Star Wars: Scion Of The Sun

He doesn't know how it happened or why. But before he could understand what was happening he found himself living an entirely new life, in a galaxy far far away. As a member of a prominent force-sensitive family to boot. Which comes with a set of problems all its own. Still, he will not waste this second chance that was given to him. He will rise, and carve his name into the history books. For the Scion of the Sun isn't someone to be taken lightly.

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148 Chs

Chapter 128: Halthor Sector Campaign Episode V

[Halthor Sector, Halthor System]

(3rd Person: POV)

Standing in front of hexagonal-shaped holotable on the bridge of the Infinity, Dalinat had a blank expression on her face as she observed the hologram currently being projected by the holotable in the air above it.

The hologram being projected a real-time hologram of the battle that is currently taking place between the forces under Dalinat's command, and the forces under the command of the Rodian warlord/slaver Blolkic Jcebi.

Seeing a large red dot, which is the color the GSA military forces used to designate hostiles on their holographic displays, suddenly vanish from existence Dalinat couldn't help but put a smile on her face.

For the red dot that just vanished from the holographic display above the holotank was the last of Jcebi's forces capital ships. Now the only remaining ships the enemy forces possessed were light frigates and light cruisers.

Ships nowhere near powerful enough to contend with the Infinity.

Which told Dalinat it was time to finally start the ground assault portion of this campaign.

"Commander Pellaeon, instruct the other ships in the fleet and their starfighter contigents to cover the Infinity and our own starfighters. Also contact Colonel Sunrider and tell him to prepare his forces for planetary landing. For we are about to start ground assault operations." Dalinat order.

"Yes admiral!" Pelleaon instantly replied.

He then began performing the tasks Dalinat had instructed him too.

While he did so the young rear-admiral kept her attention focused on the holographic display in front of her.

Since if all her military training over the years had taught her one thing, it's to always never let your guard down until the battle is absolutely over.

Which was why Daliant was not going to relax for a single second.

Not until all the enemy ships were obliterated, any Jcebi and his followers were removed from Halthor permanently.

'Ah, how I love this job.' Dalinat thought.

Putting a viscous grin on her face.

A grin all those under her command on the bridge pretended not to see.


Standing in the hangar bay of the Infinity, dressed in his personal battle armor with his hands folded behind his back, Van stood in front of some of the numerous soldiers he would be commanding during this operation.

All of them standing in perfect rows, separated into small pockets.

Every single one of them dressed in their combat armor, with their weapons held at the ready.

Oh and speaking of the armor the soldiers Van is commanding are wearing, it looks like the ODST armor from Halo.

[Image Here]

Which honestly shocked Van when he first saw it. Since while he did give the blueprints for Halo ships and, secretly weapons, to the GSA Defense Forces he never gave them plans for the Halo ODST armor.

It was something they created entirely on their own.

Van had a hard time believing it was coincidence, though eventually he accepted it was just that.

Moving on.

"Greetings soldiers. I am colonel Van Sunrider, a Jedaii knight, as well as your command officer for this operation." Van spoke. Using the Force to project his voice so all of the soldiers in front of him could hear it. "Now then, I won't make some big dramatic speech like they would in a holo-drama, nor am I am going to tell you it's all going to be alright and everything will work out. Since that will not be the case. Shit is going to happen. It's inevitable. No amount of planning or preparation can prevent it. All I will say is that when shit does happen remember your training, and look to those next to you for support. So that you may survive and live to fight another day. Now, you all know why we are here. To liberate the planet Halthor from the control of Blolkic Jcebi and his followers, a remnant of the Ottethan Empire. Just like our allies are currently doing for the other systems in the Halthor Sector that were once apart of the Empire. So let's get out there and do what we came here to do!"

"Sir, yes sir!" All the soldiers in front of Van screamed loudly in unison.

Which was music to his ears.

Once all of the soldiers quieted down each of them began heading for their assigned Pelican, which would ferry them to the surface of Halthor.

