Spiderman Ultimate Peter Parker

Reborn as Peter Parker thanks to the One Above All's assistance, a human from earth enters the Marvel Universe to experience a whole new adventure. Note this is something I work on when I get writer's block, or just bored so don't expect updates often. Just something I'm doing for fun. Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own Spiderman nor any character or works featured in the fan-fiction. All rights belong to its rightful Marvel Comics, and Studios. No copyright infringement intended.

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Issue 1: Reborn

"Hi, my name is Parker Petrus, just your local nerd, medical specialist, and according to the directors of the orphanage I grew up in, I'm a teenage genius. My main focus in the medical field centers around cellular regeneration and increasing the human lifespan for a living, because hey, who doesn't want to live longer? My hobbies include physical fitness, science, engineering and of course, Marvel Comics. My favorite superhero is of course Spider-Man! I don't mean to gush, but reading the comics is what got me into science in the first place, and today I can die happy." 

The young man who had short brown hair and blue clear eyes smiled as he finished reading the newest issue of the Amazing Spider-Man.

Parker leaned back into his chair and threw his arms into the air as he let out a cheer, "Finally, the best pairing in Marvel history reunite. I hope this new guy fixes what that moron Dan Slut did to their relationship with One More Day. Seriously, that was so out of Peter's character. They completely betrayed everything it meant to be Peter Parker, responsibility and power. Everyone knows the right choice was for him to be responsible for his actions and let Aunt May die. Activision really did my boy the right way, so maybe Marvel should take some notes. The Spider-Man I knew and grew up with would never make a deal with the literal devil."

Now that MJ and Peter were back together, Parker gave a little prayer that things would work out for his favorite Super-Hero before going back to his work.

He was going over his life project, a serum that would trick the brain into reintroducing the hormone GSK-3 that the body produces when their teeth regrow. The reason he showed so much interest in this subject was because it allowed the human to access a chemical that wasn't normally active, like it was with Elephants, and if he could find a way into fooling the human brain into thinking it was going through adolescence again, he might be able to trigger the GSK-3 hormone to to begin reproduction.

If he could figure out the right serum mixture that can fool the brain into making certain chemicals, then he could also start finding ways to make the body heal much bigger problems, such as cancer and disease, it could even slow down ones aging.

Only if he manages to crack this serum he was working on.

He was going through a book on cloning hematopoietic cells from bone marrow, when suddenly, like a bolt of lightning cracking through dark clouds, Parker had an epiphany. He then stood up and ran out of his office and into the hospital halls.

As he was heading to the elevator to get to his lab he noticed that it was on the first floor and oh so slowly coming up.

With his impatience getting the better of him, Parker ran off and headed towards the stairs. He was so focused on his revelation, that his foot slipped and he tripped running down the stairs.

Normally this wouldn't be so bad, at the worst, Parker would have ended up with a couple of broken bones. Unfortunately for Parker, the window on the 15th floor just so happened to have been removed for maintenance, and just like that, he tumbled out the building and fell to his death.

...Days pass.

... ...Weeks pass.

... ... ...Months pass.

... ... ... ...Years Pass.

A/N: I wasn't thinking of this when I first wrote the time passing part, but now that I'm editing the work, I couldn't help but picture the South Park Scene of Cartman in the hospital. Let me remove your face warmer son.

Parker felt his consciousness awakening, rousing from whatever fog he was stuck in to realize that he stood in place, floating in endless space with only a white void as far as the eyes could see.

"So I'm dead?" Parker questioned as he looked for his body, however, all that remained was his consciousness floating throughout the empty void. He looked like a transparent clone wearing a lab coat.

He didn't know how many years passed, as this new form of existence had no concept of time. He was floating around for what felt like an eternity of struggling to maintain his ability to think. Sometimes he would black out, blend into the universe itself for centuries at time, only to wake up again to see he was still in the same place. At least as far as he could tell, he wasn't moving. 

It felt like he was taking a really long nap with glimpses of waking up. 

When he suddenly heard a voice calling to his name, Parker felt his consciousness snapping back to his usual standard. 

