47 Chapter 47

After a while, Spider Toby finally stopped his hands.

He then picked up the tattered suit and used a stirring stick to scoop out pieces of spider silk fluid that had been "Peter-style processed" and applied it to the damaged areas like spreading jam on a bread.

Soon, the suit was repaired.

Next, he pulled out several jars from under the bed and found them to contain waterproof paints.

He carefully applied different colors of paint, taking another ten minutes or so.

Finally, after about an hour, Toby Spider completed the repairs on his suit!

Looking at his refreshed Spider-Man suit, Toby Spider felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

He turned around, proudly showing the suit to Mark.

"How is it? Doesn't it look awesome again?" he asked.

Mark gave him a thumbs up. "Indeed, it looks awesome."

To be honest, with his skills, Toby Spider had outperformed quite a few people.

The spider silk material was also excellent—although its production method was a bit peculiar, it didn't affect its excellent performance.

At the same time, from Toby Spider's explanation, Mark also understood why Spider-Man's seemingly ordinary suit was so durable.

It was all because of the material!

As for why it sometimes ended up in a ragged state, there were two reasons. First, it might have endured attacks that exceeded its capabilities, and second, the spider silk had experienced a certain level of "aging."

That's right, this suit material was produced by Toby Spider using his own spider silk fluid after a certain level of processing, but it would still degrade over time.

It was just that the process had been somewhat extended due to the processing.

Unless it suffered significant damage, Toby Spider only needed to occasionally maintain it to keep its toughness.

After showing it off for a bit, Toby Spider stored his other stuff and quickly put on the suit.

"Let's go, let's save MJ!" Toby Spider's gaze was determined. "Do you know where she is?"

"Of course, Doctor Octopus has set up his new research lab in an abandoned church located at sea. Once we get there, we'll find Mary Jane," Mark confirmed. "But are you really going to rescue her?"

"What's wrong?" Toby Spider turned around, puzzled, as he was getting dressed.

Mark shrugged, "From what I know, Mary Jane's feelings are quite fickle. Why are you so infatuated with her?"

Before, there's a actually two reason why he didn't continue chasing Doctor Octopus after knocking him out. On one hand, the autonomous nature of the mechanical tentacles caught him by surprise, and he believed Doctor Octopus wouldn't actually harm Mary Jane. On the other hand, he simply disliked this version of Mary Jane.

If it were the original animated version of Mary Jane, he would definitely find a way to rescue her first before anything else. That version of Mary Jane was not just a romantic embellishment or a side character used to showcase the love between a hero and a beautiful woman.

She was strong, brave, and even learned combat skills to defend herself after discovering Peter's identity as Spider-Man. Even when kidnapped by deranged fans, she managed to turn the tables and escape. She even helped Spider-Man on several occasions.

With such an independent and strong woman who genuinely cared for him, it's not surprising that Spider-Man was deeply in love with her. This is also why earlier, in Miles' world, Mark advised the middle-aged Peter to go see Mary Jane again before leaving.

But this version was different.

This version of Mary Jane, aside from her personality, the most crucial point was that she kept wavering between several men.

The classic "upside-down kiss" scene from the first movie happened while she was dating Harry.

And even now, Mary Jane wasn't Toby Spider's girlfriend but rather the fiancée of the son of the Daily Bugle's boss!

Like, whaaat?!

Later on, despite already wearing a wedding dress and preparing to get married, she suddenly ran away from the wedding to find Peter.

To a certain extent, she even caused Peter and Harry, who were once good friends, to become enemies.

To sum up. Mark's impression of her in one word, it would be a total bitch.

Too much of a bitch!

While watching the movie, Mark felt that Spider Toby pursuing such a woman was just not worth it.

There were clearly so many good women, some even genuinely fond of Toby Spider.

But for some reason, he couldn't forget about Mary Jane.

"I, uh..." Toby Spider lowered his head, seemingly contemplating Mark's words.

But Mark didn't wait for his response.

After a moment of silence, Toby Spider suddenly walked towards the balcony.

Once outside, he exerted his strength and shot out spider silk, swinging away into the distance.

Mark sighed and decided not to get involved any further in this matter.

After all, it was Toby Spider's private affair, and he had already done his duty by giving a gentle advice. Delving any deeper would not be appreciated.

With that said, Mark shot out some spider silk and followed closely behind Toby Spider.

Soon, they arrived at New York Harbor and found the abandoned church nearby, just as Mark had described.

The church was built entirely on the water, with only one road leading to the main entrance. It had been abandoned for quite some years, and recent evidence of renovation plans could be seen from the materials piled up outside.

But Doctor Octopus had gotten there ahead of them.

Mark and Toby Spider crouched on the dilapidated roof of the church, peering through broken windows to observe the scene inside.

Doctor Octopus was standing in front of a newly constructed machine, holding a transparent tube in his hand.

"Not good, he's gotten his hands on tritium again! Where did he get such a precious thing? Who is supporting him in these dangerous experiments?" Toby Spider whispered in shock.

Regarding Toby Spider's surprise and Doctor Octopus's careful handling of the high-pressure container containing tritium, Mark pursed his lips.

Genius was limited by the times.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, symbolized as 3H. In nature, tritium is formed when deuterium nuclei are bombarded by high-energy particles from cosmic rays.

Therefore, its natural abundance is extremely low.

In total, there is only about 25 pounds (approximately 11.34 kg) of tritium in the world.

In an era where there was no way to extract tritium, it was exceedingly rare and valuable.

However, in later times, people had already mastered the technology for artificial synthesis of tritium.

By using neutrons from a reactor and using lithium fluoride, lithium carbonate, or lithium-magnesium alloy as target materials, tritium could be produced in large quantities.

It was primarily used in thermonuclear weapons, as a labeled compound for tracer experiments in scientific research, and in the production of glow tritium tubes.

In civilian applications, since tritium's β(beta) decay only emits high-speed electrons that do not penetrate the human body, it is only harmful if inhaled in large quantities. Thus, it is also used to make tritium gas watches and tritium keychains that glow for 24 hours.


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