Start making Honkai Impact III, my boss is Da Bronya.

Su Mu, who just graduated from college, suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai Impact III. It's just that this world is completely different from what he expected. Otto, the president of the Schicksal Foundation, announced his entry into the idol industry to contribute to his granddaughter's career. Anti-Entropy Entertainments newly released Homu movie has become the No. 1 box office hit worldwide. World Snake Security Company has launched a new funeral service. The highest standard service will have six gray snakes carrying the coffin. In response, the weak, pitiful and helpless Su Mu could only hug his big duck tightly. If you want to leave your own traces in this world, then start by making games! Honkai Impact III, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil, Elden's Ring ... That day, Su Mu looked at the game list dominated by a certain yellow-skinned rabbit and secretly swore. One day, he will break the world's obsession with yellow-skinned rabbits and let them know that beautiful girls are the right ones! This is a MTL, I will try to touch up a little. Like names gender etc. OG: 开局制作崩坏三,我的老板是鸭鸭

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Chapter 099 Twins on the other side! Seer's true power!

But Bronya and Yang don't want Kevin to leave the Quantum Sea.

However, now that Kevin has obtained the Desire Gem, he has the ability to leave the Quantum Sea at any time.

Bronya exerted the core power of the Herrscher of Reason, and kept bombarding Kevin with azure gunfire, leaping over the frenzy of shadows, and headed straight for Kevin.

But just halfway, the core of the Herrscher of Reason suddenly changed and separated from Bronya's body!

The Herrscher of Reason's costume dissipated in an instant, and Bronya's beloved car returned to its heavily armored bunny form, unwillingly submerged in the quantum.

Looking at Bronya who fell to the ground, Kevin took over the core of the Herrscher of Reason and said calmly that Bronya has traveled through countless worlds to come here, and her body can no longer keep up with her will.

At this time, Welt Yang, whose consciousness was hidden in the core of the Herrscher of Reason, once again used the power of the core to reconstruct his body and rushed towards the Desire Gem.

But having just recovered, he was too weak to stop Kevin.

Then Kevin left calmly and told everyone that they would meet again in reality.

But the crisis for everyone was not over yet. The entrance to the Quantum Sea collapsed, and the huge broken rock separated Welt and Bronya & Seele.

Fortunately, Schrödinger arrived in time to find them. Under the guidance of Einstein, Bronya and Seele began to run towards the Eye of the Abyss.


[I was shocked. I thought Bronya and the others were really going to fight Kevin, but Bronya fell down immediately. ]

[It's okay if we don't fight. In my opinion, with Bronya and the others in their current state, they are no match for Kevin if they really fight. This guy was too calm throughout the whole process, and he didn't even say anything to Bronya. I feel he Was not at all hostile, which also meant that he did not take their threats seriously at all. ]

[Indeed, after all, even the peak Welt Yang is no match for Kevin. How can Bronya, who has just become the Herrscher of Reason, beat Kevin? ]

[But I didn't expect Welt Yang to be able to reconstruct his body. I thought he would be like Grandpa, becoming Bronya's golden finger in the future. Isn't his fate too tough? ]

[By the way, do you think that when the core of the Herrscher of Reason left Bronya's body, Bronya fell from the car? Does it look like Bronya's driver's license was revoked? ]

[puff! Brother, you are really a talented person! It's so funny to have your driver's license revoked! ]

Seeing the sudden unfolding of the plot, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but complain.

After all, Bronya looked very aggressive before, and she looks as handsome as she rides a motorcycle.

As a result, by the time we got to this chapter, she hadn't looked cool for three seconds before he was lying on the ground.

Instead, look at Kevin.

He is so good at his character. Although he is currently positioned as the enemy of the protagonist group, no one can feel the aura of a villain from him.

After all, from the moment he appeared until now, his purpose has always been to leave the Quantum Sea. Even if the protagonist group was hostile to him, he did not harm them.

On the contrary, it was because of him that Seele was able to return to Bronya.

