45 A Walk in a Garden

The Lover's smile widened as he strolled past Andrew Parker. A perpetual grin adorned his face as he immersed himself in the spectacle before him: Tobey Parker locked in combat, the statue gradually crumbling, and the pumpkin bombs erupting, one after another.

The scene captivated him, a vivid display of action and destruction.

Tom Parker swiftly web-slung towards Aunt May the moment he spotted her, arriving at her side in the blink of an eye. A storm of emotion- of shock, confusion, and a myriad of emotions swirled through his mind as he stood merely a foot away from her.

"Wait, h-how... May, I thought..."

In response, Aunt May's smile deepened, and she warmly embraced Tom. It wasn't long before a mixture of emotions found their way to the surface—small hiccups escaped his lips, his nostrils flaring as he struggled to hold back the flood of tears that welled up in his eyes.

"I-I thought, I-I lost you... I can't believe it, May, I'm so fucking glad, so incredibly happy."

Aunt May playfully bonked his head, shooting him an annoyed look while gently scolding, "Watch your words, young man."

Amidst the tears, Tom couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle hearing Aunt May's chide, a blend of emotions swirling within him. Sometimes he would cry, and other times, laughter would bubble up. Basically crying laughter.

Michelle's gaze rested upon the duo, a gentle warm smile gracing her lips. Yet, her attention shifted to the mysterious figure beside them, dressed in a manner that exuded an air of pure happiness and danger.

Tom gently extricated himself from Aunt May's embrace, his gaze momentarily flickering toward the man who had caught Michelle's attention.

In that instance, a surge of uncertainty washed over him, leaving him at a loss for words. Though his voice faltered, he managed to form a faint utterance, his lips forming the words,

"Thank you."

Peter's head tilted, his lips curled as he raised his witch hat, offering a genteel bow. The hat perched atop his head once more, his eyes slits transformed into crescent-like shape, and when they reopened, a pair of haunting red orbs stared at Tom, May, and Michelle.

It was as if although Peter was smiling, his eyes weren't. They were looking at them as if toys. He spoke cheerily as he nudged his monocle.

"T'is a miracle, mon chou."

With a fluid turn, the magician started striding away, his steps leading him towards the unfolding clash between Dr. Strange, Dr. Octopus, Tobey Parker, and the Green Goblin.

Whistling silently, Peter quickly lampooned, shaking his head.

'So many doctors.'

Amidst the rolling pumpkin bombs, he hopped with an almost childlike glee, seemingly unfazed by the explosions. His attention shifted to the airborne Green Goblin, and with an exaggerated grin, he called out to him in a voice filled with theatricality.

"Heyyy~ Pumpkin Lunatic~! Wanna see a magic trick? I promise it will be worth your time."

Caught off guard by the unexpected greeting, the Green Goblin's mid-air glide momentarily halted as he turned his attention towards the voice that had called out to him. Despite the momentary distraction, he swiftly retrieved a pumpkin bomb and hurled it in Peter's direction.

Ignoring Peter's antics, the Green Goblin resumed his focus on causing chaos and engaging in combat with Tobey Parker.


In a sudden and dramatic entrance, Sandman materialized, launching a series of sand-based attacks.


With a subtle wave of his hand, he summoned a formidable sand tsunami that combined with the ongoing explosions, resulting in the collapse of the entire Captain America Liberty statue.

The massive shield tumbled to the ground and eventually found its way into the nearby bay waters. The chaos escalated as Sandman's presence added another layer of turmoil to the scene.

Despite the impending danger of the crashing statue, Peter's unyielding smile remained intact as he cast a glance at the oncoming wreckage.

Still grappling with the mental assault inflicted by the Green Goblin, he brushed off his clothes with a casual nonchalance. With a mischievous undertone, he playfully murmured,

"How rude~~!"

Catching a glimpse from the corner of his eye, he noticed that Tom Parker, Michelle, and Aunt May had managed to slip away and escape the chaotic scene.