He looked around with a panicked expression and shouted, "Hello! Is anyone there?" 

A voice slowly became more audible, as if the voice was blinking in and out of existence, when all of a sudden it spoke in a crystal clear tone. Strangely enough, it sounded like a blending of both a male and a female's voice.

When Parker could finally understand it, the strange voice became somewhat masculine as it continued to call out. 

Then, it suddenly became clear, "Hello! I'm impressed that you adapted so quickly to Purgatory and managed to hear my voice this soon."

"Are you god?" Parker questioned.

"I am the One Above All, from what you would call the Marvel Universe." The voice answered.

"Beg your pardon?" Parker asked with a shocked tone.

"Since you chose to worship me, even if it was a joke, I am the deity who presides over your soul. You have offered prayers on numerous occasions, such as 'Dear One Above All, the great Stan Lee of the sky; if I make this breakthrough with this formula, I promise to purchase 10 of the new Marvel Comics, and spread your name.' thus accepting me as your lord. You have done many good deeds your lifetime, so I shall let you reincarnate as your hero in my universe with an alteration of your choosing."

Parker's jaw dropped before he pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

After realizing he had no cheeks to pinch, Parker began to think of what difference he would choose. 

"I wonder if this will follow the trend of getting an ability for reincarnating?" Peter thought to himself.

"I want a gene that will activate when I receive my spider-powers, it has to be on par with wolverines regeneration ability, but no claws please. Oh, and I'd like for Mary Jane to get the same powers too, if that's okay."

Parker hoped with all his heart. He thought a lot of the issues about him being a hero could be solved if MJ was there to experience what he did. In the Saga of Spider Island, MJ got Peter's power and finally connected with him in a way that allowed her to finally see through Peter's eyes. On top of that, Parker really loved the Renew your Vows Series when MJ became Spider Woman. He always thought that it was a perfect way to move their relationship forward in a positive way.

"Sure, that sounds fun. While that is technically two alterations, your Karmic level is high enough to ask for such a thing."

"Really?" Parker's eyes sparkled. 

The one above all laughed as he said, "I found the perfect universe to plant you in. It was a prototype world that never got its start."

"That's…cool," Parker replied as he scratched his head…but he didn't have one.

A/N: Yohohohohoh. Insert Brook laughing.

"And to ensure you become Spider-Man your memories of this world will be sealed until you're bitten."

"Wait, doesn't that mean I'd be stealing his body?"

"Not exactly, your still you, the newborn is just another you. The only difference is that you living in the same environment that will raise a new Peter Parker with your personality."

"Then why seal my memories?"

"I figured you'd want to pick up where you left off in your life. It'd be a pain to spend 16 years growing up again. It's not too hard to understand."

Parker was about to complain that he was weeks away from turning 17 when he heard the sound of fingers snapping and blacked out.

Sometime shortly thereafter, Parker Petrus was reborn as Peter Parker.

The One above All reincarnated him in a universe that was similar to the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker series. It was a Universe of the One Above All and his own making, so it was not an exact copy.

For example, MJ was childhood friends with him for a much longer period of time.

The two have been neighbors and friends ever since they were 4, but the red-haired, firecracker known as Mary Jane Watson, only developed a firm attachment to Peter after he chased off a dog that was trying to attack her with a stick.

After that event, she stuck to him like glue for most of their childhood.

As they grew, they stayed good friends and eventually met Harry Osborn in grade school. The three of them hit it off after MJ and Peter helped him with another kid trying to steal his lunch money. 

When they learned that Harry was used to get picked on and used because his dad had money, they hugged the poor kid and learned a valuable lesson, not everyone with money was a bad person. 

As one can image, Peter and MJ were surprised to find out his parents were rich, however, they didn't treat Harry any different, and that only helped them grow closer as friends as they grew up together.

Life was pretty good until they entered middle school, M.J's father, who was a seasoned cop, started drinking heavily to deal with the horrors one encounters on the job. 

Philip Watson's addiction began to harm his family life. First, it started with yelling, and although MJ and her mother wouldn't admit it, Philip had begun abusing them in drunken stupors.