Because he knew that Bronya and Welt were both powerful forces against Honkai.

This pattern, this consciousness, immediately established Kevin's character.

Coupled with the memories of Kevin and Sakura in the previous world bubble, as well as his tragic side, many viewers suddenly had a good impression of him.

" Kevin actually stayed in the Quantum Sea for fifteen hundred years ... Su Mu, is Kevin a villain? "

Elysia said somewhat unbearably.

She could feel Kevin's pain in his words.

During the fifteen hundred years in the Quantum Sea, he watched the honkai continue to rage, and he could only bear the consequences of failure over and over again in his past memories.

It's really a bit uncomfortable.

" How should I put it? In fact, in the game Honkai Impact 3, strictly speaking, there is no real villain, because everyone's purpose is to fight against Honkai, except for a certain person. "

" The reason why they are opposed is just a matter of different positions and different ideas. "

Su Mu explained.

" That's good. "

Elysia patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she couldn't help laughing and said,

" But Su Mu, did you do this on purpose? It was obvious that Bronya was so handsome just once in the last chapter, but in this chapter, she was lying on the ground before even getting to know Kevin. "

" I saw a barrage saying that Bronya's driver's license was revoked. Hahaha, this complaint is too accurate. "

" Ahem, how could I do this on purpose? Do you really think Bronya is a superman? "

Su Mu said angrily,

" She first fought in Haiyuan City, and then went through the test of three world bubbles. Finally, she finally obtained the power of the Herrscher of Reason, and went to countless world bubbles to collect the core scattered power ... Although Bronya's will is strong enough, but her body is still human. "

" That's right. After all, Honkai Impact III is not a Long Aotian type of cool novel. "

Tesla nodded in agreement.

[Laughing, can Honkai Impact 3 be related to Shuangwen1? ]

[Don't be embarrassed, isn't Honkai Impact III exciting enough? It can make players feel so happy that their scalp is numb and their whole body is shaking. (:p)]

[One thing to say is that people who find Honkai Impact 3 enjoyable are probably not late-stage tremor sufferers . ]

Because of Tesla's words, the commentators also started to make fun of him.

Elysia then continued the game.

She controlled Bronya and Seele and rushed all the way towards the Eye of the Abyss. After struggling to eliminate the invading Quantum Shadow, they finally reached the exit of the Quantum Sea.

But at this time, Bronya and Seele set up flags like crazy .

Especially when Seele said that Seele would go back with her sister and never be separated again, after Bronya was silent for a while, she just said that she would definitely let her leave the Quantum Sea, and there was no meaning in her words at all. Mentioning himself made everyone in the live broadcast room feel excited again.

Although they knew that Su Mu could not kill Bronya, they had to guard against it.

After all, no one can guess what Su Mu's next plot will be.

But when Elysia clicked on the next level, the screen once again entered the familiar interface.

MiHoYo's big logo popped up, and everyone knew that this was another animated short film.

[Fuck! It's another animated short, I don't even know what to say. When can you really animate Honkai Impact III? ]

[Laughing, I even feel that they actually made the game specifically to produce these animated short films. (funny)]

[But who is the protagonist in this animated short film? The last angel reconstruction was the protagonist of Bronya, and then Amazing Grace was the protagonist of Kiana, so this time ... ]

[Heavy Rabbit: Yes, that's right! ]

[puff! It's too cool to reinstall Bunny, brother! ]

The audience in the live broadcast room did not discuss for too long who should be the protagonist of this animated short film. After all, there are only two characters this time, one is Bronya and the other is Seele.

If not Seele, can it really be the reloaded bunny?

