Spider-Verse: Another Spider-Man

A mars researcher was bitten by a spider and was then transported into the Marvel Universe. Read as how he goes about on this amazing journey. (Starts in Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse) ===== Patreon link for advanced chapters: Påtreon.com/BaphometFiction ===== I don't own anything. All rights goes to their owners.

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Chapter 25

Mark clenched his fist, feeling the immense power contained within.

If his awakening level previously was considered "low", then now, it was at least intermediate! Or even higher!

He didn't know how strong his current power was.

But it was definitely several times stronger than before!


Mark's eyes pierced through the raging particle stream and focused on the different worlds within.

He had a feeling that as long as he had a thought, he could traverse through them!

And the cost would be some "small" amount of energy within his body. After hesitating for a moment, Mark chose not to do so.

Instead, he extended his hand and recorded the variables representing each world in his genetic code.

With these variables, he could activate the mysterious power within his genetic code, quantumize himself, and theoretically travel through!

"Is this the power of some super gene hidden within my body?" Mark murmured to himself.

At the same time, he couldn't help but recall Gwen's words from before.

"Have you been to other worlds? Could it be that you are a Spider-Man with the ability to travel between universes? A Space-Time Spider-Man?"

He didn't expect Gwen's words to be so prophetic!

Based on the power he felt from his genes, he did indeed possess the ability to travel to other worlds.

"So I am indeed a Spacetime Spider-Man." Mark clenched his fist tightly while muttering.

The particle streams around him continued to swarm and collide, some annihilating each other, while others entered into an entangled state with quantum particles from other parallel worlds.

With a thought, Mark emerged from among them.

It wasn't that he didn't want to continue absorbing.

He could actually feel that his body still hadn't had enough.

But considering that the other Spider-Men, aside from Gwen, also needed this particle collider to return to their respective worlds, Mark knows that he shouldn't absorb all the energy here.

"Huh? Mark! Are you okay?" a voice rang out from above.

Noir and Penny dropped from the sky. Each of them reached out a hand, grabbing one of Mark's hands, and together they brought him to a platform.

Penny looked at Mark and asked, "Where's Gwen?"

Mark replied, "Gwen has already returned to her own world from there. You two should go down next."

"Good to know," Spider-Man Noir and Penny both breathed a sigh of relief.

Although they had only been together for a few days, it felt like they were already a family.

Aunt May was the eldest in this big family.

The mature Noir Spider-Man and the middle-aged Peter were the pillars of this family.

And Spider-Ham, Gwen, Mark, Miles, and Penny were the rising stars of this family.

So, they were all deeply concerned about the safety of both Mark and Gwen just now.

Spider-Man Noir asked in confusion, "Why did you fall in but didn't return to your own world?"

Penny was also puzzled.

Could they not return through this?

But how did Gwen return then?

Mark explained, "I activated my true power, and I also promised Miles that I will help him deal with Kingpin. So I'll just return later."

"Alright then, let's go," Noir's voice sounded relieved. He saw Mark's sense of responsibility and witnessed his growth.

Mark shook his head and reached out his hand, stopping his movements.

"You should go," Mark said.

Noir looked at him and replied, "Are you kidding? I made the same promise to Miles!"

Mark still shook his head, "I can sense that there's very little energy left in the collider. It can last at most another minute. You must return as soon as possible."

"Then how the hell are you going to go back without using this then?" Noir looked at Mark.

Mark nodded, "As I said earlier, that's my true power."

But Noir and Penny clearly didn't believe him as they tilt their heads in sync.

At that moment, Mark reached out his hand and pressed it against Noir.

Noir raised his hand, assuming a blocking posture, "Kid, I taught you all those moves. They won't work on me."

Before he could finish speaking, the image of Mark in front of him flickered and disappeared.

Then, a figure appeared from behind Noir.

Because there was no ill intent, the Spider-Sense didn't activate.

His hand naturally landed on Noir's back.

It was only at this moment that Noir realized it and quickly turned around while asking with a voice full of shock, "How did you do that?"

Mark replied, "As I said, I found about my true power, and its spacetime. For now, what I can do is quantumize myself in an instant and reshape myself in another location, achieving a teleportation-like effect. I call it; Flashstep."

"Cool!" exclaimed Noir, giving a thumbs-up.

He then reached out and pulled Mark's hand that was pressing on him, embracing Mark tightly and then talked with a sincere voice, "Since that's the case, I'll leave this place to you. Help Miles for me."

"I will, I promise." Mark also hugged Noir tightly.

Both of them didn't mention their slight awkwardness from before.

Then, Mark gave him a push.

Noir walked to the edge of the platform, "Then I'll go first. Say goodbye to Miles and Aunt May for me."

"Goodbye." Mark waved his hand with a smile.

Noir took a step forward, his body descending and quickly falling into the collider's particle stream.

Mark could see Noir's body being rapidly quantumized, then being attracted by a variable and passing through a pathway constructed by that variable.

Clearly, Spider-Man Noir had returned to his own world.


The lid of the Spider Mech opened, and Penny jumped out, directly leaping into Mark's embrace.

Another big hug.

"Mark, I believe you will become a very good hero." Penny talked while hugging him while some tears threatened to break free from her eyes.

Mark smiled, "Thank you, now go."

"Goodbye." Penny then went inside her mech and then lightly hugged Mark again with her Spider Armor.

Then, she fell into the particle stream and returned to the year 3145.

"Now, only Spider-Ham and Peter are left," Mark retracted his gaze and extended his hand, shooting out a strand of webbing. It bypassed the densely packed metal platforms and steel structures nearby, heading towards the direction of middle-aged Peter and the others.

In reality, the battle on their side was nearing its end.

Although Prowler was initially provoked by Doc Ock's words and entered a rage state, changing his tactics, causing him to temporarily fall into a disadvantageous situation.

But the Prowler wasn't truly foolish.

After a while, the Prowler regained his composure.

Then, middle-aged Peter dealt with Liv while the Prowler dealt with Tombstone, and both sides entered a stalemate in their battle.

Until Spider-Ham arrived.

[End of the Chapter]


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