Start making Honkai Impact III, my boss is Da Bronya.

Su Mu, who just graduated from college, suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai Impact III. It's just that this world is completely different from what he expected. Otto, the president of the Schicksal Foundation, announced his entry into the idol industry to contribute to his granddaughter's career. Anti-Entropy Entertainments newly released Homu movie has become the No. 1 box office hit worldwide. World Snake Security Company has launched a new funeral service. The highest standard service will have six gray snakes carrying the coffin. In response, the weak, pitiful and helpless Su Mu could only hug his big duck tightly. If you want to leave your own traces in this world, then start by making games! Honkai Impact III, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil, Elden's Ring ... That day, Su Mu looked at the game list dominated by a certain yellow-skinned rabbit and secretly swore. One day, he will break the world's obsession with yellow-skinned rabbits and let them know that beautiful girls are the right ones! This is a MTL, I will try to touch up a little. Like names gender etc. OG: 开局制作崩坏三,我的老板是鸭鸭

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Chapter 095 Elysia: What I like are cute and beautiful girls.

Cocolia was stunned for a moment, then shook her head and said with a smile,

" Bronya, why do you think so? "

" Because Seele has never paid attention to any men of the same age, but this time she was very concerned about Su Mu. When I came back, she was also asking about Su Mu, so ..."

" Haha, you think too much. "

Cocolia said with a faint smile,

" It seems that you are really interested in that boy named Su Mu. "

" People used to say that falling in love will lower their IQ. I didn't expect that even you are not immune ... Haha. "

" You just saw Seele asking about Su Mu's situation, but have you ever thought that she is actually worried about whether that boy is good enough for you? "

" Eh? "

The Bronya suddenly turned into beet-eyed and confused.

" Idiot daughter, think about it for yourself, for Seele, which one is more important, a boy you just met not long ago, or the sister she have been with for more than ten years? "

" Especially when she finds that something is not right about the relationship between her sister and this boy, will she really not want to get to know him and see what kind of person he is and whether he can bring happiness to her sister? ...."

As Cocolia spoke, she couldn't help laughing.

" But I'm afraid Seele never dreamed that she would be misunderstood by Bronya that she fall in love with Su Mu at first sight, hahaha! "

" ah ....."

After hearing what Cocolia said, Bronya finally realized that it seemed to make sense.

Thinking about it carefully, although Seele asked her about Su Mu, she mostly asked her how she was getting along with him and what her attitude towards him was.

The question was purely based on me, and I actually thought that Seele was interested in that guy ...

It's over. Did she really stay with Su Mu for a long time and her IQ also dropped?

Of course, Bronya would not admit that a woman in love would lose her IQ, so she chose to throw the blame to Su Mu.

After all, as the saying goes, those who are close to vermillion are red and those who are close to ink are black.

" Mom ... don't tell Seele about this. "

Bronya breathed a sigh of relief after she figured it out, but she couldn't help but blush with embarrassment, and quickly told Cocolia not to tell anyone that she had misunderstood that Seele liked Su Mu.

Otherwise, as a sister, she would really be embarrassed to see others.

" Haha, yes, yes, but when do you plan to bring that boy to see me? "

Cocolia held her chin with one hand and looked at Bronya with a smile.

" Well ... let's wait until we have the opportunity in the future. "

" Okay, then I'll keep your words in mind. It's best to bring him back before the New Year. Is that okay? "

" Well ... I, I'll try my best. "

Bronya scratched her cheek and said guiltily.

" If you fail to bring me back by then, don't blame me if Seele knows something. "

Cocolia assumed the posture of Commander Ikari and looked at Bronya meaningfully.

" Mom, you are so mean ..."

" Haha, thank you for the compliment. Don't forget that your mother still have the title of female fox. "

" ….."

In this way, after staying in Siberia for two days, Bronya said goodbye to Seele and others, and then returned to Tianqiong City.

To be honest, she was very happy every time she went back to Siberia.

Because you can see Seele, her mother, and the lovely children in the orphanage.

But this time, she felt a little lonely.

