35 Chapter 35

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The Jedi had returned when they felt the disturbance in the Force but they were quickly sent away. Jial did not want to deal with them since he had more important things to focus on. 

Jial sent the others out, letting them go and find the materials and lab supplies that he needed. Even though they had basic medical facilities, they would not be able to produce any medicine themselves, only treating basic illnesses or injuries. If Jial wanted to produce some medicine or alter the twin's genes, he would need to do some major upgrades.

While the others were off gathering what he needed, Jial retreated to his room to study the Telos Holocron. Just having the recipe to alter their genes would not help. He also needed to be able to what the hell he was doing if he did not want to screw up the process. Although he lacked the knowledge to understand what he was dealing with, he had two things that he could study in order to learn. 

The first and most expanded library of information that he had in his position related to genetics was Sith Alchemy. There were 3 prominent alchemists that Jial had read about before but he had never dove into their writings as he cared more about traditional Force Powers than these more... obscure abilities. Although he had some interest in them at first, the need for additional study put Jial off since he needed to improve his combat abilities as fast as possible. 

Of the 3 Sith Alchemists that Jial was going to study were Naga Sadow, Seviss Vaa, and Exar Kun.

Naga Sadow was one of the most famous Sith to ever exist and was also called the Father of Sith Alchemy. He existed during the time of old when Jedi and Sith battled with blades imbued with the Force instead of lightsabers. Naga's abilities with Sith Magic and Sith Alchemy were so great that he was able to detonate suns and create supernovas. Many believed that his Force Spirit had still survived somewhere even after his death. That was how powerful of a Sith Naga Sadow was. 

Seviss Vaa, while not as great as Naga Sadow, was also a powerful Sith Alchemist, having studied the texts of Naga Sadow. His creations, while less stable than most other creatures created through Sith Alchemy, were incredibly destructive. When he unleashed them, they were capable of wiping out entire planets but were especially skilled in killing Jedi since they were the sworn enemies of the Sith. 

Exar Kun was probably more famous than both of the previous Sith. He was a Jedi turned Sith who was known as the greatest duelist to ever exist, the strongest Sith Sorcerer to ever exist, and the one who was able to dive the deepest into the Dark Side without being fully consumed. No matter what field Exar Kun went into, he was superior to all others in it. When it came to Sith Alchemy, many later Sith argued whether Exar Kun or Naga Sadow was the superior Sorcerer, constantly comparing their unique creatures and spells. 

But no matter what the truth was, Jial was going to take it all for himself. He did not wish to use the Dark Side to fix his students as they could become corrupted and fall to the Dark Side if he did. He wanted to use the knowledge of genetics that they had gathered in order to study them properly. 

Jial spent weeks in his room, studying as much as he could. He learned as much as he could from the previous Sith, taking bits and pieces from their experiments and knowledge in order to grow his own foundation in Sith Alchemy. 

Exar Kun and Naga Sadow had the most in-depth knowledge of the various ways that one could alter genes and the largest collections of genes that they had stored in the Telos Holocron from various species. 

Funnily enough, both had different variations of the basic Shistavanens' genetic code. Which were both different from the current genetic code that 'standard' Shistavanens and the unstable codes of the twins.

'This doesn't make any sense. How does the genetic code of a species change 4 times in less than 5,000 years? Those original genetic engineers didn't just alter their genes. They must have purposely added something that would cause constant mutations in the species.'

This was the most logical conclusion that Jial could come up with. There was no way that the entire population of a species could be so many times, even if a single genetically superior one was introduced to the species. Even a hundred were introduced, that wouldn't even produce this many.

But with this knowledge, although it presented a new problem, it also gave him a glimpse of the solution. If just wanted to fix the pair but leave the main problem alone, he could alter them to either of the other genetic samples that he had. This would leave a time bomb for any descendants that they had but he could at least fix the pair. 

'But that isn't fair to them. So it looks like we are going to upgrade them,' Jial thought to himself. 

So he went on to study the difference between each piece of the genetic code to understand the differences between each of them as well as find the one that had caused the various mutations over the years. After 9 months of intense study and preparations, he was finally ready to proceed. 

Jial entered the new lab that had been created and walked over to a console before inputting the genetic code that he had created. Once the code was placed inside, the machine created three doses of medicine, each one slightly different so that the individuals affected by it wouldn't be exact clones. 

This was the true nature of the Custom Yautja Genetic Modification Serum. It allowed Jial to input genetic information into the medicine and would forcibly alter the genes of whoever was injected by it. 

Jial placed two of the doses of medicine back in his room before walking down to the prison. There, he walked into one of the cells of those that they had captured from the raids.

"What do you want?" the woman in the cell asked, her body filled with wounds

This woman led one of the largest groups and was also an incredibly fierce fighter. She had been tortured for months and Jial was even planning on using the Force to bend her to his will but now, she had a different purpose. 

Jial did not answer but simply used Force Grip to hold her in place. He then walked over to her and injected her with the needle. After that, he walked out of the cell and just watched. 

It took hours and the woman's screams never stopped. The process was incredibly painful. But when it finally ended, she turned out just like how Jial had expected. 

The woman no longer looked like a human but a hybrid of a human and Shistavanen. She had grown a pair of wolf-like ears atop her head as well as a line of fur going down her back and over her spine. At the base of this fur, a fluffy tail protruded from the woman's body. 

Jial then performed several agonizing tests on her. He created loud sounds to test how powerful her hearing was and brought in several corpses to see if her smell was strong. The torture from both made the woman lash out and unleash a wave of anger and unleash a blast of Force energy. 

After confirming all of his experiments, Jial left the woman alone, having no need to do any further tests. He had gotten all of the answers that he needed.

"Seems like the serum works. Let's go fix the twins," Jial smiled for the first time in months after having finally finding a solution

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