8 Chapter 8

Ac woke up when the explosions occurred but he ordered his men not to leave the Black Sun shipping dock. They remained on guard in case of any thugs thinking that now was a good time for them to intervene. Luckily for Ac and his men, their ships were not targeted but they did hear several loud explosions close to them, signaling that a few ships had tried to leave in the middle of the night.

When the light of morning finally came, the Black Sun members boarded their ships and took off into the atmosphere. They met up with several other ships that had Black Sun markings on them, outside of the planet's atmosphere before they all warped off into hyperspace, no one knowing where they were leaving.

While Jial and his group had arranged a deal with the Black Sun members, the rest of the residents around Lok had not. So when they woke up in the morning with all of their bases cleared out, there was chaos all over the planet. Any town or group that had a Black Sun group in it began infighting with other factions in their areas, all hoping to become the new leaders of their sectors. 

The most peaceful location was actually the one that had the earliest bloodshed. Thanks to attacking the other factions before anyone found out that the Black Sun members had left, Jial was able to establish himself as the supreme power in Wyne while the main fortresses around the area were all ignorant of the major change that had occurred on the planet.

Jial, Sidon, and the Mandalorians sat around the meeting table in the former Black Sun base. Ac was kind enough to leave the passcodes to the facility which gave Jial a place to call home instead of trying to find a new location to call their base.

"Me and Sidon have secured all of the spice at the Ostren base. We put it in the warehouse where 2 of the Sentinel Droids are standing guard," Suxon took off his helmet and wiped the sweat from his head. He felt a large number of eyes on him as he was moving the shipment of drugs over to the new location. "We counted out about 5 tonnes worth of product."

"5.1," Sidon corrected while smiling at Suxon

"5.1 tonnes worth of spice," Suxon corrected himself

"Perfect. And how about the looting of the 3 locations?" Jial looked toward Zilvarth for confirmation on this. 

"We got everything, including the hidden safes that were present. We got 58 blaster rifles, 146 blaster pistols, 16 explosive charges, 145,723 credits, 6 months worth of military rations, and all of the data that was stored on the various consoles. That's the cost after we subtracted the payment for the mercenaries that we had hired," Zilvarth read off the list of inventory that they had collected from each location. He was thorough in making sure that they had missed nothing and gotten all the goods that they could.

Jial nodded at the reports. He had gotten much more than he had expected since these locations were only branches from the main factions. 

'I guess it makes sense though. This is most likely where they trade goods or sell off their product. They probably only collect a certain amount to make sure they have enough liquidity here, Jial could understand their reasoning but he knew that what came next was the most important factor.

He turned to Boxe who stood up and began her part. 

"We have disengaged the signal coming from the control tower so no new ships can land here while you are establishing your foundation. I also took some of the sentinels on a parade around town so everyone knows who's boss," Boxe smiled when she remembered the looks on all the faces while she walked around with the shiny, silver droids.

"Perfect," Jial was glad to hear that there was no trouble. Although he had become the major power in Wyne, he knew that his authority was not absolute. He did not have the absolute power of the Black Sun or the foundations of the other 3 groups.

"You still planning on hiring us?" Boxe asked. She enjoyed working with Jial since he seemed pretty laid back and he had some nice toys. "Cause you pay really well and it seems super exciting around you"

"I plan to turn this place into not only a major power in this area but into the capital of the entire planet. I would like to invite Clan Spar to join my organization," Jial decided to extend them an invitation. They seemed like they had nowhere to go and he could use their services.

The two younger Mandalorians looked toward their father. Although they had their own opinions, he was the clan leader so they would follow his lead.

Zilvarth looked at his two children before turning to look at Jial. There were a few things that he wanted to ask before he made a decision on whether or not to join him. 

"What would you have us do? What are your plans for the future?" Zilvarth was unsure of what exactly they would be getting into. Although Jial had shown his knowledge and respect for Mandalorians as well as his intelligence with the previous battle, there were so many things that the older Mandalorian could not explain. Such as where the droids had come from or how he had gotten in contact with Ac.

"I want to rebuild Lok into my own kingdom, nation, empire, whatever you wish to call it. My own independent planet where I do not have to worry about the laws or rules of others such as the Republic, standing firm as myself. 

As for you all, I need individuals I can trust. I want people who will want to see this planet succeed and a place they can call home, not just a trading hub or nest of criminals. 

I'm offering Clan Spar a home away from the conflicts of Mandalore where you are no longer even allowed to be true Mandalorians anymore. And I can guarantee that a portion of the planet shall be reserved for Clan Spar for as long as I am the ruler and that if I fall, your clan shall be the ones to decide who rules Lok next."

Jial gave them very generous terms. He was not only giving them a place to rebuild their clan but he was also ensuring that their clan would prosper as long as he existed and gave them the chance to grab even more power after he fell. 

Jial knew that there was always the risk of assassination but in his mind, that just meant he was unfit to rule. If someone could assassinate him and take his position, then he had lost the right to have that position in the first place. It was simply the law of the jungle.

Zilvarth tried to find any deceit in the Feeorin's eyes but what he found was not the usual look most people had. He had seen many offer similar things but their eyes were clouded with greed or arrogance. Instead of those, he saw respect. Jial was looking at them not as tools that he could use to achieve new heights but as fellow warriors that had different goals under the same umbrella. 

"This process will not end soon. It may take us 50 or even a hundred years before we can change this planet. By that time, I will most likely will be gone as well as my children," Zilvarth told him

"But Clan Spar will not. And I am not making an offer to just you three. I am making an offer to the entirety of Clan Spar," Jial reassured him that he was confident in his offer and knew just what he was offering. 

"What if we do not raise the next generations of Clan Spar correctly?"

"Then you will have failed in your duties as Mandalorians."

Zilvarth couldn't help but laugh at Jial's words for they were the truest words that could be spoken. Of the Relson'nare, raising one's children as Mandalorians was one of them. And if he failed to correctly teach them how to act toward one's benefactor, then he truly would have failed as a Mandalorian. 

"Fine, Jial. You win. We shall join you," Zilvarth stood up and held out his hand over the table which had a new symbol painted over it. It was red and in the shape of a creature that resembled a Feeorin with a bio-mask on but very different. There were also 3 red circles equal in size and spacing around the creature's head.

"Welcome to the Yautja," Jial's hand met his and they shook. Both agreed to the first deal that the Yautja would make.

[Multiple Paths Detected


Path 1: Become a Light-Side Force User

Rewards: Increase Midochlorian Count by 9,000, Greatly increase favorability with the Light Side Organizations, and 1 Jedi Holocron

Consequences: Greatly decrease Favorability with the Dark Side Organizations


Path 2: Become a Force User

Rewards: Increase Midochlorian Count by 7,000, slightly increase favorability with force-users, 1 Jedi Holocron, and 1 Sith Holocron

Consequences: Powerful Force-users shall become aware of your existence 

Path 3: Become a Dark-side Force User

Rewards:  Increase Midochlorian Count by 11,000, Greatly increase favorability with Dark Side Organizations, and 1 Sith Holocron

Consequences: Greatly decrease favorability with Light Side Organizations 

Path 4: Remain as you are

Rewards: 1 Premium Companion Summon and 2 Companion Summons

Consequences: Inability to use the Force 


(Which path do you think Jial will take?)

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