When she was 13, Philip's addiction got so bad, that during a particularly tiring night, he had hit his daughter while arguing with his wife. 

MJ ran away in tears and snuck next door before climbing through Peter's window and crawling into bed while he was sleeping. 

When Peter woke up in the middle of the night, he noticed a bruise from a slap on MJ's cheek, and consoled her to the best of his ability. He held her tightly and promised to ask Uncle Ben if they could do something to help in the morning. 

The two stayed together the whole night, and Peter wouldn't know it for some time, but this was the night MJ fell in love with him.

Although she was too shy to ever confess, Peter and Mary Jane remained the best of friends even into high school.

It was the ninth of August and Peter was a day away from turning 16.

He and his whole class were on a field trip to tour Oscorp's Research and Development facility, and a certain nerdy kid was in the middle of taking pictures of the spider's display.

The destined eight-legged escapee lowered itself from a thin web line and landed on Peter's hand.

As soon as the radioactive spider bit into his flesh, Peter yelped out, throwing his hand up and grabbing with his other while the spider to slide into his jacket sleeve.

When MJ came over to check on him, Peter's mind was thrown through a loop. It felt like he was stuck on a rollercoaster that was running off the track.

Peter suddenly remembered his previous life and proceeded to pass out from the pain.

The teacher took a look at him and shook her head as she said, "Unbelievable. What parent in their right mind would allow their child to come to school with a fever this bad?"

"Uh, he was fine a few minutes ago, and I don't think you should be insulting his parents like that. You don't even know them," MJ furrowed her brow. She didn't like hearing the Parkers insulted like that. They were basically her second family.

The teacher scoffed and said, "Right…Well then, Mary, you can help Mr. Parker home. The rest of us will keep on with the school trip."

Their teacher then had the T.A call a cab and take Peter out of the building. Once the T.A put Peter in the car with MJ's help, he walked back inside with a not my problem face. 

"Hey! Where to?" The cab driver that looked a bit like the B-Movie King asked.

"Forest Hill, 20 Ingram Street," MJ replied.

"Seeing as your friend there is unconscious, I suppose you'll be paying?" 

The red haired beauty looked back at the Oz-Corp building and frowned.

"I can't believe teachers these days," MJ thought as she decided to go with him and skip the rest of the school day. Besides, she was still ticked off at their teacher's attitude.

"I just don't understand how a teacher can act like that. What's wrong with public schools these days?"

"Amen sister… So, you getting in or not?" The Bruce Campbell lookalike called out.

"I swear, the school better reimburse me for this, or I might just start up the old club to raise some hell. Sigh…I miss Jess. We used to keep the faculty on their toes."

When they got there, MJ discovered that both May and Ben was out of the house at the moment. May was out shopping while Ben was fixing up a sink for a tenant that was renting out Richard Parker's old house.

MJ led him to his room and sat him down with a worried expression. Peter was running a fever and the bite mark located on his forearm was covered up by a long sleeve shirt, so she didn't know that he had been bitten by something.

MJ was about to call for an ambulance when Peter's eyes snapped open and he grabbed her arm before saying, "Don't! We can't afford the hospital bills. It's just a cold anyways..." 

Peter coughed a few more times before he passed out while pulling MJ into bed with him.

She held her arm around his back while her emerald green eyes stared him in the face; and when MJ's gaze drifted to his lips, she then started to move her own towards them.

Yet before she could kiss Peter, MJ suddenly felt a stinging sensation on her ankle.

She then proceeded to freak out and jerked her leg before feeling something being squashed against Peter's bed frame.

Looking at her ankle and seeing the small bit of blood, MJ assumed she killed a large mosquito. However, after thinking about it, she felt that it was a little too painful to be a mosquito.

She quickly ran to the bathroom and washed off the dark blue colored blood to make sure she wasn't stung by a bee, after seeing a little bit of the unidentifiable super spider wash of her foot, MJ started checking for a possible stinger when she suddenly started to fill dizzy.

