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What is Star Wars: Scion Of The Sun

Read ‘Star Wars: Scion Of The Sun’ Online for Free, written by the author ArifuretaForever, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: He doesn't know how it happened or why. But before he could understand what was happening he found himself living an ent...


He doesn't know how it happened or why. But before he could understand what was happening he found himself living an entirely new life, in a galaxy far far away. As a member of a prominent force-sensitive family to boot. Which comes with a set of problems all its own. Still, he will not waste this second chance that was given to him. He will rise, and carve his name into the history books. For the Scion of the Sun isn't someone to be taken lightly.

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I hope you readers enjoy my Star Wars story. After all this time on web novel I didn't really find any good Star Wars Self Inserts. Which I thought was strange. So I made this one.


As of chapter 23 not alot going on. Mc just starting out with his master and doing first mission..grammar and 0verall writing is great. The negative is the mc is very lackluster and boring. Basic human and cliche af looks with blond hair and blue eyes. Even his light saber look is boring. Only thing that stands out is his light saber color. He only had mid count of 17,500 so he not really even a mc since Anakin double his count almost lol. So far mc doesn't stand out at all and seems more like a side character than story mc. Hopefully he gets better but idk


The mc goes a bit too far into the saviour/hero persona for my liking. the writing quality is great, no obnoxious grammatical errors either. The story is paced decently, and assuming that the uploads keep coming than I can see it being a good novel. I just personally dislike the MCs personality/goals. Give it a go for sure, you might like the MC and then you could appreciate the novel more than I can.


5/5 Good start so far, may the force be with you.


Loving the story so far, the slower pacing and methodical approach do a great job of building up characters. Manages to feel like a realistic SI instead of quick wish fulfillment.


really well written,MC has the potential to become OP but needs to work hard to realise his potential, the ff is on chapter 14 at the moment and looks very promising. Would recommend 8/10


I'm 25 chapters in to 70+ of the story and I'm giving it a break because I can sense (in the Force) that this is going to nose dive into incredulity. I need to take a break from it and come back to it. My current disappointment is based on the assumption that author actually follows through on the heavy foreshadowing and author notes to make his character a Gary Stu "leader" and give him "his own personal clone army" and based on other foreshadowing "making lots of money." Keeping in mind that the MC was given zero additional abilities as a leader, and that money is clearly not easy to make in the setting (and coming from earth->star wars is not an avenue to money making schemes, all your tricks are old hat there.)


As a fellow Author of Star Wars fanfictions, I can understand the plights of particularly nasty readers. While I've only read a few chapters, I can say with certainty that it's a decent story. However, you've made one critical mistake, ArifuretaForever. You've made a fanfiction in the Skywalker Era! The two fanfictions of Star Wars I've written are nowhere close to the Skywalker Saga/Era. The reason is that it's a hot garbage convoluted mess. The only person I've seen do a reincarnation fanfic successfully of this Era is A New Player In The Force, Created by USSExplorer. While my rating may be a little low for this story, it's only because it seems rushed. And a misconception about writing in the Star Wars Universe is making leaps in time and power with your main character. Character power improvement is important, but the journey to that power is where the story lies. What I've seen so far in the beginning is very lack luster in what I'd call progressive story telling. The beginning of any story is its foundation. After all, Star Wars has always been and will always be. A story told a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Take your time with it. If you can apply that realization to your Star Wars fanfiction, you'll find everything you're missing.


Easy style of writing that is impressed to further reading, also pleased that quickly updated though (it seems to be a translation of something, well okay it's just thoughts). What about the plot, well there are original inserts, but mostly nothing new, you will often get the feeling that somewhere you've already seen it (but remotely), especially for those who have read a couple of fanfics on Star Wars, a lot of naivety and plot reservations in this story, if you want something serious do not recommend, but for a relaxed reading is quite normal. Characters.... Well what to say, the main character is boring, cliched, he is too idealized, a lot of the author focuses on pseudo justice and saving the world, etc. All in all a typical fairy tale protagonist. Dooku in this story is normally described and shown from the original side, but the rest are still used as filler gaps in the story. OS characters, also so far too faded and cliched (maybe better in the future). So the character design is average/below average (for now). As for the development of the world, there are interesting moves from the author, but they are rare, mostly everything revolves around known places and events of books/movies/series. How it goes.


Excelente livro, melhor fic de Star Wars elaborada até o momento, desenvolvimento coerente com a trama central e respeito aos personagens, muito bom


Normally I don’t post reviews but this ff is one of the best if not the best Star Wars ff I have ever read. The MC show some premises, the story flows well so far and it shows a lot of premises! Keep it up author and please don’t drop it!


Reveal spoiler


A good amount of attention to detail in the story, and the universe that the story is in, and entertaining for a read. In the high points of the story, I indeed enjoyed reading it. Although this story does also have its downsides. And I started to enjoy it less as I read on. The romance doesn't really feel earned and feels like it just kinda happens. When the story splits off to talk about the side characters, it is sometimes rather uninteresting. And the MC's plans always work out, he's never had any real setbacks this entire time. Things just always work out for him even after 130 chapters in. Which doesn't really make sense with how intelligent Sidious is. Only after SEVERAL massive setbacks to his plans does Sidious finally think: "Hmm, I'm being targeted!"


it's agood star Wars fanfiction ..........


The author has a bad reputation but he's passed 100 chapters...I hope he doesn't dropped this story....................................Good Luck


One of the best Star Wars fanfic I've read so far. For those who might be turned off because of the title for the first few chapters; don't pass this novel up. It's really interesting and the novel isn't moving too slow. I did skim a bit with the training/academy part, but it was also important because it showed what MC learned, his interaction with other jedi, and experience being a student in the order, which would mold what he would become and what he would do in the future. Also like that Author kept on posting images to help picture things in your head.


I don't usually do reviews nor am I a big fan of Star Wars but this story is quite captivating. An MC without a cheat ability, relying solely on his prior knowledge, is a great way to involve fans in the story. ps: People tend to not understand what a harem really is as does the author (no offense), and I understand that the term has become popular and is generally used as a stereotype BUT, the MC has a polyamorous relationship and that is not a harem.


Best star wars self insert book ever. Never been done before like this. Every new chapter is just as good as the last. Hope that sideous gets humiliated hardcore.


Sigue asi.......................................................................................................................................así........................................................................................................................................ .


slow, steady and methodical. it is the three words that I will describe this novel. keep up the good work


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