Start making Honkai Impact III, my boss is Da Bronya.

Su Mu, who just graduated from college, suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai Impact III. It's just that this world is completely different from what he expected. Otto, the president of the Schicksal Foundation, announced his entry into the idol industry to contribute to his granddaughter's career. Anti-Entropy Entertainments newly released Homu movie has become the No. 1 box office hit worldwide. World Snake Security Company has launched a new funeral service. The highest standard service will have six gray snakes carrying the coffin. In response, the weak, pitiful and helpless Su Mu could only hug his big duck tightly. If you want to leave your own traces in this world, then start by making games! Honkai Impact III, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Resident Evil, Elden's Ring ... That day, Su Mu looked at the game list dominated by a certain yellow-skinned rabbit and secretly swore. One day, he will break the world's obsession with yellow-skinned rabbits and let them know that beautiful girls are the right ones! This is a MTL, I will try to touch up a little. Like names gender etc. OG: 开局制作崩坏三,我的老板是鸭鸭

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Chapter 003 Bronya wants to make games

Bronya Zaychik , 25 years old, is a student of Welt Yang, the leader of Anti-Entropy Entertainment , and is also the future successor of Anti-Entropy Entertainment.

She was originally a child in a Siberian orphanage. Later, because of her outstanding personal abilities, she was introduced to Welt Yang by her adoptive mother Cocolia. After passing Welt Yang's test, she officially became his student.

Bronya respected this father-like elder from the bottom of her heart and learned a lot from him. After graduating from university, she entered Anti-Entropy Entertainment and was carefully trained by Welt Yang. Later, she was handed over the branch to Take care of it for him.

But because of her relationship with Welt Yang and as his almost-predetermined successor, she always faced criticism in the company.

Although she is indeed excellent, in the eyes of some people, her excellence is nothing more than having a backer like Welt, and it could be achieved by anyone else.

Even though Bronya never cared about other people's opinions, she didn't want to damage Welt's reputation because of her own reasons.

And deep down in her heart, she has always had doubts about whether she can inherit Anti-Entropy Entertainment and whether it will disgrace Welt's name.

The scale of Anti-Entropy Entertainment is too big. Even though Bronya has confidence in herself, because she has always been taken care of by Welt, Einstein, Tesla and others, she has never really experienced the ups and downs, so her confidence has always been low

So Bronya made the decision to leave Anti-Entropy and start a new company by herself to see if she really has the ability and is qualified to inherit Anti-Entropy Entertainment.

"... Hey, actually I knew it a long time ago, Bronya. With your character, you will take such a step sooner or later. "

Welt Yang's pushed up his glasses and looked at the girl who was once just a little carrot-headed girl, but now she has grown into a graceful girl. There was a little nostalgia in his eyes.

Time really flies by.

" Leader Welt ... No, teacher. "

Bronya pursed her lips, straightened her back subconsciously, her eyes bright,

" I know you have always believed in me and my ability to develop Anti-Entropy Entertainment better and better. "

" However, it is precisely in order to live up to your trust that I have to work hard to prove myself and prove to everyone that your vision is correct. "

" Well, I understand what you mean. "

Welt Yang's nodded happily and said, he knew Bronya's character, and he also understood the girl's pride and independence hidden in her bones, just like the cold plums blooming in the winter snow, beautiful and unique.

It was precisely because of this that he chose her to become his student.

" But it's not that easy to start a business now. Do you have any plans? "

" Don't worry, teacher, I have already made plans. "

Facing Welt Yang's question, Bronya smiled slightly, and then said confidently,

" I want to make a game, a mecha-type game. "

" Mecha game? "

Welt Yang's raised his eyebrows slightly.

Counter-Entropy Entertainment started out as an animation company, and the mecha animations it produced became a global hit.

After that, Welt Yang adopted the animation IP and produced many peripherals, comics, and games, which made a lot of money.

But later, I don't know what happened. In his free time, out of interest, Welt Yang drew a comic called Homu Adventure Tesla posted it on the Internet platform. Unexpectedly, overnight Explodes!

Even more popular than mechas!

It seems that everyone loves this cute and cheap yellow-skinned rabbit.

Even Bronya herself is a loyal fan of Homu.

So after Anti-Entropy developed the Homu IP , what was unexpected was that not only did this thing become more popular than mechas, it even lasted for a long time!

Of course, Anti-Entropy focused its development on Homu. Although they did not abandon the mecha animation that made them famous, the number of games and comics released was getting smaller and smaller every year.

This is normal.

After all, the energy and cost required to draw a mecha is completely different from that required to draw a yellow-skinned rabbit.

Not to mention that the latter is far more popular than the former.

In this case, we still have to develop the mecha ip . It can only be said that it is purely for love.

There is a certain reason why Bronya wants to leave Anti-Entropy and start a new company by herself.

Homu has been popular for more than ten years. She doesn't know if it can continue to be popular in the future. She wants to try new things. However, the employees in Anti-Entropy are already used to Homu, and their thinking has become rigid. It is difficult to change from Homu. Tom turned to other things.

It's not that Anti-Entropy Entertainment has tried to develop new things, but they have all failed, or in other words, the heights they have reached are far from what they expected.

Even Welt doesn't dare to say that whatever he makes will be popular and everyone will like it.

So Bronya left Anti-Entropy not only to prove her abilities, but also to try new fields. However, she would not just start from scratch and find a random project to develop. That would be too metaphysical. .

So she decided to pick up the old roots of Anti-Entropy and start from scratch to make a mecha game.

Welt Yang's opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but stopped when he reached his mouth. After a while, he finally spoke,

"... Bronya, are you confident? "

" Of course. "

Bronya said confidently.

" That's good. "

Welt Yang's smiled slightly,

" I won't say anything like advice or reminders. I believe that since you have made this decision, it must have been carefully considered, so I won't interfere too much. "

" Thank you teacher, I won't let you down. "

Bronya also smiled.

" Haha ... Speaking of which, I really miss the time when you used to call yourself Bronya. "

Old Yang smiled and said.

Hearing this, Bronya blushed and immediately showed an expression like ᗜ ‸ ᗜ .

" Well ... Bronya has grown up. Bronya will no longer call herself Bronya. "

" Oh Well. "

Welt chuckled, and then continued to ask,

" By the way, Bronya, have you chosen the location of your new company? And when are you going to recruit members? "

" I've already chosen the venue. It's not far from where I live, and it's convenient for commuting. As for the members ..."

Bronya paused, then touched her chin,

" At present, I have recruited two members. Although I don't want to recruit too many people yet, it is obviously not enough if there are only two people. I plan to find two more. "

" In the early days of the company, I planned to produce games in the form of a studio, and then expand the scale later. "

" That's it ... By the way, you can go to the human resources department later. The game department has just conducted a wave of recruitment in the past few days. Those who were not successfully hired are also outstanding talents. , it's just not suitable for Anti-Entropy entertainment. "

" Thank you, teacher. "

Bronya immediately expressed gratitude.

Welt made a big convenience for her.

You must know that although those people were not admitted to Anti-Entropy Entertainment, their ability to enter the final round of interviews was enough to prove their excellence. However, as Welt said, they were more likely not suitable for Anti-Entropy.

But this was an unexpected surprise for Bronya, who was short of manpower.

It would save her a lot of effort.

" Also, I remember that among the people who came for the interview this time, there seemed to be some of your juniors who had just graduated from college. You can take a look? "

Welt Yang's seemed to have thought of something and said.

" Junior? .... I will pay attention. "

Bronya blinked, and an interesting smile appeared on her face.