Spider-Verse: Another Spider-Man

A mars researcher was bitten by a spider and was then transported into the Marvel Universe. Read as how he goes about on this amazing journey. (Starts in Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse) ===== Patreon link for advanced chapters: Påtreon.com/BaphometFiction ===== I don't own anything. All rights goes to their owners.

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Chapter 7

"So you are also Spider-Man?" Peni asked in surprise, and her spider mech friend also made a "Σ(⊙▽⊙"a" expression on the head screen very cooperatively.


[In Aunt Mei's living room]

It was already packed.

Because, just now, three more Spider-Men visited.

They are: Gwen Stacy, a slender Spider-Woman in a black, white and red uniform. The middle-aged uncle-like Spider-Man Peter Parker, who is wearing long pants on his lower body and has a big belly, and the second-coming of Spider-Man in this world, Miles Morales.

"Yes, I didn't expect that there are so many of my kind. To be honest, I'm quite surprised," said the middle-aged Peter.

Mark silently looked at the three newcomers.

Seeing these three, to be honest, He was quite surprised.

Needless to say, Miles, the next protagonist in this world, the successor of Spider-Man, has played another version of the game of the Spider-Man Miles.

And this middle-aged Peter is actually from 616 Universe, that is, the Spider-Man of the main marvel universe.

But he has reached middle age, and because of a series of blows, he has become lazy and looks like a decadent middle-aged man.

And this so-called main universe is actually not very reliable.

Mark knows that there are three Spider-Man in the movie version, namely Toby Maguire's Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man and Tom Holland Spider-Man.

Theoretically, these three are Spider-Man from the main universe , but the middle-aged Peter in front of him looks different from the three of them, so Mark is not sure who he is.

And then finally, there is Spider Gwen.

She comes from Earth-65, and the development of this world is different from other worlds.

Peter Parker, who became Spider-Man in most of the world, was not bitten by the spider this time, but Gwen was bitten.

And Gwen didn't immediately become a superhero after being bitten, but continued to be the drummer in her band.

Until later, her classmate Peter Parker made himself a lizard serum because he had been bullied by others for a long time, and turned himself into a the lizard.

Gwen finally stopped the lizard Peter, but due to the defect of the lizard serum, Peter also died in her arms.

After that, she realized that "with great power comes great responsibility" and became Spider-Woman.

As the saying goes: two Spidermen ≈ Quadruple the trouble.

And when the seven Spider-Man are put together, how touching the scene is, it is unimaginable.

Fortunately, these Spider-Man are not all Peter Parker.

And two of them are both Peter Parker, although the Shadow Spider-Man also likes to talk, his mouth isn't dirty.

And although the middle-aged Peter (616) really wanted to use his second superpower besides the spider ability, but because there was a kid next to him (Miles), he was trying to maintain his image as an adult.

So, after the initial heated discussion, the living room quickly became quiet again.

During this period, everyone made a simple self-introduction to themselves, which is considered to have completed the initial understanding.

Because of their identities, the three new arrivals quickly integrated into the big family.

The next moments, all of them was happy by the next news that the three shared to them.

They got information about the particle collider!

This is the result of the hardwork of the three during the day.

The middle-aged Peter and Miles sneaked into Kingpin's laboratory and snatched the computer containing the data of the particle collider from the female version of "Doctor Octopus" Olivia Octavius ​​in this world. They then successfully brought it out with the help of Spider-Woman Gwen.

This is definitely great news for everyone who is at a loss.

In addition, they also got the news that Kingpin plans to conduct another particle collider experiment in a few days. At that time, it is time for them to return to their respective worlds!

Not only that.

Miles also has a "key" to destroy the particle collider obtained from the late Peter Parker of this world--Aunt May called it "goober".

The only the problem is it's broken.

In this way, the next thing to do is much simpler.

First of all, what they have to do is to repair the key or make a new key by studying the collider data in the computer host.

Then, take this key to Kingpin's laboratory to find the particle collider.

Finally, when the particle collider was turned on again, they each entered it and returned to their own worlds. Finally, one person destroy the collider with the key.

The above are all combat missions.

However, everyone has different opinions about the candidate who will stay and turn off the collider in the end.

Theoretically speaking, the most suitable one is Miles.

Because he is from this world.

But Miles is still a 14-year-old child, and his situation is similar to that of Mark, and he has only been bitten by a spider for a few days.

But he's slightly better than Mark as his abilities have already been activated, and his combat experience is about 1 in ratio if they consider the things they did today.

However, it was obvious that no one present would do such a thing to a child who had just activated his abilities.

The next moment, as if with one voice, everyone said in unison:

""I'm gonna do it.""

It takes a lot of courage to make this decision, because it means that that person will be left forever in this strange world that does not belong to them.

No, they will die because of quantum collapse.

Die completely.

And they will die in a different universe that wasn't even considered a foreign country.

The next moment, the distortion phenomenon of quantum collapse occurred on everyone's bodies, and they all screamed and fell to the ground.

"No, no, it can't be like this!" Miles Morales looked at everyone and said, "You will die like this! You can't stay here! I should turn off that machine! I will wait until you all go back. "

At this time, everyone has gradually recovered, but they are silent.

Obviously, although they kept silent, they didn't really believe in Miles ability.

Miles continued: "Listen, I promised him, so... I must do it."

Everyone knew who the "he" he was talking about was.

The middle-aged Peter also chimed in and confidently said. "Yes, this kid is actually quite powerful. He can even make himself invisible, show them kid."

However, embarrassingly, after a long time, nothing happened.

"I still can't control it." said Miles dejectedly.




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