She wobbled back and forth as the wave of nausea overtook her, and somehow, like a zombie, MJ managed to stumble back home and fell on top of her bed before passing out.

The next morning Peter woke up smelling the food made downstairs, he could also smell Uncle Ben's aftershave and his Aunt May's perfume like he was right next to them.

Suddenly, memories of his past life came flooding into the forefront of his thoughts. 

The God that brought him to this world wasn't lying. Sure he had the body of Peter Parker, but his soul was 100% himself. The experiences had, the person he was shaped into, they were all him.

He was Parker Petrus reborn as Peter Parker. Only in this life, he had family to call his own. The reborn soul then gripped his fists tightly, feeling his new well-toned body's muscles flex, and the power contained inside them.

Peter let out a laugh and started smiling as he looked in the mirror.

Noticing his brown hair was almost ear length, Peter's hazel-brown eyes glimmered with excitement as he thought, "Maybe I should get a haircut. Might get in the way of the mask."

Peter then thought of how close he was with MJ and smiled. 

The redhead of this universe had hair down to her waist, her emerald green eyes shined like gems, her skin was rosy pink color, and her facial structure was flawless, a true future supermodel indeed.

Her most noticeable feature was her lips, they almost seemed to have a mesmerizing property, because, throughout most of Peter's youth, he spent most of his time with her staring at them.

"I'm Peter Parker now! Wow, I didn't think reincarnation would feel like this! HEHEH! I'm Spider-Man!" He shouted inside his head as he pumped his fist into the air.

He then realized how much of a genius Peter was, as when the memories of the two lives fused, his mind quickly began to grow in intelligence, especially after combining all the information from his previous life.

Peter didn't know if he could compete with Reed Richards or Tony Stark, but one thing was for sure, he was going to try with all his might.

"Still, this world is light years ahead of where I came from. The science alone is giving me so many new ideas, and the unknown resources left to explore…" 

He put on his baggiest pants and a loose sweat-shirt before he headed downstairs to greet May and Ben. 

"Morning Uncle Ben, Aunt May!" Peter gave them a hug and gave May a quick kiss on the cheek.

The two were in their late 30's and May's looks were similar to the Spider-Man of MCU's version, Ben looked a lot healthier and stern compared to most of his versions, and he had a shoulder-length long ponytail that had started to turn grey.

"I hear you got sick and sent home for being sick. What's got you so worked up, kiddo?!" Ben asked.

"Well, whatever I had, it gone now. Besides…I just feel so...amazing!" Peter said with a chuckle.

"I'm just glad he's better now, you should thank Mary for bringing you home!" May said with a smile on her face.

Peter smiled and said, "I'll do that!"

"Happy birthday, kiddo!" Ben said as he moved the newspaper on the table revealing a plate of wheat cakes.

Peter gave May another kiss on the cheek and said, "Your wheat cakes are the best, Aunt May! Please tell me we got some syrup to go with them!"

Ben went to the cabinet and pulled out some homemade syrup and said, "The guy who's renting your father's house owns a small farm. This stuff was from the trees on another property he owns."

"Sweet!" Peter grabbed the bottle and put some butter on his wheat cakes before he started to chow down like he was a starved wolf.

"Easy there, kiddo. You'll give yourself a stomach ache if you eat so fast," Ben said as he pulled up the newspaper and started reading.

"I skipped dinner last night, sue me old man!" Peter said between chews. Of course, he knew that it had to do with his new metabolism working at a thousand percent. 

While Ben laughed at the joke, Aunt May gave her nephew a gentle slap to the back of the head and said, "Don't speak with your mouth full. And Happy Birthday."

"Yes, mam!" Peter said as he gobbled down his meal.

After eating everything on the plate, Peter grabbed his backpack and said, "Kay, love you, got to go to school!"

"Well, he's in a good mood," Aunt May commented as she picked up the dishes.

"Teenage hormones. He's sixteen now, right?" Ben chuckled earning a playful slap on the shoulder from May.

The Truth was that Peter planned on skipping today. He wanted to test out his powers and make his suit, not to mention erasing the video footage of him being bitten, he had to act fast, and going to school would just get in the way.

