Star Wars: Scion Of The Sun

He doesn't know how it happened or why. But before he could understand what was happening he found himself living an entirely new life, in a galaxy far far away. As a member of a prominent force-sensitive family to boot. Which comes with a set of problems all its own. Still, he will not waste this second chance that was given to him. He will rise, and carve his name into the history books. For the Scion of the Sun isn't someone to be taken lightly.

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Chapter 22: First Mission Episode III

The ride in the armored vehicle didn't last more than twenty minutes.

When it stopped and we exited the vehicle Dooku and I found ourselves in front of a building where military personnel were entering and exiting with ease.

"Welcome to the Outland Regions Security Taskforce Headquarters on Eriadu." One of the soldiers spoke. "If you two will please follow us, we will guide you where you need to be." The other soldier said.

Dooku and I didn't object.

The two of us followed the two soldiers into the building.

Once inside they led us to a set of doors.

Where we could hear raised voices coming from behind.

Looking towards Dooku I waited for him to make a move.

Which he did.

Stepping forward he pushed open the doors without any hesitation and walked into the room.

I followed behind him.

As the two of us entered everyone stopped what they were doing and looked in our direction.

"Who are you two?" A soldier asked.

"We are the Jedi who were dispatched to assist in the capture of these raiders." Dooku answered.

"Ah good, you've finally arrived." A male voice spoke.

Looking in his direction I saw a male with dark brown eyes and short dark-brown hair that was greying.

From the mission dossier I reviewed before we arrived here on Eriadu I knew the man was Wevis Valorum.

A member of the Valorum family and the current CEO of 'Valorum Shipping and Transport'. As well as the one who requested the Jedi's assistance in resolving this matter.

"Yes, welcome Jedi." A female voice said.

Looking in its direction I saw a woman with dark hair and green eyes dressed in the uniform of the Outland Regions Security Taskforce.

I also knew who she was because of the mission dossier as well.

Admiral Maarisa Zsinj.

A capable commander who bears the nickname 'Ace of Spacelanes' and is also the mother to that future imperial bastard Zsinj.

Who ends up killing her.

Quite ironic.

In the fucked up way, not in the funny way.

Dooku and I greeted Wevis and Maarisa in return.

Once we did do we joined them and several others at the holotable they were standing around. Which is displaying a map of the entire Seswenna Sector above it. Showcasing multiple positions within the sector in a red color.

"Admiral Zsinj, am I too assume this projection you currently have displayed showcases the locations where the attacks and raids on the sipping vessels have taken place?" Dooku asked.

"You assume correctly master Jedi." Maarisa replied. "In fact we were once again discussing the matter before you and your Padawan arrived." She explained.

"Yes. Discussing how we need to flood the sector with even more Security Taskforce ships in order to protect my companies product and our employees." Waive spoke.

As he did Maarisa sent a glare in his direction. "CEO Wevis as I told you before, doing such a thing is counterproductive in catching these raiders and puts the entire Seswenna Sector itself at risk."

"Well it's better than letting whoever these people are continue to steal from my company. Or maybe that's just how governer Tarkin would prefer it?" Wevis spoke.

This caused all the security taskforce personnel in the room to get angry expressions on their faces. Especially the admiral.

"How dare you level such baseless accusations against the governer?!" Maarisa shouted.

'Well I now see why Dooku and I first heard shouting when we arrived.' I thought.

Forget the presence of the two of us causing problems, it seems problems are already abound in this situation.

Wevis was getting ready to retort Maarisa's words. But before he could Dooku stepped in.

"Enough!" He shouted. Adding the Force to his voice to make everyone pay attention to him.

The entire room sent silent at his shout.

"To think I came here to work with competent invidual to solve this problem, and yet all I have seen this far is squabbling children." Dooku spoke. "Whatever issues there are politically or otherwise drop them for the moment so that we may focus our attention on what really matters. Stopping these raiders." He said.

No one daring to speak up in protest.

"Good. Now let us return to the matter at hand. These raids." Dooku spoke. "Admiral Maarisa the information my apprentice and I received before embarking here to assist you in solving this matter was light. As such it would be very much appreciated if you and those under your command could give us a more detailed account of the current situation."

"Yes. That would be no problem master Jedi." Maarisa spoke. "So as you and your apprentice were likely told about a month ago vessels belonging to 'Valorum Shipping and Transport' began getting attacked and raided all over the Seswenna sector. These attacks are seemingly random and have no discernible pattern to them. Yet those executing them are certainly not amateurs. They hit their chosen targets with skill and precision and are gone by the time any nearby forces of the ORSF arrive." She explained.

"They take all the cargos on any ship they hit. Leaving nothing behind." Wevis spoke. "The only saving grace so far for my company is that none of the employees operating the ships at the time they have been attacked have been lost."

"Wait, you're saying these raiders leave the crews of the transport vessels alive?" I asked.

"Yes, they do." Maarisa spoke. "It's defintely strange."

"Well maybe these raiders realize that killing anyone will bring even more force down on them, and that is why they have avoided doing it so far." I speculated.

"We considered that possibility as well. But until we catch these people we can't be sure of their motives." Maarisa said.

"True." Dooku added. "Tell me, have the stories of the crews of these vessels been consistent?"

"Yes. For the most part." Maarisa spoke. "There are a few details in their stories that don't match up, but they're minor. Overall the crews of the vessels that have been attacked and raided have described the same things happening every single time. Three unmarked and modified ships drop out of hyperspace and then disable their engines. One of the vessels then boards the disabled transport while the other two provide cover. Once all of the transport vessels cargo is transfered over to the enemy vessel that performed the boarding the three unknown vessels perform hyperspace jumps and leave the area before the authorites can arrive." Maarisa explained.

"What of the raiders that boarded the cargo vessels? Have the crews been able to describe them in detail? Did they manage to see any unique markings or something similar?" I asked.

"No, they have not." Maarisa immediately replied. "All of the assailants who have boarded the cargo vessels have always been dressed head to toe in full armor. Though it's generic and can't be traced. Giving us just another dead end." The admiral explained.

"I see." I mused.

Admiral Maarisa is right, these people aren't amatuers.

Even so, that doesn't mean they'll escape us Jedi.

I mean I can't fail my very first mission after all.

The admiral and CEO Aegis gave us a bit more information on the raider situation.

Then after they did Dooku and I went right to work assisting them in the investigation.

Working to keep the peace between admiral Maarisa and CEO Wevis as we did.

It's looks like maintaining the peace in the Seswenna sector won't be mine and Dooku's only peacekeeping effort on this mission.


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