[The animation begins. Amidst the rapid and tense music at the beginning, Bronya holds Seele's hand and runs quickly on the huge suspended stone steps. ]

[And above them is the exit of the Eye of the Abyss, with rainbow-colored light pouring down, as beautiful as a beam of light. ]

[Just when Bronya and Seele were about to arrive at the light pillar, countless purple-black tentacles came from the abyss and grabbed Seele back! ]

[ " Seele! " ]

[Bronya turned around decisively, ran to Seele, raised her dagger, cut off the tentacle, then picked up Seele and continued to run away. ]

[But those tentacles were like tarsal bodies, following them closely, trying to keep them in the quantum sea forever. ]

[Bronya tried her best, but could only barely resist the tentacle attack. After all, she could not use the power of the Herrscher of Reason now. ]

[Finally they jumped into the light pillar, but the tentacles still refused to let go and took the opportunity to wrap around them. ]

[Seeing more and more tentacles gathering around them, Bronya knew that if this continued, they would not be able to escape. ]

[So she decisively used all her strength to throw Seele out! ]

[ " Sister! Sister! " ]

[Seele seemed to have realized something, and called Bronya anxiously. Her body flying in mid-air tried to grab Bronya's hand. ]

[ " Seele ... I'm sorry. " ]

[Bronya showed an apologetic and bitter smile towards Seele, and then used a dagger to cut off the last tentacle connected to Seele. ]

[The huge suction force pulled Seele's body from the sky. Seele looked terrified. She could only wave her hands and kept calling for her sister, and then she was uncontrollably sucked towards the exit of the Eye of the Abyss. ]

[The wall-like door slowly closed, and Seele grabbed the bulge of the wall with her hands unwillingly. She wanted to go back! ]

[ " Do you want to die? " ]

[Veliona's voice sounded in Seele's ears, and she directly pulled her hand up regardless of Seele's objection. ]

[The next second, Seele's body flew into the door, and the door closed accordingly. ]

Seeing this, everyone in the live broadcast room suddenly became anxious.

They knew that this guy Su Mu would do some tricks! Unexpectedly, he really wanted to leave Bronya in the Quantum Sea!

" No, Su Mu, do you really plan to leave Bronya in the Quantum Sea, and then let Seele find a way to save her? "

Seeing Seele crying in a dark room, Elysia felt a little stomachache.

" Isn't it too disgusting for you to do this? Can't you let Bronya and the two sisters have a good reunion? "

" No, don't worry, and the people in the live broadcast room don't rush to scold me. Can you watch the video first before talking? "

Su Mu was speechless.

Although he was scolded often, he had accepted it when he was scolded before, but this time he did nothing, so why should he be scolded?

" Oh? Could things be turning around? "

Hearing this, Elysia's eyes suddenly lit up.

" Don't you know if you keep watching? If you are dissatisfied with anything, why don't you come back and scold me later? "

Su Mu said angrily.

After hearing what he said, everyone in the live broadcast room temporarily stopped bombarding Su Mu and continued to watch the animated short film.

[ " Why ...." ]

[Seele was crying while beating the hard ground hard. Red blood seeped out from between her fingers, but she could no longer feel the pain at this time. ]

[ " It's over, you can't do anything. " ]

[Veliona's shadow looked at Seele's futile actions and felt very uncomfortable. ]

[ " The door can't be opened! You can't save her. " ]

[ " Sister Bronya! No way ... No way! " ]

[Seele seemed not to hear Veliona's words, still beating the ground on her own. ]

[Veliona finally couldn't stand her hurting herself like this, and stepped forward to hold her arm. Scarlet chains came from all directions, wrapping around Seele's body. ]

[ " Enough! ..... It's enough. " ]

[ " ... I made it clear that I wanted to go see the sea together ..." ]

Crystal tears kept dripping from Seele's eyes, and her painful look made Elysia and others feel very distressed.

[Alas, Seele has really worked hard, but unfortunately she is still too weak now. Just like Veliona said, she can't do anything. ]

[Yes, although what Veliona said was cruel, she also didn't want to see Seele hurt herself again. ]

[Damn old thief, didn't you say there was a turning point? But why haven't we seen any signs yet? Could it be that Seele could explode the small universe, directly smash the door of the Quantum Sea, and rescue Bronya? ]

[Speaking of which, it suddenly occurred to me that Seele said she wanted to see the sea with Bronya ... The Quantum Sea is also a sea. In a sense, Seele's wish has been fulfilled, right? ]

[? ? ? ]

[Brother, what are you talking about? Isn't this angle too novel? ]

Seeing Seele's constant self-harm, everyone in the live broadcast room felt heartbroken.