To be honest, Peter was already smart enough to attend college, and even more so now that the memories from his previous incarnation had resurfaced.

The only reason he was going to high school, was because his guardians insisted on having him continue to build his social skills with kids his age.

This Peter Parker, however, wouldn't have that. He would have to convince his guardians to let him skip grades. He had to make them understand that he's wasting his future and the hurting people he could save by delaying his education.

Hell, even the special genius-kid classes provided by the school proved to be no challenge for Peter.

It didn't take long as he appeared in a shop that sold the original red and blue jumpsuit that he altered into his famous classic outfit.

After pulling out his wallet, Peter sighed seeing that buying the materials to make his suit would clean him out.

"So much for saving up all my lunch money for that spectrometer," Peter entered the shop and made his purchases.

After waiting for Ben and May to leave for work, Peter snuck into the attic through the window and started making his costume.

Peter had some pretty good sowing abilities thanks to Aunt May teaching him a thing or two, and the experience as a doctor also played a part in his graceful movements.

After a few hours of trial and error, Peter finally had his first red and blue costume. He started chuckling as he placed it on and felt kind of snug, but it was a bit uncomfortable since the suit couldn't breathe and was made of cheap materials.

He then thought of something and sighed before saying, "Ugh, the smell is going to so baaad! Have to get Tony to work on a suit with me, or maybe the fantastic 4. To be honest, I'd rather they just give me the materials needed to build it…"

Peter then snuck into the lab he had in their basement and began working on his web-shooters. Normally, Peter would have to spend a while making these devices, but with the hints he received from reading the comics, Peter was able to piece them together rather quickly.

By the time Peter finished, another two hours had passed. The final products were rather bulky and had to be worn on the outside of his gloves.

"Functioning web-shooters, check. Costume, little cheap looking, buuuut…check! Heheh…butt check…Nervous as hell, check!" Peter thought as he snuck outside and hopped from house to house. 

Heading towards the central part of the city, he knew what had to be done.

Since he didn't have any practice web-slinging, Peter thought it would be safer for him to just stay on the rooftops while using his spider-sense to avoid being spotted.

As he jumped across hundreds of building in an acrobatic fashion, Peter made it to Oscorp Towers in a matter of minutes. Once there, he lept off the conjoining building and started crawling up the building. He made his way to the roof and stealthily snuck inside the building through the ventilation ducts.

Along the way to the server room, Peter made sure to use his spider senses in order to keep him hidden from the cameras.

He avoided most of them, but occasionally, he found some without blind spots to exploit. To get around them, Peter simply pushed down on the trigger for his webbing, blinding the cameras before they could spot him, and with the formula he used to make the web-fluid, the webbing would melt away in sixty seconds.

Not enough to warrant fixing them, but just long enough for him to dash pass them by. At most he webbed up 6 different cameras, so the guards that noticed the blackout assumed that they were simply malfunctioning.

Peter smiled as he crawled through the vents and stopped before he sensed another camera. 

"God, I love the Spidey-Sense!" Peter thought before looking at a rotating fan above him. Timing his jump, he hopped through it and landed without making a single sound.

"Can't hate on the reflexes either, I just pounced like a cat." 

Making his way to the hall next to the server room, he discovered his path was blocked by a locked vault. However, he was prepared for this.

Peter out a small cell phone and switched out his webbing-fluid. With a quick thwip, it was strapped it to the roof with some webbing that would take around five hours to dissolve. 

Once he turned on the video camera, it showed the image of the key pad from an overhead view. Peter then leaned back inside the vents and waited for someone to access the server for maintenance.

It took a few hours when Peter realized he had patiently waited right up until it was time for him to get out of school.

Peter was starting to grow impatient, when someone finally came in to do their jobs, as the technician access the Oscorp Mainframe, the phone Peter left on the roof recorded the whole thing.

After the maintenance worker left, Peter snuck in and saw rows of supercomputers lined up in rows. He made his way to the terminal and started deleted all the files concerning the super-soldier serum and all the security videos for the last 3 years. 