It wasn't that something happened at the orphanage, but whenever she calmed down, a figure would appear in her mind.

Although She often chatted and video-recorded with Su Mu through chat software, whenever he said something obscene and she wanted to slap him, she could only complain through the screen.

This feeling made Bronya feel a little lost and lonely.

Like, Su Mu said before that he would die if he didn't see her for one day. It was too exaggerated ... but in the end, it was almost the same on her side.

It wasn't until she got on the plane and returned to Tianqiong City that Bronya's mood recovered again.

As soon as she stepped out of the airplane aisle, she didn't know if it was telepathy or something else. Bronya raised her head and saw Su Mu, who had been waiting in the crowd for a long time.

Somehow, it had only been two days since they had seen each other, but now when she saw Su Mu's face, a strange feeling quietly spread from the bottom of her heart, giving Bronya a feeling of home. .

She had two homes in total.

One is the Cocolia Orphanage in Siberia, and the other is the Golden Courtyard.

And now, she has another family.

It seemed that wherever Su Mu was, that was her home.

Recalling what Cocolia said before leaving, Bronya had some clarity in her heart.

Maybe, this is really what it feels like to fall in love with someone.

Bronya stepped forward, crossed the flow of people, and walked towards Su Mu.

A bright smile appeared on her face unconsciously.


Su Mu found that Bronya was a little strange these days.

But to say it was strange, it was better to say that she was closer to him and more enthusiastic.

In the past, he wanted to take advantage of Bronya. In addition to holding hands, he had to shamelessly say some flirty words in order to have some physical contact with Bronya.

But now, he didn't even need to speak, Bronya came up on her own.

When she was at home, she would always sit next to him, with a pillow on her knees and so on. It had become a common occurrence.

This beautiful unfolding even made Su Mu think that he had some terminal illness, so Bronya wanted to try her best to fulfill his wish before he died.

But fortunately he is in good health.

In addition to this incident, there is also good news, that is, Dr. Vill-Vi and Einstein, Tesla have already made plans for the development of virtual reality, and have proven through experiments that virtual reality can completely simulate the real world. Realistic technology is achievable!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. No matter what it is, once you take the first step, the rest becomes easy.

With these three world-class engineers and scientists spending a lot of time on it every day, the development of virtual reality is also moving forward steadily.

Although they often encountered difficulties and encountered bottlenecks, through discussions and experiments between the three people, theu quickly found a solution.

Su Mu didn't know if three cobblers could beat Zhuge Liang1, but the chemical reaction of the three Zhuge Liangs together would definitely be stronger than that of three hundred cobblers!

In the process of stable development of virtual technology, Honkai Impact III is about to receive the next version update.

In the preview live broadcast of the version of Honkai Impact 3, Elysia did not wear the gorgeous dress of Herrscher this time, but appeared in a cute maid outfit.

This unique look also instantly made the audience excited, and they joined the Ellie Cult one after another.

Of course, this outfit was also designed by Su Mu and made by Eden.

Even this time, it wasn't Elysia who requested it, but Eden took the initiative to find Su Mu, hoping that he could provide more designs.

It seems like she is addicted to making clothes.

Of course, Su Mu also satisfied her request. Anyway, he had a lot of clothes in his mind, and he wished Eden could make them all.

Su Mu doesn't plan to make these beautiful clothes just in the game.

If he could make it in reality and let them wear it, it wouldn't be a waste of time for him to travel back through universe

As for the contents of this version update, in addition to the main chapter 12 updated as usual, there is also the chronicle, Anti-Entropy .

Anti-Entropy was originally a visual novel, and it is also a very important part of the Honkai Impact III story .

It tells the story of the founding of Anti-Entropy, and the first Herrscher, Welt Joyce.

The audience is also looking forward to this. After all, Anti-Entropy has been on the scene for so long, and they still know little about Anti-Entropy. This time they finally have the opportunity to learn about the story of the creation of Anti-Entropy.

So after the version of Honkai Impact 3 was updated, many players flocked to Elysia's live broadcast room.

Perhaps because Elysia often cooperates with Su Mu in some official live broadcasts and other activities, most players now regard her live broadcast room as the official live broadcast room.