After all, Seele's cute and cute appearance is really lovable. Who wouldn't want to have such a cute sister?

But just when everyone was waiting for things to turn around, something strange happened to Seele in the picture.

[The camera turned down, and everyone was surprised to find that the originally solid ground had been cracked by Seele's fist! ]

[At this time, Seele's tears fell on the crack, and the crack emitted a dazzling light, and then a small white flower bloomed. ]

[ " Release quickly! " ]

[The stigmata on Seele's chest was activated and glowed with a striking red light. She didn't know the strength she used to break free from Veliona's restraints and chains. ]

[At the same time, Sakura's words rang in her mind. ]

[No matter how weak she is, when she has someone she wants to protect, at that moment, she is the strongest person in the world! ]

[ ' boom! ' ]

[Seele punched down again, and the cracks on the ground expanded instantly, and countless white lights and small flowers also appeared. ]

[ " You ... coward! " ]

[Seele gritted her teeth and dropped her last punch suddenly! ]

[Appears with endless white light! The entrance to the Eye of the Abyss was instantly opened by Seele! She fell into the abyss of the quantum sea again! ]

At the same time, the background BGM also sounded.

[And it seems that because of the activation of the power of the stigmata, her clothes instantly changed into a white princess dress. ]

[Seele struggled to move down into the abyss, but the quantum shadow wrapped around her like a tarsal body, holding her firmly in the middle after a few back and forth, making her unable to move. ]

[Seele desperately resisted the attack of the quantum shadow. At this most critical moment, she cried and asked for help from her other self. ]

[ " Please, the other me ... come with me to save the sister who has been ... always protecting us ! " ]

[ " .... There is really nothing I can do against you. " ]

[Veliona looked back with a cold look, but the corners of her mouth slightly raised. ]

[Scarlet light bursts out instantly! Push away all quantum shadows that dare to harm Seele! ]

At the same time, Eden's singing also sounded high-pitched, and it was a direct climax, making all the audience's blood boil in an instant.

[Veliona gently hugged Seele from behind, and she overlapped her own strength without any reservation. ]

[Scarlet energy surges in Seele's body, and the power of the stigmata turns into endless chains, entangling the entire abyss! ]

[At this moment, the entire space seemed to be frozen! ]

[ " Go, Seele, let's go and save our sister together! " ]

[With Veliona's whisper, her figure turned into a huge scarlet sickle in Seele's hand. ]

[Seele slowly opened her eyes, her bright red pupils showing neither sadness nor joy. ]

[She slowly pointed the sickle at the abyss at her feet and dropped it. The dazzling light of the sword seemed to cut through the whole world! Split the abyss in two! ]

[The camera zooms out, and Seele's knife is seen falling, and the tentacles wrapped around the entire light pillar fall apart in an instant! Dissipate into smoke and dust! ]

How spectacular this scene is!

It was like the beginning of the world, and everyone was shocked and speechless.

No one could have imagined that the cute and well-behaved Seele could have such a powerful side!

[Bronya in the darkness suddenly heard someone calling her name. She subconsciously raised her head, and a beam of light spread from the darkness. ]

[ " Seele ... is that you? " ]

[ " Sister Bronya, this time, we will never be separated again. " ]

[In the darkness, Bronya held Seele's hand. ]

[Then the animated short film ends, and with Eden's melodious singing, the list of people behind the scenes scrolls. ]

Although the animated short film ended, everyone in the live broadcast room was still immersed in the shock caused by Seele's knife.

This feeling of shock was no less than the first time they saw the Queen coming, when the Queen used the portal to absorb the Titan's attack and then returned it.

Use simple and straightforward language to describe it.

Just one word.

So damn handsome!