Spiderman Evolution

Jake is reincarnated as Spiderman and chooses to become the most powerful Spiderman in existence. He will forge his own path. Marvel X D.C Support: https://www.patreon.com/ghostybones [Tags]: Multiverse, System, Anti-hero, OP MC

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Fusion Reborn

Jake was an average teenage for the most part that is. He had long unkempt dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He had practiced mixed martial arts for 7 years and he had joined the military when he was only 17. He left the military when he was 21 and now he was studying in college to become a someone or in this case a lawyer. He knew how hard it would be to become a layer, but he liked challenges. It was in his blood to always test himself. When he was a little kid he also had to fend for himself against the more stronger bullies and gangsters. He grew up in a shitty neighborhood in the Bronx. A neighborhood that was riddled with gang violence and bastards of all sorts. Needless to say, Jake was no pushover. He toughened up at a young age and the battlefield even made him more sharp-minded and aware of the hell that was around him.

'Man this world is fucking boring, same shit every day. Same bullshit politics. Same rich assholes on the top. And all the idiots in this world. Earth really is a dying planet,' Jake thought to himself as went inside a classified heavily fortified building.

Two soldiers patted him down in the entrance to see if he was caring any weapons and then gave him the green-light after they found no weapons on him.

"Is this really necessary?" Jake said with as he fixed his roughed up black leather biker jacket.

"Shut up and get in," One of the soldiers snarled as types in a number code and a large metallic door opens. A gust of pressurized steam expels out from the door.

Jake was doing one of his many 'odd jobs' which was being a bodyguard for one of the wealthiest and prolific scientists on Earth. His name was Thomas Sharp and his main project was kept secret from the entire world and the people of New York.

"Ah, so you have finally arrived Jake Storm. Come right this way," Mr. Sharp says as he twirls around a metallic cane that looked very stylish and futuristic. The scientist was in his late 40s but he looked way younger than what his age portrayed. He had slick raven black hair, well-shaven beard, and no wrinkles. He looked like a young Tony Stark at his prime.

Jake had always enjoyed reading superhero comic books and watching superhero movies. He enjoyed both the Marvel and D.C worlds. Marvel to him was all out action and adventure. While D.C was darker and more serious. But nonetheless, he thought both worlds were badass. He always dreamed of being Spiderman. That was his favorite hero because of the awesome design of his suits and his abilities to swing across skyscraper buildings by spiderwebs shooting out his wrist. He always wondered how powerful Spiderman could become, he wondered if he could evolve to become one the most powerful superheroes of all time. A Spiderman powerful enough to defeat Thanos!

Jake was thinking about all the cool possibilities of becoming Spiderman, suddenly he bumps into a glass jar and it almost shatters.

"Hey watch where you going. Everything here cost more than your life kid," Mr. Sharp puffs up his fancy gold and black business suit that was worth 30,000 dollars!

"Yeah my bad," Jake looks over at the glass jar and sees some can of tiny blackish creature crawl out of it. It kind of looked like a spider but with horns on top of its head.

"What the hell is that thing?" He thought to himself as he followed Mr. Sharp into his office.

Mr. Sharp instructs him about his plans on to the change the world with a new kind of technology that can make humans immortal. Of course, he didn't fully tell him about the secret project. Only small concepts here and there.

Mr. Sharp gives him all the details of his mission as his bodyguard and soon the day was over. The scientist sends him off. Nightfall had approached. As Jakes leaves the science lab, he feels a prick on his neck.

"Gaaaah! What the fuck was that!?" He says aloud as he gripes his neck. Some soldiers look at him as if he were a mad man.

Jake later arrives back in his apartment, he starts to feel sick and vomits in the kitchen skink. "Uggggh what is going on with my body? Did some kind of creature infect me back at the lab? Shit! I have to call Thomas!" He looks around for his iPhone, suddenly he hears a knock at his door.

"Whose out there?" Jake quickly goes under his bed and pulls out a Glock 50 and gripes it tightly. He didn't trust anyone.

He slowly looks out the door window and sees no one. He breathes and doesn't blink an eye. His killer instincts were kicking in.

He creeks open the door and then slams it open.

*Wham!* The wooden door slams against the walls of his apartment and his points his gun at a girls face.

"Dude what the fuck!?" says his ex-girlfriend named Mira, she had ginger hair, freckles, and emerald eyes. She was super busty and had a gorgeous hour-glass figure. Everything about her was thick and sexy. She was the top female soccer player in Jake's college. She was also a pro female boxer.

"What are you doing here? Sorry, I am just kind of paranoid right now," Jake scratches the back of his head and puts away his gun in the pockets of his biker jacket. He is starting to feel even sicker in the stomach. Like his guts were about to explode at any second.

"I-I wanted to see if you were okay... Look I know it didn't work out between you and me, but maybe we can talk it out. I gave you many chances to talk to me, but you always blew me off," Mira says with a huff and sigh as she crosses her arms.

"I just haven't had the time," Jake takes a can of beer from the fridge and gulps it down to subdue the growing pain on his neck and stomach. Ever since he got bitten he had felt strange, like his whole body was on fire.

"Well I will make you have time," Mira quickly kisses Jake in the mouth with lustful eyes. She starts rubbing his buff chest and chiseled abs as she passionately kisses him.

'Fuck this is not the right time,' Jake gritted his teeth in pain as the pain start spreading, suddenly the blood in his veins turned a dark black color.

'What the fuck is going on with my body!' Jake swiftly picks up his iPhone and quickly types Mr. Sharps number to call him.

"Are you fucking serious!? Are you calling one of your other girls!?" Mira shouts, she was beyond anger. Her whole face was a beet red color. Jake was by no means a playboy, but the ladies always found him interesting.

Mira quickly pushes Jake onto his bed and she starts unzipping her jacket and then lefts off her black t-shirt to expose her sexy buxom breasts which were covered by a black laced-bra. She was doing everything she could to get his attention.

'Goddamit!' Jake couldn't resist. No man could resist a sexy lady. Plus it had been 4 whole months without sex! He was too busy doing 'odd jobs' to get money to pay for college!

Jake fiercely grabs Mira by her slim waist and goes to kiss her, he then unzips her jeans and goes to take off her black panties. He was about to do the deed when suddenly his primal urges were heightening and his eyes started to glow a dark red color. Darkness overtakes him.

"Gaaaaaah!" A flood of bad mermoires was overflowing his mind. He was loosing control! he starts to vomit out blood.

"JAKE!" Screams out Mira.

In the background of his apartment, Infinity War was playing on his T.V. It was the part when Spiderman was fighting Thanos. 'Man do I want to be Spiderman. Fuck this life,' Jake thought to himself as he was slowly dying.

Out of nowhere a military tank slammed through the walls of Jake's apartment and runs over his body when he was just about to have sex.

"Get away from him!" Thunders out a solider as more soldiers rush into the room to quarantine the area.

A *SPLAT! CRUNCH!* sound was heard when Jake was run over.

He had been killed by Tank-Kun.

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