Van doing the same as those under his command.

Arriving at his assigned Pelican he entered it and took a seat.

Soon after he did so other soldiers began filing in and doing the exact same thing.

Including major Alenko.

The man took the open seat on Van's right.

"Major." Van said the moment Alenko sat down.

"Colonel." Alenko replied. "Quite the speech you gave."

"Well I am a man of many talents." Van replied.

Getting a few chuckles from the soldiers seated around him.

Including Alenko.

Though as soon as the rear bay door of the Pelican they were in closed all the laughter ceased and everyone became serious.

Van especially.

Since this was his first time he would actively be heading into the fire so to speak.

Yet instead of feeling overwhelming fear or anxiety he felt completely at peace.

Which Van took as a sign that things during the ground assault of the campaign would turn out well.

He hoped.


Descending into the atmosphere of the planet Halthor the Infinity parted the clouds in the sky with ease.

Once she did Daliant gave the order for the Pelicans to launch, and so they did.

Exiting through the hangar bay doors of the massive supercarrier the Pelicans began descending towards the barren-like surface of Halthor. Being protected by the Infinity's contingent of Sabre fighters as they did.

Seeing such things from the surface the people of Halthor didn't know what to make of what they were witnesssing.

Well except for the forces under the command of Jcebi.

They new exactly what was happening.

The enemy they had been facing had almost completely obliterated their space forces and were now launching their ground assault. 

Which didn't make any of those in Jcebi's forces happy in the slightest.

Not that anyone really cared.

Moving on.

Manning the Anti-Aircraft guns Jcebi's forces began firing on the Pelican's and Sabre fighter's. Yet hardly any of their shots hit the targets they were aiming for, and those that did only partially damaged the Sabre's and Pelican's.

"Fuck, why can't we blow those fucking things out of the sky!" One of Jcebi's top commanders exclaimed. "Also, what the hell even are those ships?"

"Don't know. I've never seen them before."

"Must be new. Just like the Galactic Systems Alliance, or whatever the kriff that new government that just appeared is calling itself."

"Less talking, more shooting!" The commander shouted at the top of his lungs.

Following his orders the man's subordinates turned up the firing rate of the AA guns they were operating.

Yet even as they did so the Pelican's and Sabre fighter's only got closer and closer, until finally they were close enough to begin depositing their troops.

Flying on an approach vector where the AA guns encampment was located one of the Pelican's opened up their rear bay door.

The Pelican itself being the one Van and Alenko were aboard.

Having gotten up from his seat Van walked over to the now open rear bay door.

"Colonel, are you sure about this?" Alenko asked Van.

Since despite the majors protests Van was about to carry out a plan he had just developed to deal with the AA guns.

"Once more, yes major I am. Those AA guns need to be taken out sooner rather than later, otherwise our aerial support will be greatly hampered." Van replied. "Well then, wish me luck and join me when you can." He spoke.

Then without any hesitation Van picked up speed and jumped out of the Pelican.

As he picked up speed and began descending towards the ground he spread out his arms and legs, like he was performing a belly flop, and slowly used several bursts of telekinesis to slow his descent.

Until finally Van landed right smack dab in the middle of the AA gun encampment.

As he did so he stuck his landing with superhero pose, and at the exact moment he touched the ground he released a powerful Force Wave from his body.

Which was sent out all around him, and crush several pieces of equipment in the encampment. As well as sent several of the enemies inside flying through the air and crashing into the various rocky walls surrounding all of them.

Seeing this the commander of the forces jaw hit the ground. "What the...a Jedi?!" He spoke.

"No." Van replied, standing up to his feet. "Not a Jedai, but a Jedaii." He spoke. Taking his lightsabers off his belt and activating them at the same time.

"I don't give a kriff who you are. Get ready to die bastard!" The commander shouted.

"Then let's get too it. For at the end of this day one of us shall stand and one of us shall fall." Van spoke.

He then empowered himself with the Force and launched into battle.