'Hmmm, not that Aunt May needs to since she could just regenerate but I maybe she is not the masochist I felt she is.'

Shifting his gaze to the opposite direction, he observed Dr. Strange's exit, aided by his trusty flying cloak. His attention then turned to a chubby Asian boy who found himself plummeting with the falling statue in pursuit behind.

The boy's fingers danced in a circular motion, conjuring a scattering of orange sparks, though they failed to coalesce into a complete portal.

Inwardly Peter lampooned,

"Asian Ned vs the Ned back home. Which one is fatter?"

He hopped towards the falling boy, his outstretched hands appearing as if he aimed to catch him. As the seconds ticked by, Ned's terrified scream resonated through the air, growing more intense as he drew nearer to the wreckage below.

Meanwhile, Peter maintained his bobbing head motion, his exaggerated smile firmly in place as he kept his focus on the descending Ned, adding a touch of theatrics to the tense situation.

Just as tears welled up in Ned's eyes and he teetered on the brink of death, a sudden burst of violet lightning crackled, enveloping the entire scene and seemingly teleporting it away in a flicker.

*Booom!* *BOOM!* *BOOOOOM!!!*

Debris hung suspended in the dusty air, a fine layer of particles coated every inch, giving the scene an ethereal quality. The once-mighty statue showed signs of dissolution, yet managed to maintain itself.

And there, perched atop one of the finer remnants, Peter stood unscathed, defying the chaos around him. In a gesture reminiscent of a fairy tale, he cradled Ned in his arms, like a hero rescuing a damsel, untouched by the ordeal that had unfolded.

His gaze shifted downward, settling on the boy nestled within his arms, his lips curled upwards. Tilting his head slightly to the side, he spoke with a tone infused with warmth.

"T'is a miracle, mon chou."

With those words lingering in the air, he released his grip, Ned was sent tumbling to the ground, a pained expression flashing across his face as he landed. A soft, almost nonchalant whistle escaped Peter's lips as he casually nudged his monocle

"My apologies but you are rather heavy."

Ned regained his footing, rubbing his backside and brushing dust off his attire.

A mixture of amazement and exhilaration danced across his features as he turned his gaze towards Peter, his voice tinged with admiration and wonder as he mumbled while fixating on The Lover's retreating form.

"So cooooll!!."

While the main character, toyed with a block ring, his fingers deftly rolling it over his knuckles in a skillful display. His expression beamed as a silent jest forming within his mind.

"Ned won't be needing this. A small price for a good show."

With a smooth motion, he slid the block ring between the fingers of his right hand. In an instant, his form transformed into a shimmering cloak of violet lightning, transforming into a pure energy existence that helped him to teleport to where the fallen Captain America's shield lay.

There, a gathering of Spidermen had assembled, including the Green Goblin and Sandman while Dr.Strange on the side was doing mumbo jumbo as cracks began to appear on the skies above revealing the multiversal cosmos.

Seating himself in a cross-legged lotus position at a corner, Peter reached into his pocket and removed a napkin that suddenly produced a pouch of popcorn with a magical flair.

Balancing the popcorn pouch in his palm, Peter harnessed his lizard powers to elevate his body temperature, generating heat. But realizing this wasn't enough, he resorted to a transformative move. He held the napkin which then turned into a handful of nanobots, which multiplied and meshed together, forming an improvised microwave.

Harnessing his newfound electric powers, he swiftly directed a surge of electricity into the makeshift microwave. With criminally smooth movements, he tore open the packet of popcorn and put the white packet inside.

He laughed self-deprecating,

'It seems I truly have recovered from my trauma of dying due to popcorn. Also, this power is very convenient.'

Suddenly he sensed a few pairs of eyes fixated on him. Raising his head, he offered a friendly wave to the onlookers and then nudged his monocle.

"Don't let me interrupt, mes choux. Please. Carry on."


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