After all, they can still see old thief Su Mu and even the boss's Bronya here.

But this time Bronya did not come, replaced by Tesla and Dr. Einstein.

These two doctors originally slept through two o'clock every day, but when Su Mu said that the plot of the Honkai Impact III update was about Anti-Entropy, they all came over curiously.

" Good morning everyone, did you miss me ~~"

Elysia greeted the audience skillfully, and then introduced the guests to them.

In addition to being in Su Mu every time, Tesla and Einstein coming this time also caused quite a stir among the players.

[Let me go, Elysia is too proud this time, right? How could she even invite Dr. Tesla and Einstein to be guests? ]

[This old thief is always here. Sure enough, this is the official live broadcast room of Honkai Impact III, right? ]

[By the way, does the old thief have something to do with Elysia? Why is he there every time? ]

[What? Don't do that kind of thing! How could such a perfect girl as Sister Ellie have a relationship with other men? ]

Seeing that the barrage gradually started to go astray, and instead discussed her relationship with Su Mu, Elysia couldn't help but want to laugh. Fortunately, Bronya was not here, otherwise she would definitely teach them a lesson.

However, it is normal for the audience to have such thoughts. After all, the audience always looks forward to gossip, fun, and CP .

" Don't get me wrong, Su Mu and I are very good friends, and he is the creator of the Honkai Impact III story, so I invite him over every time. It is also to make it easier for us to watch the plot and have doubts. I can give you the answer easily. "

Elysia explained to the audience with a smile.

Although she also wanted to make a joke, such as describing her relationship with Su Mu as ambiguous, to amuse the viewers in the live broadcast room.

But think about it and forget it.

This kind of joke is fine in your own circle, but in a live broadcast room with millions of people, who knows if they will take it as a joke. If there is another malicious clip with no context and with edit, it will be troublesome. .

She didn't care, but if Su Mu and Bronya got into trouble because of this, then she would be a sinner.

" I said you people are really boring. When you see a man and a woman, your brain automatically starts to make up stories. How can there be so many CPs in this world . "

Tesla complained angrily.

" You have to understand, Dr. Tesla, after all, the audience is separated from us by a screen. Their understanding of things is limited and they can only rely on imagination and guessing. "

Einstein said slowly,

" Furthermore, Su Mu and Elysia are talented and beautiful, and they are indeed perfect targets for the audience to consume CP . "

" Hehe, thank you Dr. Einstein for complimenting me ~~"

Elysia smiled happily and then said to the camera,

" But please don't worry, Su Mu and I are really just friends. If you want to ask why, it's because I like cute and beautiful girls~~ "

[I am super! Elysia likes girls? ]

[I am super! Same! .... But why does it feel pretty good? ]

[Indeed, I would rather see sister Elysia get along with other beautiful girls than to get married to a man one day. ]

[Then who is the girl that Sister Ellie likes? ]

" Hey, I like all cute girls ~~"

Elysia said somewhat triumphantly, not feeling ashamed at all.

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was shocked again.

Unexpectedly, Elysia is not only a lesbian, but also a harem king!

But instead of making the audience dislike her, they actually liked her more.

After all, they didn't know whether what Elysia said was true or a deliberate act. Anyway, the show had an effect, so they naturally liked it.

After the initial chat, Elysia also entered the game.

" Okay everyone, let's continue to play the story of Chapter 12 of the three main storylines of Honkai Impact. "

" Su Mu, is the story in this chapter still about Kiana? "

" No, the main plot of this chapter ... How should I put it, there is actually no protagonist. If there must be one, it should be Kevin or Seele. "

Su Mu thought for a while and said.

" Kevin? He actually appeared so early? "

Elysia was shocked when she heard this, and then said with some amusement,

" Su Mu, you really like boys, right? Otherwise, why not let the beautiful and lovely Miss Elysia appear first, but let Kevin appear first? "

" Go away, I let him appear first because the story of his character begins here. "

Su Mu had a black line on his head and said angrily,

" As for you, just wait a little later! "