Start making Honkai Impact III, my boss is Da Bronya.

Su Mu, who just graduated from college, suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai Impact III. It's just that this world is completely different from what he expected. Otto, the president of the Schicksal Foundation, announced his entry into the idol industry to contribute to his granddaughter's career. Anti-Entropy Entertainments newly released Homu movie has become the No. 1 box office hit worldwide. World Snake Security Company has launched a new funeral service. The highest standard service will have six gray snakes carrying the coffin. In response, the weak, pitiful and helpless Su Mu could only hug his big duck tightly. If you want to leave your own traces in this world, then start by making games! Honkai Impact III, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil, Elden's Ring ... That day, Su Mu looked at the game list dominated by a certain yellow-skinned rabbit and secretly swore. One day, he will break the world's obsession with yellow-skinned rabbits and let them know that beautiful girls are the right ones! This is a MTL, I will try to touch up a little. Like names gender etc. OG: 开局制作崩坏三,我的老板是鸭鸭

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Chapter 065 The last lesson!

Senti's live broadcast room was lively, and so was Sirin's side. After all, in this last scene, Himeko's tragic and heroic feeling of dying was something everyone could feel.

Now, even Kiana can no longer lie to herself.

" Damn it! Teacher Himeko is not really going to die, is she? "

Kiana clenched her fists tightly, with an expression of disbelief on her face.

Just before, when they saw Teacher Himeko put on the true red armor and killed everything, they thought they had won and Otto's plan would definitely fail.

But she didn't expect that Himeko would die so soon.

" Teacher Himeko is a real hero. "

Durandal sighed, and she suddenly understood why so many people liked the game Honkai Impact 3.

Because this game is so good at shaping the characters, even though she has never watched the previous plot, she already admires the character of Himeko from the bottom of her heart just by reading this chapter.

Not to mention people who have played along the way.

When she gets back, she will also download it to play.

Sirin pursed her lips, hesitated for a long time, and finally clicked the mouse on the last level.

No matter what the ending of Teacher Himeko is, they have to witness it.

As Sirin clicked on the last level, the game screen went dark, and then the familiar opening LOGO appeared.

Everyone knows that this is an animated short film.

If it were normal times, the audience would definitely launch barrages excitedly to express their emotions and feelings.

But now they don't want to say anything, they just want to quickly see what will happen to Himeko.

[ The LOGO ends, and Himeko's figure appears on the screen. ]

[Amidst the piercing siren, she put the God-killing spear into the inside of the armor, and then took the elevator up to the deck]

[As soon as she reached the deck, Benares threw a huge turret down, but Himeko easily knocked it back, hitting Benares in the head! ]

[Before Benares could react, Himeko jumped up high and kicked it from the sky to the deck! ]

[Then she stood in front of Benares who fell to the ground, raised the sword in her hand, and violent energy gathered on it in an instant. She slashed hard at Benares, but a void suddenly opened in front of her. The crack sucked her in! ]

[When Himeko opened her eyes again, she found that she had arrived in the imaginary number space! ]

[Then, with a burst of arrogant laughter, the queen of space slowly descended through the void, looking down at Himeko with eyes full of disdain. ]

[ " Do you think you can escape? " ]

[ " Huh, I've been waiting for you for a long time. " ]

[Himeko puts on a fighting stance, her momentum is not weak at all. ]

" That's it, Teacher Himeko, hurry up and beat her hard! "

Kiana loudly cheered for Himeko. Because of the special sense of immersion, she was now completely immersed in it. She wished Himeko could kill the Herrscher of the Void with a knife.

Sirin, who always liked to quarrel with Kiana, no longer bothered to scold Kiana. She nervously clasped her hands together, praying that Himeko could defeat the Herrscher of the Void.

Not just her, but all the viewers in the live broadcast room were cheering for Himeko.

[ " Are you ready to face death? " ]

[The Herrscher of the Void stretched out her right hand, and the invisible space force instantly pulled Himeko's body, pulled her to the front, pushed her out, and finally hit the space barrier hard. ]

[ " Try your best and struggle hard. " ]

[The Herrscher of the Void snaps her fingers, and several energy cubes wrap Hime inside. While rotating, the Spear of Void turns into a strip of light, like a sharp knife, slashing across the cube, and finally slams it down. The sound hit the ground. ]

[ " Is this the extent? " ]

[The Herrscher of the Void turned around disdainfully, as if the outcome was already decided. ]

During the whole process, the Herrscher of the Void didn't even move her steps. She just stretched out her right hand, leaving Himeko powerless to resist. This unprecedented power suddenly plunged all the audience into despair.

[Didn't this Herrscher of the Void just get seriously injured? Why are you still so ridiculously strong? ]

[There is nothing I can do. I have already said that my spatial ability is so shameless. ]

[Mader, this is a control mage. Warriors can't get in at all! ]

[Teacher Himeko, please don't die! ! ! ]

" Damn it! Teacher Himeko will never lose! "

Kiana bit her lip, her eyes were red, and her face was full of unwillingness.

" Stop arguing! It's not over yet! "

Sirin shouted in a low voice.

As soon as she finished speaking, the scene in the video suddenly changed.

