Stains of Red

Author: Czzi
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What is Stains of Red

Read Stains of Red novel written by the author Czzi on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, weaktostrong, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Gods? Realms of Immortals? Inheritances? Mythical Beasts? Such fantasies Xi Heji never imagined he would one day be faced with. Born with poor Qi cultivation talent, Xi Heji instead took the path of martial arts, a long forgotten practice that he was told had no potential. Being surrounded by members of the Xi Clan, an elite power in the province of Gek’hial, geniuses were the norm here. Being born from the daughter of the 5th Elder, his position in the clan was only natural, even if people didn’t agree. Though this all changed when calamity struck the Empire of Lyeaif, causing the entire continents reigning structure to collapse. Faced with a decision to leave, or stay and fight the factions who so desperately want power, what will he do? What caused the fall of the most powerful Empire in history? How will life change now when even the strongest powers cower before them?

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#CULTIVATION #HAREM , are some of my various tags I refer to, when looking for novels to read. Author you have my attention. Please lead the way, and show me what wonders await me on this journey, in this world you are about to shape, with pen and paper, and with a pinch of imagination and creativity.


The story is rich—which can be attributed to the author's vivid imagination. Every chapter is filled with immersion, as if the author witnessed the scene itself. It starts off slow, and can be lengthy—though it's not necessarily a bad thing as it helps build the world that tha author is trying to portray. If you want a novel with vivid scenes and eloquent words. You might want to check this out.


One of the better written stories I have read on WebNovel. Keep up the good work author.


A great inspirational historical novel this is...the Synopsis actually got to me and intrigued a haste to read the book but I wasn't disappointed when I did. Great going Author...wish you the best on this amazing piece 👌


Bro, I just want to say don't make it any more cliche then it is already is i know you are new writer and trust me i appreciate it, you are doing what you desire but please dont take refrence from cliche chinese protagonist, wahi same old tournament arc, academy arc,or sect arc man make him a roaming adventurer in search of power or get him a wife and make them a legendary duo . trust me it will bw more intresting to see them become legendary chracter then same old freaking revenge driven story its my point of view as i m not a critic but a reader hope u make it intresting


I really enjoyed reading the book so far, I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going!


yo I haven't read yet, but I promised to check it out might as well drop some stars 😅.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...........


Very good cultivation novel from my perspective although it has only 8 chapters as of now it has already hooked me looking forward to more chapters of this wonderful novel. It has almost no grammar mistakes too. And if u like u can use Grammarly app for proofreading. Thank you for this amazing novel author I hope u continue to entertain us.❤️❤️


I love cultivation novels that don’t start off offending some young master. Although I would prefer the Tournament to be extended a bit further into the book, I think you did a great job explaining characters and showing personality. Even though there are only a few chapters out, I am still able to get an idea of the type of people the characters are. Great novel so far author and I hope to see more chapters soon.


Good novel so far! The characters a scenery are very descriptive and I can vividly imagine each thing in my head. If the author keeps going at this pace, this will be something big. These types of novels are what people eat up.


overall pretty good, nothing new, I've read something like it before but that's just based on the beginning, grammar doesn't make my head hurt, mc isn't too practical, there's no cold mc or smart mc so obviously the mc I'd going to make stupid decisions alot, such as entering the tournament with no cultivation, let's see how it goes, it's pretty good


Fantastic beginning, a great one! Although I never am sure how to feel about romance cultivation, it's an interesting one, but I don't understand romance. A great novel indeed, but forgive me, this is not my cup of tea.


Cool bro, hope this novel drives me through a fantasy craze💥


Of course, as the Author, I’m going to be a bit shameless and rate the book a 5. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions, feel free to implement them in the comment section .


Even though harem is not my pick for webnovel one thing is certain is that it always amazed me how author describe their novel , character , environment and situations so vivid that you can actually imagine yourself being in those situations or environment , amazing work my guy !


Hi, I finally found your book and it is really great. I am still on chapter 3, as it is a little hard to manage with office work. But I do love the plot and I am excited to see where this goes. Good luck author. Also if you can check out my book Two Sesang, And leave a review I'd be glad. Thanks. Hope you have a lovely day and I cant stop reading this book


Far too many Spelling and grammar mistakes, but I cannot give my full opinion regarding characters and development until there is at least 400+ chapters to binge read, usually by chapters 150 to 400+, I get an idea of who the MC is, what their struggles are and ehat thier mindset is like. This story is too YOUNG/Early to be given a fair and proper review by me.


great novel this novel has a lot if potential


😲😲😲😲 fantastic 👏👏👏 I love your story lines, it's really interesting. Nice one keep it up. 🙂 I will like to link up with such a good writer(fantasy 😇)


So far this has been a very interesting book. Still needing more time to gather the development of the characters. I really hope the writer continues this story.


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