While he was strolling through the files, he noticed that the dates on a series of uploaded files. 

"Well, that's good. They send the back-ups weekly. I guess it's good that I don't have to track down their external storage."

Thinking a bit about what to delete, he quickly came up with a plan.

He didn't want them focusing on the day he was bitten, so just to make sure they didn't focus on why only that day was deleted, Peter deleted a lot of other random files before planting an add-spamming virus.

Quickly leaving the same way he came in, Peter switched into his civilian clothes and headed home to see a pissed off Aunt May and Uncle Ben waiting for him.

Knowing he was in trouble for skipping school, Peter sat down prepared for what was about to happen.

"Where were you all day?" May asked him while tapping her foot against the floor.

"I was at looking at collage and universities I could apply for. I don't want to go to a school that can't teach me anything," Peter replied in a depressed tone.

Ben stood up and fumed before he said, "This again?! Look, Peter, we've been over this, the reason we want you to go to high school is that we want you to make friends your age and learn to socialize."

Peter frowned and said "Uncle Ben, you tell me all the time, that with great power, comes great responsibility. I have greater intelligence than most people, is it not my duty to take every advantage that as have so I can help those who need it sooner? If I were in college right now, who knows what I could be doing. I could get noticed by somebody famous like Reed Richards or Tony Stark. I could work on my own projects. The stuff I could invent could help all of mankind, yet you want me to sit in a classroom for hours on end and hear them talk about stuff I already know."

The two were shocked at his tone when Peter placed his hands up and continued by saying, "I thought long and hard about this, and while you may be my guardians, I do have some child rights, such as the right to peruse a higher level of education."

Peter then let out a sigh of defeat as he gave them a serious expression and said, "I said what I want to say. You can ground me now or whatever."

Ben sighed as May sat down next to him. The mother figure in Peter's life then placed her hand over her nephew's and asked, "Is this really what you want Peter?"

Peter nodded his head and said "I'll keep going to school for now. At least until I find a Scholarship Program that suits my talents. I know we're tight on money right now, and this way the State or some donator will have to pay for my schooling."

The two smiled and tried deciding on how to punish Peter off for skipping school when they heard a knock on the door.

A familiar voice that belonged to Madeline Watson came through, "May please open up, Philip's in the hospital with a concussion and Marry ran away."

Peter opened the door and saw the beauty 30 Plus year-old woman in front of him, she had the same red hair as MJ and most of her appearance too. However, she was kind of like his other mom. 

He couldn't understand why her father kept ruining his marriage. He's a seasoned cop with more than 10 years of experience. He should be able to deal with his issues in a more healthy way. They have licensed therapist for Christ's sakes. 

"Maddie? You okay?" Peter asked with a look of concern.

As May helped the weeping woman inside, Madeline began explaining what happened.

"MJ came home with a cold, she went to bed without dinner, and when she woke up the next day everything seemed fine, but. . ." Madeline took a big breath to calm down before saying, "Philip started drinking and the two started fighting. MJ slapped him and his head hit on the corner of the table, there was so much blood that MJ thought she killed him ran into her room. I called an ambulance and Philip in the hospital right now. The doctors say he'll be okay, but when I got back..."

Madeline pulled out a piece of paper with MJ's handwriting on it. The letter was hastely written and Peter could tell her hand was shaking the whole time.

"Dear mom, something strange is happening to me, and I don't know what to do. I killed dad so I can't come home. I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to."

Much to everyone's surprise, Peter grabbed his jacket and ran outside in a hurry.

He then headed down the street as fast as he could while thinking, "Please be there!"

Ben and May were shocked by his speed while they tried to chase after. As their shouts for his to stop grew quiet in the distance, they lost track of Peter completely.

"When could Pete move like that?" Aunt May breathed out a wheeze as she grabbed her hips.

"Phew…adrenaline is a hell of a drug…I think he knows where she went. Let's have some trust in the boy, May." 

Doing this Fic because of how much I love Marvel, maybe even hope to write for them someday.

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