Stand By Me Darling

Author: Golda
Contemporary Romance
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What is Stand By Me Darling

Read ‘Stand By Me Darling’ Online for Free, written by the author Golda, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, MYSTERY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: ***Completed*** Talia... An heiress of a conglomerate. But she had to leave her own country in shame after a big scandal...


***Completed*** Talia... An heiress of a conglomerate. But she had to leave her own country in shame after a big scandal. She got used to her normal life in another country. She hid who she really is and built up her own life. Her peaceful, safe life that she didn't want to lose for anything. She tried to move on from the traumatic incident that almost crippled her mentally, ten years ago. But her usual life got disrupted by him - an old acquaintance. Acquaintance is not the right word for him. He sure was more than that. Friend? Boyfriend? She wasn't sure about her relationship with him back then. But according to their national records, he is her husband! All she knew for sure was he is the one person she can trust to not trust. He is from her family's enemy family whose family feud spanned for centuries.He will betray her for his family, she knew. So she will never trust him. And back when she needed him the most, he left her alone! And now he wants me to return? Heh! Like I will! Is it not enough he took over my grandfather's company? He wants me too? Let him dream on! Using his authority as her husband! Like she'd care! Arthur Sinclair... He has a mission. To bring that heiress back home. But he knew she is hurt, a lot. And she hated him, a lot. He couldn't understand why she hated him that much. She used to love me so deeply. What changed? As far as he knew, he only tried to support her. He even let her leave him just because she wanted to. So why doesn't she trust me? She is his wife. They are legally married even if she doesn't acknowledge it. She left everyone she knew, right after tearing their marriage certificate and haven't even returned once to their country in the past ten years. She doesn't even want to look at him and even went on dating other men. But he still loves her! He believes she loves him too! And now, her grandfather, her only living relative on her mother's side is gravely ill and wants to have one last look at her before he passes away. Will Arthur find out what's in her heart? Will he be able to change her mind? Will she accept him? That scandal ten years ago that broke their relationship... Will it be resolved?

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Another book from author Golda and I already love it. Stable updates and I love the way she writes, every character fleshed out. This book is no different. We have a smart and strong FL who leaves her family ten years back to live in another country. Although it is still early and the author haven't revealed the reason behind her departure, it seems like it was pretty big,affecting everyone in her life. The FL seems to be struggling mentally but she is smart and pushes through. Now her peaceful life is about to be disturbed by people from her past. I can't wait to see how it will unfold. Thank you author. Love you 💕💜💋💖 😊


This is getting more and more interesting. I'll be honest. In the beginning I was not that pleased with her. But when she realised the truth that made her the way she is, she started to change her ways and becomes the better version of her. The growth in her character is superb. And Arthur as usual the most supportive person in her life, trying to be understanding of her moods and love her for all her faults. And as usual, author Golda didn't disappoint. I really love her novels where the main characters have good family. It is kind of relatable. How many of us hate our families enough to wage a war against them, right? And as usual the characters tries to unify the people separated with feuds which I love as a trope. Building bridges is good in my opinion. There is a love rival and as for now, she is delusional and dreaming but not too frustrating as the ML deals with her perfectly. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story and as usual my support will be always for you Golda! Lots of hugs and kisses.


Wow.... I really love this one.. a lot 💞💞🥰🥰💕 I am really greatful I found this gem. It was wonderful journey with their love and hardships.. I also want to have someone like him as my other half. ❤️❤️💖💝💝 thank you so much for this wonderful lovely story. love you 😘😘❤️😘 I want to read your other books too, but don't have enough money to spend since I spend all for this novel.


Love the narration in the first part, this makes imagery of every reader vivid. And I must say I'm enjoying imagining, I feel like this story should go TV adaptation! This book deserves it!


Great read.... Keeps you engaged n intrigued about the next twist n turn all the time... Good character sketch n good plot... Hope to have great reading time


Love the character sketch, plot development n all small sentimental details added to build readers interest. Waiting for more from writer. Please hurry. Its difficult to hold back now


Plot is good. U keep us intrigued as to what happened in past n what may happen in future. They are rich and not dumb. Smartness is something that makes their character likable.


Hi, it's me the Author. This is my second book and I'd like to think I've improved a little. If not please help me improve. As you might have read in the synopsis, FL is from a rich family but was betrayed a lot and has a troubled past. She has trust issues and her past mistake haunts her still. She tries to escape rather than facing her fears and in the end, they catch up with her. ML, he is entirely supportive of her. He just wants to be with her. He is ruthless with others but with her he becomes a soft Teddy bear. The first few chapters will be about her mental struggles and their past. Later part of the book will focus on how she overcomes the demons in her heart and solves the mysteries surrounding her with her man standing by her. FL even though has her own struggles is not a weak one who depends on others. She is strong and smart as she is the COO of a PR firm. She left her family and became her own self. There was one thing that haunts her and she will fight her best to overcome it. Hope you'll like her. Updates will be at least one chapter a day. Thanks for giving this book a chance.


Nice plot. Very different from what we've used to read in webnovel although boy and girl from enemy families getting together is very cliche. ML seems to have accepted their marriage to unite the families but FL thinks he can't be trusted for some reason. It's only 10 chapters and I bet there are a lot to be revealed and I'll be waiting for all the reveal. FL is not someone with trash mouth and seems to be polite with everyone like the Princess she is. ML gets what she might feel and wants to give her space but still wants to convince her to be with him. It's a good book. I'll recommend it to all.


Wow! So amazing, I love it!!! My first book here. Really great!!! Can't wait for more updates! Oops! Seems like I need more words to fill.. 😬 Yes! Got it! Cheers everyone! Read this book. It is really nice. 👍😇😀


Great writing. I like how the conflict between the two families are explained in the first two chapters. And despite that, the FL and ml seem to have a good relations in high school. And there is this other guy and his details aren't revealed yet. And the FL killed someone. And I want to know about it. Thank you author 💃🕺💓


Preliminary review after 34 Chapters. Very intriguing story. The characters description are clear and flashbacks were narrated well and good flow. It keeps reader want to binge read (thank God, i found this novel completed). Many typo mistakes between i and o - live vs love, if became of but did not affect readability. Focus on main characters misunderstandings and untreated trauma gives the story a different vibe, which is good. I look forward to reading more once I can afford to unlock the whole novel.


Though the story is about nobles and aristocrats, the personal struggles depicted are relatable and Author did a wonderful job in bringing readers 'into the story '. Author 's story telling style has all the elements a reader looks at .Ups and downs of life, serious my matters that requires tough decisions that may adversely impact others despite well intended. A well worth investment for an entire story.


love this. Hope to read writer's other novels ..............................................................................................


I love the story, the hardships, trials and how they overcame everything together. The FL had her struggles, faced hatred, cruelty and vengeance that almost destroyed her but ML helped her survive her nightmares. Really enjoyed it




I hope there misunderstanding will be clear soon. .. .. .. .i hope they loves each other deeply and never leaves each other they are all had a misunderstanding why they are separated after so long


I really like the details that are put out there for the readers, it seriously is good at portraying the enmity of the two families. I like this stories pace, though I found the chapters a little too long to go for binge reading. Still, I loved the story plotline. Good job author, pat yourself you did a good job.


This book is wonderful! I love the love between them! It's a very,, very interesting story and I look forward to reading every single chapter !


If you're wondering if you should read this book, didn't think and just read it. I love this book. There is all kinds of love here, from the love of the main characters and the side characters. Everyone has their own flaws and strengths. There is romantic love, familial and brotherly love very emotionally written by the author. And the twists this author gives... Everything comes to a circle. Amazing writing. Stable updates. Love it.


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