Star Wars: Scion Of The Sun

He doesn't know how it happened or why. But before he could understand what was happening he found himself living an entirely new life, in a galaxy far far away. As a member of a prominent force-sensitive family to boot. Which comes with a set of problems all its own. Still, he will not waste this second chance that was given to him. He will rise, and carve his name into the history books. For the Scion of the Sun isn't someone to be taken lightly.

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Chapter 126: Halthor Sector Campaign Episode IV

(3rd Person: POV)

His flight suit on and secured, and his helmet in left hand, Zechs Peacecraft exited the locker room he was in and quickly made his way to the hangar bay of the Infinity along with several of his fellow male pilots.

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The group arriving in no time at all.

Once they did so all of them headed toward their designated starfighter without saying a single word to each other.

The training they had all gone through, after joining the GSA starfighters corps, kicking in and taking over.

Climbing into his X-wing cockpit Zechs moved to put his helmet on.

But not before sharing a look with his fellow X-wing pilot, and lover, Lucrezia Noin.

Making a silent promise to make it back alive, and to make sure if he didn't that she would at least.

For this would be the first true combat mission either of them had flown.

Since before this battle both of them had simply been cadets.

First in the Republic Judicial Forces, where they had met and formed their intimate relationship, and then in the GSA starfighter corps after they both left the academy and joined the GSA. Along with their friend.

Treize Khushrenada.

Who in actuality is Zech's childhood friend.

The two of them having met during a certain party when they were younger.

Since then they had been thick as thieves.

Looking back at Zechs Lucrezia made the same silent promise to herself he did, without even realizing it.

Breaking their eye contact after a few seconds both Lurcrezia and Zechs put on their helmets and then began powering up the systems of their respective X-wing's.

Which in no time at all were ready for take-off.

Along with the other X-wing in their fighter squadron.

Which consisted of 12 X-wing's in total.

All of which were under the command of the squadron leader, and GSA starfighter corps major.

Nial Declann.

[Inset Image of Nial Declann Here]

"Alright everyone, set your radios to this comm frequency." Declann instructed his squadron over his own X-wing radio.

Before switching to the comm frequency to the one he had just instructed the pilots under his command too.

Following their squadron leaders command the pilots serving under Declann did just as he instructed.

"Everyone check in." Declann spoke.

Then one-by-one his pilots checked in over their comms.

"Good, now I'm sure you all know what the mission objective is, but I'll reiterate it once more. We are to head out and deal with the enemy starfighter contingent, which consists mostly of CloakShape or CS fighters. But they are also employing several A-6 interceptors. Under no circumstances are we to let those fighters swarm the Infinity. Push them back and don't let a single one of these bastards scratch this ships hull. Am I clear?!"

"Sir, yes sir!" All of the pilots in the squadron exclaimed.

"Good, now let's move out!" Declann declared.

He then maneuvered his X-wing out of one of the Infinity's numerous docking bays.

The rest of his squadron following right behind him.

Heading out into the battlefield.


Lighting up the vastness of space blue streaks and explosions appeared and disappeared as the GSA taskforce began engaging Jcebi's forces.

Leading his X-wing squadron, which was in a V-shaped formation, Declann flew right into the frey.

Coming up behind two CS fighters tailing an X-wing from a different squadron Declann pulled the trigger in his cockpit without any hesitation. The second after he did so blaster fire sprang out from laser cannons of his X-wing and scored direct hits on the engines of the two CS fighters.

Turning them into fiery messes, which soon exploded into nothing but scraps.

Seeing this Declann smiled.

But his victory was short lived as an entire squadron of A-6 interceptors put themselves on a flight path with his own squadron.

"Incoming. Execute maneuver Bravo-24." Declann told his pilots over their private comm frequency.

Giving quick responses to their squadron leaders commands the pilots of Declann's X-wing squadron quickly began executing maneuver Bravo-24.

Trailing off from each other in pairs of two, except for Declann who stayed by himself, the X-wing squadron began dividing the attention of the A-6 interceptor squadron.

Seeing the enemy split up they did the same.

Upon seeing this the grin on Declann's face got even bigger than it already was.

'That's right you bastards. You're playing on our field.' Declann thought.

Still flying straight at the A-6 interceptor that was on an intercept flight path with his X-wing. Not trying to turn away, but instead pushing on his starfighters throttle and accelerating even faster.

Seeing this the enemy pilot began to wonder if Declann had lost his mind.

He had not.

Just as Declann was a minute away from crashing into the enemy A-6 interceptor he cut his X-wing's engines. The speed from his acceleration still propelling him forward.

Using that acceleration Declann maneuvered his X-wing past the enemy fighter, and then did a 180 degree turn.

Then the moment Declann had the enemy A-6 in his sights he pulled the trigger in his cockpit once more, and once more blaster fire srang forth from the cannons of his X-wing and scored a direct hit on the enemy starfighter.

Leading to its destruction seconds later.

As this happened Declnann re-ignited his X-wing's engines and accelerated forward once more. To look for more enemy targets.


Together in a pair Lucrezia and Zechs flew circles around the two A-6 interceptor trailing behind them.

Maneuvering behind their enemies the couple blew them to pieces using the fire of their laser cannons.

But then just as this happened five CS fighters pulled up behind Zechs and Lucrezia and began firing missiles at them.

"Lucrezia!" Zechs shouted.

"I know!" She immediately replied.

Right after she did so Lucrezia and Zechs pushed their thrusters and their X-wing's accelerated forward at the same time, working to avoid the missiles that had been fired at them by the enemy CS fighters.

Maneuvering in zig-zag patterns the two young lovers managed to make their enemies missiles collide with each other and explode.

Though one of the missiles did manage to strike Zechs X-wing, his shields protected him the worst of it.

That didn't mean he liked getting hit.

Oh no, not one single bit.

Doing a half-loop with his X-wing Zechs came up behind the enemy CS fighters.

Then before any one of them could maneuver of of his path, he got a firing solution on two of them and launched two of his proton torpedoes'.

One at each CS fighter.

The torpedoes struck their targets right in their engines, which caused chain reactions that blew turned them both into nothing more than space dust.

But just as that happened the remaining three CS fighters began trying to close in on Zechs and shoot him down.

Getting into angles that allowed them firing solutions on the young pilot they without any hesitation launched missile fire at him.

The warning klaxons going off in his X-wing cockpit Zechs ignored them and instead focused on the incoming missiles that had locked onto him.

Pushing on joystick of his X-wing once more Zechs accelerated even faster than before and started flying towards other CS enemy fighters. 

Lucrezia hot on his trail.

Reaching the new enemy fighters Zechs flew his X-wing close to their flight paths, and when he did so the missiles trailing him struck the enemies instead.

Creating a series of explosions, which Zechs flew out from completely unscathed.

Seeing this Lucrezia smiled.

She also launched a proton torpedo in the direction of one of the CS fighters that had just fired on Zechs and managed to destroy it.

Meanwhile Zechs soundly destroyed the other CS fighters.

Once they did so the two re-grouped and then eventually joined back up with the rest of their squadron.

Ready to take down even more enemies.


A/N: Yes, my friends Zechs and Lucrezia from Gundam Wing are in this fanfiction. But just like Trieze their backgrounds will be different than in the Gundam Wing anime.

Especially Zechs.

Stay tuned for more.