[Hearing a whistling sound, the Herrscher of the Void turned around in surprise, only to find that the short blade thrown by Himeko had already arrived in front of him. ]

[At this distance, she had no time to dodge, so she could only open a portal in front of her and transfer the short blade from the other side. ]

[Then, in the large pit filled with smoke and dust, Himeko staggered out with her armor in tatters. ]

[Her body is covered with lines of collapse. At the last moment of her life, she is still burning herself. ]

[At the same time, soft background music also sounded, which was from Nightglow sung by Eden . ]

[ " Is your attack ... over? Well, now it's my turn, no objections? " ]

[ " Hehehe ... die! " ]

[In the sneer of the Herrscher of the Void, countless space doors opened around Himeko, and the spears turned into a life-threatening weapon and ran towards Himeko. ]

[Himeko leaned down slightly, and the thrown short blade flew back instantly, dispersed into an amplifying device and attached to Himeko's body. ]

[At the same time, Himeko's gentle voice also sounded in everyone's ears. ]

[ " Kiana, when you wake up, you will find that everything has changed. " ]

[ " You will find that the world is no longer beautiful, and those ordinary daily routines will never come back. " ]

[Red flames covered the sword, and the scorching air waves burned all the Archon Spears instantly with Himeko's swing! The dazzling light even took away the color, turning the picture into black and white at that moment! ]

[ " But don't give up, never give up. " ]

" Teacher Himeko ..."

Seeing that even at this time, Himeko was still thinking about her, Kiana finally couldn't help it, and tears fell from the corners of her eyes like a dam.

Not only her, but Sirin and Mei also had red eyes at this time, with sparkling eyes.

The viewers in the live broadcast room also broke through their defenses at this moment.

[ " If you are there, you will get carried away! " ]

[Seemingly irritated by Himeko's attitude, the Herrscher of the Void launched another attack on Himeko, and the cube constructed from the Herrscher's energy rushed straight towards Himeko. ]

[ ' Boom! ! ! ' ]

[The flame-ridden Divine Meteor Sword easily shattered the Herrscher of the Void's attack! Himeko brandished her sword and charged towards the Herrscher of the Void! ]

[She split the light strip with all her strength, then jumped up high, holding the sword tightly with both hands, and collided with the black spiral like a meteor! Rush into the dark abyss! ]

[In the endless darkness, the world in front of Himeko's eyes was pure white. ]

[The figures of Teresa, Mei, Fu Hua, Bronya and others appeared in front of her one by one, and they all called Himeko's name gently. ]

[And in the end, what appeared in front of Himeko was that familiar smiling face. ]

[ " Aunt Himeko, I want to become the strongest Valkyrie! " ]

[The emotion of memories turned into Himeko's power at this moment! The Herrscher of Fire's gem is completely integrated with her! ]

[Flame like wings blooms behind Himeko! She was like a moth flying into the flame, dedicating all of herself on this sword! ]

[At the same time, Eden's passionate and slightly tragic singing sounded. ]

[ ' Never give up on you, that's why I do all this ' ]

[ " hiyaa!!! " ]

[The great sword tore apart all the barriers like a torrent, and with flames capable of destroying everything, it suddenly fell from the Herrscher of the Void's head! ]

[ " Kiana! Raise your head and keep moving forward! Go and turn this imperfect story into what you expect!!! " ]

[The Herrscher of the Void has no time to dodge at this time and can only melt into the endless light! ]

[ ' Boom—— !​ ! ! ' ]

[The terrifying explosion sounds as if it will shatter the entire imaginary space! ]

[But in the world of white light, a weak voice sounded clearly. ]

[ " Stay alive, Kiana. " ]

[The light gradually dissipated, and Himeko's terrifying sword did not fall on the Herrscher of the Void after all, but was inserted behind her. ]

[Himeko was completely burned out and slowly fell towards the Herrscher of the Void. The indestructible Divine Meteor Sword also disappeared like its owner and broke into several pieces. ]

[ " This is ... the last lesson ..." ]

[Seeing Himeko about to fall on top of him, Herrscher of the Void finally reacted and knocked Hime away angrily! ]

[But there was a gentle smile on the corner of Himeko's mouth. ]

[Then the camera showed the Herrscher of the Void behind her with a horrified expression on her face. On her back, the God-killing spear that had been injected was clearly inserted! ]

[The effect of the God-killing Spear was activated instantly, and the severe pain caused the Herrscher of the Void to scream in agony! ]

[Immediately afterwards, the imaginary number space also collapsed as the Herrscher of the Void's ability dissipated. ]

[And Himeko closed her eyes, as if asleep, and gradually slipped from the cold ground, into the blue sky, and gently fell into the bottom of the endless abyss ... ]

[Finally, amid Eden's sad singing, the list of people behind the scenes scrolled, which also meant that Himeko's story had finally come to an end. ]

Looking at the final list of personnel, Sirin and others had sad expressions, their lips opened and closed slightly, as if they wanted to say something, but nothing could be said, but tears kept pouring out.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were all teary-eyed at this time. They could only use trembling hands to lightly type a line of words on the keyboard.

[Teacher Himeko ... have a good journey ... all the way . ]