Start making Honkai Impact III, my boss is Da Bronya.

Su Mu, who just graduated from college, suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai Impact III. It's just that this world is completely different from what he expected. Otto, the president of the Schicksal Foundation, announced his entry into the idol industry to contribute to his granddaughter's career. Anti-Entropy Entertainments newly released Homu movie has become the No. 1 box office hit worldwide. World Snake Security Company has launched a new funeral service. The highest standard service will have six gray snakes carrying the coffin. In response, the weak, pitiful and helpless Su Mu could only hug his big duck tightly. If you want to leave your own traces in this world, then start by making games! Honkai Impact III, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil, Elden's Ring ... That day, Su Mu looked at the game list dominated by a certain yellow-skinned rabbit and secretly swore. One day, he will break the world's obsession with yellow-skinned rabbits and let them know that beautiful girls are the right ones! This is a MTL, I will try to touch up a little. Like names gender etc. OG: 开局制作崩坏三,我的老板是鸭鸭

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Chapter 015 Changes to Honkai Impact III

Of course, the gameplay is just that, and the most important thing is of course the plot.

To be honest, although the plot of Honkai Impact III is very exciting, it did have a lot of problems in the past.

And here comes the issue of GGZ's legacy and comigs.

The most classic contradiction among them is naturally the plot of Sakura and Kiana, Sakura samsara.

I believe that a large number of players cannot understand the plot of Yae Sakura and Kallen.

Karen and Otto were clearly childhood sweethearts, so why did she suddenly fall in love with Yae Sakura after a trip to the far east?

In fact, this is the plot of the continuation of GGZ.

When it was made that year, MiHoYo was still a small workshop with little popularity, and the videos posted on station B only had tens of thousands of views.

But when they released the story about Kallen and Yae Sakura, the number of views of that video suddenly increased to hundreds of thousands!

So MiHoYo, who had tasted the benefits of Lily, also brought this plot with him at the beginning of Honkai III.

But I didn't expect that Honkai's follow-up would be so big, and it would conflict with the subsequent plot, so this Sakura samsara plot became a complete mess.

The screenwriter didn't dare to mess with this mess, so when he later wrote about Kallen, he didn't dare to write about Yae Sakura at all, and just ignored it.

Therefore, this plot has been criticized by many players until now, and even Kallen's reviews have always been mixed.

Then there is the issue of Kiana's name.

Similarly, in Kiana's character design at the beginning of GGZ and Honkai, there was no such thing as a clone.

She is Kiana.

But later when the screenwriter wrote the main plot, she was given the identity of a clone, so Kiana's name should naturally belong to the real Kiana.

But since she is a clone, why is she still called Kiana?

The screenwriter had no way to justify himself, so he had no choice but to put the blame on Siegfried's head.

And because the description of Durandal at the beginning of the HI3 plot was vague, a large group of players thought that Durandal was tortured by Otto's experiments.

This made Siegfried's reputation among players worse.

After all, your daughter suffered inhuman torture and experiments at Otto's place. Instead of saving her, you gave her name to a clone. What kind of father are you?

So Siegfried was blamed for this for several years. It was not until the main plot revealed the identity of Durandal that the players realized that it was not that Siegfried did not save Kiana, but that he thought she was dead. , so he gave up.

So when K423 impressed Siegfried with his actions, he gave her the name Kiana.

Because in his opinion, his daughter was dead, so he would let K423 inherit her name. As a European, it was understandable that Siegfried would do this.

After all, there has always been a tradition of inheriting names there.

Just like Goku in Dragon Ball, he also named his son after his grandfather, just to commemorate him.

This plot actually makes sense if used to explain it.

But the problem is that in the eyes of players, this is actually a patch and a forced explanation.

In the final analysis, it is actually a question of eating books.

If you had directly stated at the beginning that both Siegfried and Theresa thought the real Kiana was dead, so they gave the name to K423 , then the players would not have such big objections.

So since Su Mu is going to do Honkai Impact III now, he will naturally avoid these unnecessary mistakes and continue to perform.

The first thing he had to adjust was Sakura samsara' plot.

After all, he doesn't need Sakura yuri to increase his popularity.

Just let Yae Sakura and Kallen become close friends who redeem each other, and there won't be any problems with the plot, and Kallen's character won't collapse.

The same goes for Kiana's plot.

In addition, there are some other character setting changes.

Such as Cocolia.

This is also a contradictory role.

The paradox of Cocolia is that she is just a tool to promote the plot.

Her setting is that of a mother who loves her children very much, but she conducts experiments on Seele and Bronya, and implants a chip in Bronya's brain to control her. This is the purpose of the classic 'The plot is pushed over the character' settings.

Su Mu naturally had to make changes this.

For example, a child in the Cocolia orphanage was attacked by Honkai disease and was about to die. In this case, Seele took the initiative to find Cocolia, hoping to use herself as an experiment to find a way to save the child. Method.

There is also Bronya's chip. The official explanation is to make Bronya's brain more compatible with the reloaded bunny.

If that's the case, wouldn't it be okay if he stuffed the chip into Heavy Rabbit's body and let Bronya wear a device?

To put it bluntly, these changes made by Su Mu are to eliminate some bugs in the original plot and allow the plot to run more smoothly.

And Su Mu made such a change, and it took him several days to write the main plot from the beginning to the arrival of the queen.

Of course, Su Mu also made some changes to the plots before 3rd eruption.

Because there is no Honkai Impact 2 in this world, he needs to tell the players the basic settings of Honkai Impact, Death Warrior, Honkai Beast, Valkyrie, and Schicksal Against Entropy at the beginning.

He also deleted some unnecessary scenes in the original work and added some interesting campus daily life to depict the relationship between Kiana and her friends.

Especially in the part between Kiana and Himeko, Su Mu spent more emphasis on describing the deep teacher-student relationship between the two, which was also laying the groundwork for the final lesson.

After all, in the original plot, Kiana and Himeko had very little interaction. Her and Himeko's stories were all supplemented by Kiana's memories in the Sky Vault chapter after the last lesson happened.

Now that there is an opportunity, Su Mu naturally wants to shape the relationship between Kiana and Himeko in the front, so that in the last lesson, the players can empathize more!

After with the plot of Honkai 3rd, Su Mu went to Bronya with the planning book.

" Bronya, I've already finished the planning of the new game. "

Su Mu put the two documents on the table, then sat down on the sofa, lying down in a salty fish position.

He has been working overtime these past few days to do this, which can be considered a torment for him.

" So fast? "

Bronya was a little surprised. She originally thought it would take a week or two for Su Mu to hand over the planning document to her, but she didn't expect it to be done so quickly.

" That's because I stayed up for several nights to play this game, and I'm exhausted. "

Su Mu said complainingly.

In fact, he didn't work that hard, but in front of Big Duck, how could he increase Big Duck's favorability if he didn't pretend to work harder?

Hehe, don't call him despicable. Why is he so shameless just to chase girls?

" It's really hard on you, but you don't need to stay up late every day, right? We don't set a deadline. "

Bronya said with some doubts.

" But don't you really want to see the new game? "

Su Mu said casually,

" Because you really want to read it, I want to write it quickly. Is there any problem? "

" Eh? "

Bronya was stunned for a moment, and the hand holding the document froze.

"... Just because I wanted to see it, that's why you ... well ... you are really ..."

".... There are quite a few stupid reason. "