Spring Blooms When I'm with You Book

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Spring Blooms When I'm with You


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[COMPLETED] Fuse Ren had long been accustomed to living in the long winter. He never thought the snow would melt until the appearance of Hanada Tsubaki. Their love bloomed despite the harshness surrounding them. But, it was the story of five years ago. Ren was forcibly returned to where he belonged. He was dragged back into living in the freezing air. When Ren found Tsubaki again, she had lost all the memory related to him. Not even once was spared. To avoid drowning in the frostiness, he began his journey to once again invite the spring to grace his life. "I'll make you fall in love with me again," promised Ren as he gently kissed the back of her hand. "Whenever you're tired of donning the cold mask, you can come to me. I'll always be here," whispered Tsubaki softly. To Ren, Tsubaki would always be his spring. -------------------------------------- Commissioned cover by yuuri_e (Instagram). Exclusively for this book. Discord: hansora#1507 Instagram: hansora_author


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