2 Chapter 2

Alexander had read too many novels and manga's to act surprised to what was happening in front of him.

"You're not surprised to see me, hmm. Must be all of those Manga's and novel's that you read in your previous life" Said the goddess

Alexander shook his head, "And I assume you're here to send me to another world or something like that, am I right"

The Goddess smiled, "Actually you are already in another world or Galaxy should I say that's where you were when you first woke up"

'So that wasn't a dream and all of that was real' Thought Alexander since he thought all of this must have been a dream, but it felt too real

"But you are very special since you are the first person to successfully resist that amount of dark side power, there were people before you that were consumed by the Dark side and their bodies were used to do evil things before I had to forcefully stop them"

Putting aside what the goddess said, Alexander had asked about something that she said before "Before you said that I had successfully passed"

The Goddess shook her head, "Then can I know what exactly the test was for"

"Of course, the test was to see whether you can resist the overwhelming power of the Dark side and if successful the entire station will be cleansed of the Dark side and no longer try and influence people and take over their minds, additionally the station will now be under your control" Explained the Goddess

Alexander had processed all the information that he had received, "So this station it must be really powerful for it to be able to control somebodies mind" said Alexander

"yes it is very powerful, in fact you yourself know about it very much" Said the Goddess

Alexander had thought for a while thinking about a station that could control people with the power of the dark side, but as soon as he thought about the dark side it clicked in his brain.

"Don't tell me it's the Star forge" Alexander had figured it out

"Looks like we have a winner, you are correct it is the legendary Star Forge which also means that you are currently in the Star Wars Galaxy" Explained the Goddess

Alexander couldn't move his body right now, but if he could, he would be hitting the Micheal Jackson moonwalk right now because of how excited and happy he was.

But first he must know something, "So before I continue on with my second life, tell me how did I die"

The goddess sighed, "You died from being overworked by your CEO who didn't even care when he heard that you had died, and he just hired another person"

Alexander may not be able to move his body, but he could still ball up his fist, which he did since he felt like a loser overworking himself to death at such a young age.

He wasted his life only to die from overworking himself, so in this new he life he promised to himself that he wasn't ever going to work for other's instead he will have other's working for him and other than making a company the only other way is to create himself an Empire.

He had always wanted to be an Emperor or a King and have lots of people serving him but in the modern world there were no such way to achieve that but now that he is in this New Galaxy he will definitely do just that.

And with the power of the Star Forge, he could definitely make himself an Empire.

"While you're getting all excited thinking about what to do with your new life, I must first tell you that the Galaxy that you are in is indeed the Star Wars Galaxy, but there may be some changes to the story line and how the galaxy is set up" Explained the Goddess

"How is it different?" Asked Alexander, since he wanted to know just how different the Galaxy was

"I won't tell you, instead you will have to figure that out yourself" Said the Goddess as she smiled

"But before I let you go back to your body first, I will create two powerful force sensitive subordinates for you that will be waiting for you once you wake up, Second you will have the ability to use the force, and lastly I will engrave in your head a very powerful lightsaber form which your body will already know how to use" Explained the Goddess

"So basically besides me having the Star Forge, I am getting two subordinates who can use the force, I will be able to use the force, and then I am learning a very powerful lightsaber Form"

The Goddess nodded, "Well we don't need you to overwork yourself to death again, so naturally I will help you, plus for being the first person in a thousand years to pass my test I gave you more than what you were originally going to get"

Alexander closed his eyes, "I pray that this goddess who has bestowed me with such great rewards live a long and fulfilling life" Alexander don't know why he said that when she was a goddess who will live for eternity

The Goddess giggled at what Alexander did, "Alright before you get carried away I will return you to your body and hopefully this time you don't overwork yourself to death"

Before Alexander could even say anything, he was already returned to his body.

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