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Conquered by Love


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“I can never deny that I used to be responsive to your beauty. However, that's not the rationale I fell for you. I used to be drawn to your goodness. Every time you left the room I would feel the pain that's when I realized that I love you. There is no denial for it." - - - - A dark stormy night led to an unfortunate event that left two people in complete shock. When the Business Emperor Yan Julong, a feared handsome man who no one dared to offend is searching for someone, the whole underworld and military are activated. A cold-hearted, merciless handsome man who every girl wanted to be associated with but feared to breathe the same air as his shows an interest in not so beautiful average looking girl the world crumbles. But the average looking girl with a scar on her face is not ordinary. She is hiding something and he is determined to find out what. - - - - Note: This is an original story by me (Ketaki) and not a translation :) Update Schedule: 1 chapter per day. Disclaimer: I don't own the image used to make the cover, all rights belong to the original creator. The image is taken from Pinterest.


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