46 Chapter 46

--- Yautja Prime ---

While Jial and the others were out on their trip to Mustafar and dealing with the Black Sun, Nott stayed behind on Yautja Prime along with her Acolytes. Jial considered them his elites on the same level as the Mandalorians. He had trained many of them alongside Nott to turn them all into powerful Force Users. So while the others were leading the attacks, they were in charge of defense alongside Beta and Sidon who were stationed on Maramere, and Kaldor Drago who led Grey Knights on Nor Kartha. 

"Lady Nott," Caina bowed after entering Nott's office. "A saboteur has been caught trying to damage the main planetary defenses."

"Hmm," Nott hummed in response while typing up a report on her console. Another saboteur was nothing new. The Black Sun had been trying to weaken their planetary defenses to launch an assault for a long time.

'They don't even know about the real defenses. Maybe I should just let them get away with it for once so we can finish them off,' Nott thought to herself while she finished typing up the report

"Are they dead?" Nott asked while standing from her seat and walking out the door. Caina followed closely behind her while reporting everything that they had found out. 

The saboteur was a famous one who was responsible for shutting down one of the repair bays for the Kuat Shipyards. The yards had been trying to catch him for years since his attack led to a major loss in reputation for them. 

'So he's working for the Black Suns? Perhaps Kuat would love to hear that,' Nott was planning to send the report to them after she finished her interrogation of the man

The two walked down to the cells together, walking past the Kampfers that stood guard outside of them. This section of the prisons was where Jial had ordered all of the important Black Sun prisoners to be kept.

In the 4th cell was their newest captive. A Weequay male wearing some prisoner rags that had been put on him. 

"Hello. My name is Nott Hash. I am currently in charge of Yautja Prime while my Master is away. I'm assuming that you are Pa Vri," Nott greeted him politely, causing Caina to shiver. She had seen that smile on her Master's face several times and none of those times meant that the person she was talking to would have a good time. 

Pa spat in her direction but luckily the barrier was still up so it only hit the forcefield. Even with his attitude, Nott's smile did not falter. Instead, it grew. 

"Master," Caina called out to warn Nott not to get too agitated but the latter held up her hand to stop her

"It's fine, Caina. I can understand why he would be so grumpy," Nott spoke in a gentle tone to her apprentice. "Can you deactivate the shield for me?"

Caina wanted to refuse but she knew that if she did not do it, then all that meant was that she would be punished later after Nott was done with Pa Vri. So she pressed the button on the side of the entrance, causing the orange shield to disappear. 

Pa began to gather saliva in his mouth once more but before he could spit it out, he felt pressure on his throat as his body was lifted into the air. 

"Please, save your saliva for yourself. You might feel dehydrated soon," Nott told him while choking the life out of him

Just before Pa lost consciousness, he was released and fell to the ground. The saboteur was about to speak up when red electricity flew his way and shocked him. Nott continued to unleash from his fingertips for several minutes but she made sure to control the power well. It was painful but she made sure that it would not kill him.

"I have some questions for you. I hope you don't mind answering them," the woman was still smiling while electrocuting him, only getting his screams of pain in response

"Sir? It is quite rude not to answer when someone is speaking to you," Nott teased while still unleashing the lightning

"I'll talk! I'll talk!" the man yelled between his screams of pain

Once he said that he would speak, Nott stopped using Force Lightning on him. The smile on her face remained, terrifying the man. 

"Good. My first question. Who hired you to come and attack our defenses?"

"It was the Hutts," Pa Vri lied immediately. He knew better than to betray the Black Sun. He also knew that the Yautja wouldn't dare get into conflict with the Hutts as well and he figured that he would be able to easily trick her

"Aww," Nott pouted after hearing him. "Maybe I should have made myself clear from the beginning. I don't like liars."

Nott lifted one of her hands and waved it casually like most Jedi did when using the Jedi Mind Trick. But she was using a far... darker version. Nott had used Force Insanity. Of the various Dark Side versions of Mind Trick, Force Fear was the most basic followed by Force Horror and Force Insanity. Each one driving the person deeper and deeper into madness.

Pa Vri suddenly began to scream on the ground while backing further into the cell until he hit the wall. He then began clawing at the wall with his bare hands, causing bloody marks to appear on them as his hands were damaged by the force they using against the metal. 

After a few moments, Nott ended to ability, allowing the man to regain his sanity. But that did not stop the fear he had of Nott. Instead, he was simply able to rationalize. 

'This woman will kill me. If I don't tell her what she wants to know, she will definitely kill me,' Pa Vri was ready to speak the truth. He knew that his only options were the truth and a swift death or torture, the truth, and a long, painful death.

Before he could open his mouth, Nott used another ability. A Sith Spell called Summon Fear. 

Pa Vri was no longer in the cell, instead, he was back at the Kuat Shipyards. He had just planted the bomb when the security forces found him. They pressed him to the ground before they started to slowly torture him in front of everyone as they had done to anyone else who was stupid enough to try and harm their business. 

Then the setting changed. He was no longer on the Kuat Shipyards but was on Coruscant in the Black Sun Headquarters. Pa Vri was crucified with nails in all of his limbs while being stabbed by a piece of heated iron. The pain felt real. The agony and desperation were all too real. And just when he thought he was going to lose his mind, Pa Vri was back in the cell with Nott standing at the entrance. 

"Lady Hash! Please show this unworthy one mercy! I will tell you whatever you want you know without a word of deceit," he immediately fell to his knees to beg for mercy. The physical pain was at least somewhat bearable. But the fact that she could assault his mind and he could not do anything to resist was something else. None of his training had ever prepared him for a situation like this. 

"I know you will. But I need to show you the full cost of lying to me. Hopefully, you will not do it again," Nott was still smiling while she used another Dark Side ability on Pa Vri. 

The man's vision suddenly went black. When the light appeared again, he saw his daughter before him. The little girl was laughing and playing with one of her toys. 

'No! No! Please! Not this! Lady Hash! I beg of you! Not this!' Pa Vri screamed mentally but his body couldn't say a word. Instead, the Weequay was playing along with his daughter.

"Time for dinner!" Pa Vri's wife called out from behind. But before they could answer, a loud bang was heard as the door was kicked in. Then there was a scream and the sound of blasters firing as the intruders kill Pa Vri's wife behind him.

The man reached for his blaster but he was tackled to the ground before he could reach it. Several men in black clothing were on him and his daughter. Pa Vri was held by his throat while another man had a blaster pistol to his daughter's head.

"This is what happens when you fail the Boss," the one holding the pistol said before shooting his daughter in the head 

The thug holding the girl released her body to the floor, letting Pa Vri see how lifeless her body truly was. The men then threw Pa Vri's body to the ground before walking out of the apartment, leaving the man with the dead bodies of his wife and daughter. 

And as soon as the memory ended, it replayed again from the beginning. Pa Vri was forced to watch this scene several times without being able to change a thing that happened. After watching it 14 times, he finally returned to the cell to see Nott's smiling face. A face that he would associate with the Devil for the rest of his life.

Nott had used the Dark Side ability Memory Walk to make him relive his worst memory over and over. It had been used by Sith and Dark Siders for centuries due to its effectiveness. 

"It was the Black Sun group. I've been working for them for years. I'll tell you where all of their bases are, supply routes, codes to get past defenses," Pa Vri begged. "Just please. No more."

"That's all you had to say," Nott smiled at the body trembling on the floor before walking away from the cell. "Make sure you note down everything. And let me know if he stops cooperating." 

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