Spiderman : Multiverse Traveller(Reboot). Book

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Spiderman : Multiverse Traveller(Reboot).


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This novel isn't dropped I am just taking a break, I'll be back I promise. ★ Special thanks to author 'Nyxio' This is a reboot of an existing novel by author "Nyxio", Orignal Name :- (Immortal Spiderman : Multiverse Traveller) I am rewriting/rebooting this story with a different origin with the original authors permission so I hope you all like it. ★ Synopsis :- 'Peter' a young genius prodigy gets a chance to reincarnate as 'Peter Parker' in the AU of Earth - 199999 (MCU) before events of MCU takes place. Let us see how Peter uses his powers and abilities to change the world while adjusting to this new yet familiar world and what the future ahead holds for him. (The world is based on MCU x Amazing Spiderman + Spiderman Trilogy and other 'SpiderVerse' movie characters, I have planned ahead for the development and I will not drop this novel until I am done) I am a newbie writer/author and this is my first novel and English isn't my first or native language but I will try my best, If you find errors please do correct me in the para comments so I can improve, I was hooked to the novel so I thought of recreating it upto my own taste, you can also check the previous one because it will be majorly based on the previous till the story further ahead develops, Thankyou,Peace ! (The Characters or The Cover Image in the story doesn't belong to me, all the credit goes to their respective Creators/Owners) (Note :- No fixed schedules but I will post at regular intervals, will notify in case of future changes)


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