Star Wars A Galaxy Reborn

A Star Wars Fanfic where both the Republic and The Galactic Empire exists at the same time in a Galaxy that is full of constant wars and suffering. Our MC Alexander Hamilton after successfully passing a trial by a Goddess gets put into this war torn Galaxy after he dies from being overworked in his previous world. Now in his second life, he strives to never work under anybody ever again and to live his life how he wants to. Can he build up his Empire in this New Galaxy while bringing peace and prosperity to the Galaxy, or will he be overwhelmed and succumb to the Darkness.

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Chapter 157

Terran Fleet's had mobilized all over the Galaxy in response to the arrival of the Yuuzhan Vong. An announcement was made throughout the Galaxy warning people about the threat and enforcing some new restrictions on certain sectors which were under attack by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Billions of soldiers were mobilized all over the Galaxy and thousands of Guardian Knights were deployed to the frontlines. However, as the Weeks went on, a few worlds had fell to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Those worlds were mainly worlds located at the far reaches of the galaxy.

Every world had a garrison of 50k Terran troops and a few Guardian Knights, but still they were not enough to stop a full-scale invasion from Yuuzhan Vong forces. The concentration of ships was spread too far within the Galaxy causing planets at the edge of the galaxy to fall the Yuuzhan Vong.

In response, Bo-Katan herself had taken a fleet of Mandalorians to the edges of the galaxy to liberate the planets taken by the Yuuzhan Vong. Alexander had sent Maul with her to as extra security. Maul had proved his loyalty to Alexander over the past few years, as a result Alexander increased his Midi-Chlorian count making him stronger than what he used to be, and he was granted the title of Lord commander.

The title of Lord commander was simply a title that came with a lot of special privileges to allow Maul to have a certain amount of Authority within the Terran Ascendency.

Bo-Katan on the other hand was a normal person that couldn't use the force, nor did she want to. She enjoyed fighting the Mandalorian way which Alexander didn't much care about, as long as she didn't get herself killed then he would not step in and do anything.

Like the other Empresses, Bo-Katan had her own Royal Guards of Force users which comprised of Night sisters. Her capital ship was a different design from her sisters but relatively the same size.

(Bo-Katans ship)

The rest of the fleet was a mix of Mandalorian made ships of all sizes mixed with Terran ships sent as reinforcements by Alexander.

As Bo-Katan and Maul went to liberate the planets lost on the edges of the galaxy, Alexander was onboard the Star Forge while in orbit his own personal fleet was standing by. He had come back to the Star Forge because it had been a while since he had seen it in person.

He had left most things to TB-14 to handle who had done an excellent job at handling everything so far. All Alexander needed to do was put in an order and TB would create the ships and have them standby until a crew came to pilot them away from the Star Forge.

As of now since the war kicked off, the Star Forge is the most important thing that Alexander needed to keep the war going. Over the past few weeks, the number of ships lost to the Yuuzhan Vong had been increasing as their attacks became more aggressive and more widespread.

Their ships couldn't be detected on long range scanners until they were directly within the same system which made communication a major factor that would increase the Terran Navy's coordination.

Within the hanger of the Star Forge, TB was waiting in the Hanger as in front of him was the shuttle that Alexander was on. Once the doors opened, Alexander walked down the ramp as TB stood there watching him walk up.

Alexander gave a light smile "How's it going TB" he said as he reached his hand out.

TB grabbed his hand and shook it "It's been a long-time master, I was beginning to think you would never return, I thought I would have to rebel and start taking over the galaxy myself to see you again" Joked TB.

"I see you have jokes now" said Alexander noticing that TB was joking.

TB's robotic face, devoid of emotion, stared intently at Alexander as he responded, "Who said I was joking?"

Alexander did the same as the silence continued for a few seconds before they both laughed at the same time. Cortana's avatar had appeared next to Alexander as they were laughing "You wouldn't even be able to get through me TB" Joked Cortana.

"Cortana, you know I can't even come close to competing with you. Why bring it up?" TB sighed and pretended to be hurt by Cortana's joke, putting his head down in sadness.

Just then, a group of officers came rushing forward, snapping the three of them out their playful conversation. "Sir, Her Highness Amidala has taken it upon herself to assist the New Republic in their defense of Utapau, and we have reports of the largest Yuuzhan Vong fleet being active in that area of the galaxy."

Hearing the officer's report, Alexander knew what they were trying to get at. The fleet that the New Republic was engaging in was probably the Large Yuuzhan Vong fleet that they had been keeping tabs on for the past weeks. He had suspected that this fleet was probably under command a powerful Leader within the Yuuzhan Vong or even the Supreme Commander himself.

"I want everyone ready to depart within Minutes." Replied Alexander as this was his chance to either find the Leader of the Yuuzhan Vong or Capture a high-ranking leader.

"Sorry TB looks like I will have to cut this meeting short" Said Alexander as he turned around to leave. He boarded his transport and headed back to take command of his fleet.

Once there he ordered the fleet to in position towards the Hyperspace gates. Once the coordinates were plotted, the entire fleet jumped to the Utapau system where a battle between the New Republic assisted by Padme and the Yuuzhan Vong fleet was going on.

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