troops, did not show any signs of panic. It seemed that all this had been expected by her.

During her verbal exchange with Rita, she asked Rita a question.

[ " Which one do you think is more important, catching me or preventing the disaster in this city? " ]

[Rita replied leisurely: " By catching you, I will prevent the disaster in this city. " ]

[Exploding gunfire and piercing scythes continued to intersect in the darkness, just like the stars and the crescent moon engaged in an endless battle. ]

[ " Unfortunately, it's not easy to capture who I am now. " ]

[Kiana's figure disappears from Rita's sight, and appears behind her with a flash of orange light. ]

[ " Whether you believe it or not ... I am not the reason why Honkai beasts attacked this city. The disaster in Tianzhu City is much more dangerous than you think. " ]

[Kiana slowly walks towards Rita and puts a syringe and magnetic card in Rita's hand. ]

[ " With this evidence, you can see with your own eyes what Shencheng Medicine wants to do. Also, I will not leave here. " ]

" For me, preventing disaster is more important than escaping . "

[Kiana walked past Rita without stopping, speaking in a firm and powerful tone. Rita seemed to be hesitant, staying in place without moving. ]

[ " I know you don't believe my position, but the right to choose is always in your hands. " ]

[After saying that, Kiana's figure disappeared into the night, leaving only Rita's sigh. ]

" Kiana is so mature now. "

Seeing Kiana finally confronting Schicksal, she originally thought she would angrily question Rita about what Otto had done to her and why, but the result was beyond everyone's expectations.

Kiana didn't mention this at all. Instead, she kept the topic to the disaster in Tianqiong City and Shencheng Medicine.

Obviously, during the days she was in Tianqiong City, not only was the World Snake staring at her, but she also used her own methods to discover traces of the World Snake.

The World Serpent wants the people of Schicksal to compete with Kiana, and it will benefit from it.

But unexpectedly, Kiana defeated them all.

Instead of starting a fight with Schicksal, she actually handed over the evidence to Schicksal.

This made everyone in the live broadcast room couldn't help but sigh, is this smart and calm Kiana still the Kiana they knew before?

" Kiana has really matured a lot. It seems that after formalizing her inner self, she not only defeated the Herrscher of the Void, but also grew a lot. "

Fu Hua sighed,

" And I think she seems to have expected that the people of Schicksal would find her, so she always carries the evidence with her. "

" Haha, this world snake also wanted Kiana to fight Schicksal, but Kiana directly diverted the trouble away and asked Schicksal to find trouble for them. "

Senti laughed happily.

What she hates the most is guys like World Snake who hide in the dark and do little things secretly.

Compared with them, Schicksal is more pleasing to the eye.

" I don't know when Kevin will take action. Rita shouldn't be his opponent, right? "

Elysia thought for a moment.

[Rita definitely cannot be Kevin's opponent. Rita can't even defeat Kiana, and Kevin is an enemy who even defeat Welt Yang at his peak. ]

[Yes, and when he was in the Quantum Sea, Kevin seemed to be still weak and without the Judgement of Shamash. Now he ate the corpse of a Judgment-level Honkai Beast to replenish the Honkai energy, plus the Heavenly Fire Saint in hand ... I don't know who can beat him. ]

[Can Durandal beat Kevin? She is the most powerful Valkyrie in Schicksal, and she also has the Black Abyss White Flower, Divine key. She should be similar to Kevin, right? ]

[No, no, no, no, it seems that Durandal hasn't taken action yet? She is just the strongest Valkyrie in name only. She and Rita are both S- level, so she may be a little stronger than Rita, but if you compare her with Kevin, a pre-civilized fusion warrior, I think there is still a big gap. ]

" Well, I also feel that Schicksal's top combat power seems a bit inferior to World Snake. "

Watching the debate among the barrages, Elysia also said,

" As far as the current performance is concerned, Kevin's combat effectiveness is indeed very strong, but Schicksal may have other trump cards. It's uncertain. It depends on what Su Mu writes. "

" Su Mu, is my character stronger than Kevin? "

Senti pulled Su Mu's hand and asked expectantly.

" Well ... you and Kevin are probably on a 50-50 chance. "

Su Mu said with a half-smile.

" Really? Yeah! "

When Su Mu said that the strength of her character was comparable to Kevin, Senti immediately cheered with excitement.

As a child, I always hope that I am better than everyone else.

Although Su Mu only said that she and Kevin were on a 50-50 basis, this made Senti very satisfied.

Elysia continues the game.

Rita, who returned to the ship, looked at the evidence that Kiana handed her, and couldn't help but have a trace of doubt in her heart.

Under Arvit's inspection, they discovered that this was supposed to be the syringe of the Schicksal Vaccine, but the injection liquid inside had been replaced with an activator that could increase the body's resistance to the collapse energy.

Arvette also reminded Rita that the dead soldiers she saw tonight had stigmata on them.

After hearing the news, Rita also felt the difficulty of this matter.

So Rita decided to sneak into Shencheng Medicine at night to find out.

But what she didn't know was that her thoughts had fallen into the eyes of the World Snake.

They have even prepared a trap for Rita.

During the conversation between Jackal and Raven, everyone in the live broadcast room faintly felt that something was not right.

Because their conversation mentioned people in this city.

Their plan seemed to involve people in the entire city, and their words were filled with expressions of disdain for the Schicksal.

[This World Snake is not a good thing. It is also an organization that engages in human experiments. ]

[It's quite normal. In the world view of Honkai Impact III, ordinary people are really too fragile. Whether it's Schicksal, the World Snake, or the anti-entropic Cocolia, they have all conducted human experiments. I can only say that It's different paths leading to the same destination. ]

[But this World Snake's plan this time seems to involve all people from Sky City. They don't want to follow Cocolia's example and cause a big Eruption, right? ]

[This shouldn't be possible, right? With Kevin here, if World Snake dares to cause a big Eruption, then Kevin won't be the first to chop them down! ]

[By the way, nothing will happen to Rita, right? Although she is Otto's subordinate, I actually quite like her. Although she obeys Otto's orders, she has her own ideas. When facing Kiana, she did not capture her by force, but chose Investigate Shencheng Medicine first. ]

[ she's S- class Valkyrie at the same level as Durandal . How can she fall over so easily? ]

Everyone in the live broadcast room was discussing, and they all felt that Tianqiong City was about to usher in a storm.

No matter what the World Snake's plan is, if they are allowed to continue, ordinary people in Tianqiong City will definitely suffer.

And Kiana was also aware of this, so she did not leave Tianqiong City, but investigated the mastermind in her own way.

Rita then sneaked into the database of Shencheng Medicine and found a lot of useful information, which vaguely pointed to a terrible answer.

It's just that Rita is missing an important key clue to piece together this information.

So in order to find evidence, Rita decided to take the risk and continue to go deep into the city of medicine, and ordered the members of the Immortal Blade to be on standby at any time, ready to support her.