Spider-Verse: Another Spider-Man

A mars researcher was bitten by a spider and was then transported into the Marvel Universe. Read as how he goes about on this amazing journey. (Starts in Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse) ===== Patreon link for advanced chapters: Påtreon.com/BaphometFiction ===== I don't own anything. All rights goes to their owners.

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Chapter 110

Of course, Mark couldn't directly say something like 'Can I borrow your girlfriend for a moment?'

He glanced at Spider-Andrew and whispered, "Put on your clothes, preferably your combat suit. Let's talk outside so we don't wake up May."

Spider-Andrew made an "OK" gesture and hastened his pace.

The two quickly jumped down from the house.

"Woah, Who is she?" Seeing Spider-Gwen, Spider-Tom was startled.

Mark, with a triumphant smile, held Spider-Gwen in his arms and said, "She is my girlfriend, Gwen."

Spider-Tom: ?

"Gwen? Is it the Gwen I'm thinking of? Gwen Stacy?" Spider-Tom's tone was inexplicable, a mix of surprise and confusion.

Mark nodded, gesturing for Spider-Gwen to remove her mask. "She's one of us; don't worry."

Spider-Gwen then took off her mask, revealing a face somewhat similar to Gwen Stacy in this world: "Hello, this world's Peter, nice to meet you."

"Uh, it really is Gwen," Spider-Andrew exclaimed, "Nice to meet you. I'm Peter Parker."

Spider-Andrew still felt strange. The person in front of him clearly had a face very similar to his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, but they were entirely different individuals.

"Okay, let me explain."

Mark then recounted the story of the evil Ghost-Spider to him.

Spider-Andrew's eyes widened in shock.

He remembered the scenes Mark showed him and Gwen on the subway. The last one depicted Gwen dying in his arms. At that time, watching Gwen's lifeless body on the screen and his heart-wrenching pain, he had felt a suffocating sensation.

He couldn't imagine how he would react if Gwen really died.

But now, he seemed to understand.

For a moment, he felt great sympathy for the evil Ghost-Spider.

In reality, that was him on another timeline.

"So, we need to find Gwen now, make her confront the version of me there, awaken his conscience, right?" Spider-Andrew asked.

Mark nodded.

"Then let's go find Gwen," Spider-Andrew said without hesitation.

With that, he took the lead.

Mark and Spider-Gwen quickly followed.

Silence prevailed as the three soon arrived at the Stacy residence.

Mark and Spider-Gwen stood on the rooftop while Spider-Andrew went to knock on Gwen Stacy's window. For some reason, it suddenly felt a bit awkward.

Knocking on someone's window in the middle of the night might be seen as inappropriate.

Thinking her little boyfriend had become more considerate, Gwen Stacy assumed that he was growing up. However, when Spider-Andrew anxiously pulled her out and took her to the rooftop, she began to wonder.

"Uh, this is Gwen, Gwen, this is Gwen from the other world, Mark's girlfriend," Andrew Spider tried to explain both in his own awkward language.

Luckily, Gwen Stacy was smart, and she quickly came to Spider-Gwen, having roughly understood the other's identity from Andrew Spider's words.

The two Gwens sized each other up and then stood hand in hand.

When they stood together, at a cursory glance, it was as if they were twins.

The two had the same gorgeous face, the same hot body, and both had a pair of round, straight, slender thighs.

But if you look closely, you can still see the difference between the two.

This world's Gwen character is more gentle and quiet, body has a strong sense of bookishness.

Spider Gwen, on the other hand, because of her years of fighting with villains, her body's aura was a bit more severe.

Moreover, because Spider-Gwen loves music, she's good at dancing, and has received physical reinforcement from the spider gene, making her body more flexible.

Not only that, if you look closely, this world's Gwen's skin is a bit rougher, and her facial features are relatively "rough", while Spider Gwen, perhaps because she is a being who has crossed over from the animated world to the real world, is more refined, and she is more delicate, as if she is the same as this world's Gwen. It's like an enhanced version of this world's Gwen.

Gwen Stacy thought Andrew Spider had called her out to meet Spider Gwen.

Mark coughed lightly, signaling Andrew Spider to go ahead and speak.

After all, he wasn't too comfortable talking in this atmosphere.

Andrew Spider understood in a second, and hurriedly pulled Gwen Stacy, who was about to have a conversation with her "sister", aside, and whispered to her about the evil ghost Andrew Spider.

"Oh! Oh my God!" Gwen Stacy exclaimed, hugging Andrew Spider tightly and kissing him frantically.

Andrew Spider froze for a moment, then returned the favor.

Looking at the two people who suddenly kissed passionately, Mark couldn't help but understand how the two felt at this moment.

The trajectory of the world of the evil ghost Andrew Spider, and the trajectory of the world of Andrew Spider, when it comes to Gwen were the same - at most, because of Mark's intervention, there was only a slight deviation.

But that didn't affect the bond between them.

He turned his head to Spider Gwen, "Shall we too?"

"Hmph!" Spider Gwen rolled her eyes at him.

"Ahem," Mark coughed dryly to hide his embarrassment while also interrupting the two in the middle of a passionate kiss, "That . I'm not against you guys kissing until the end of time, but I think we need to focus on business first."

Gwen Stacy and Andrew Spider hurriedly separated, blushing slightly but holding their hands tightly.

After realizing that a Peter Parker from the other universe almost ruled the world for his own sake, Gwen Stacy would be lying if she said she wasn't touched.

The appearance of the Evil Andrew Spider, had made her realize even more acutely how deeply Andrew Spider felt for her.

And in fact, they were recently at odds over the fact that Gwen Stacy was leaving to study in Europe. Because of the plot deviation, there was no problem in their relationship, so this time Gwen Stacy didn't secretly enroll, but was discussing it with Andrew Spider in advance.

But now, she understands that she should cherish this relationship even more.

But now was not the time to think about that.

She looked at Mark and nodded, "We're willing to go over and help, but can you bring so many people with you across a different universe?"

Mark smiled confidently, "Of course."

If this were earlier, he wouldn't have been so sure. However, after several rounds of strengthening and the experience of crossing with others just now, he was confident that he could successfully bring a group of people across.

Spider-Andrew grinned, "That's great! I've been curious about what another world would be like."

"Let's go then. I've been out for a while, and it's time to solve this problem," Mark said, extending his hand and holding hands with Spider-Gwen.

Spider-Gwen's other hand was held by Gwen Stacy, and Gwen Stacy held hands with Spider-Andrew.

In the next moment, Mark activated his abilities again.


The figures of the four quickly became blurry and finally completely quantumized.

Before leaving, Mark left something behind on the rooftop.

It was a Quantum Marker. With this, the next time he came to this world, he could arrive directly here instead of random locations.

When Spider-Gwen and the others opened their eyes again, they found themselves in a dimly lit basement.

Several people were surrounding them.

Two middle-aged men, each wearing Spider suits and red capes, two young men and one woman, a sand-covered guy, and... Electro.

Spider-Andrew and Gwen Stacy were both startled.

"Max Dillon, how did you end up here?" Without taking a good look around, Spider-Andrew immediately shielded Gwen Stacy behind him.

Mark was looking at the Sandman with some confusion. How did Sandman end up here? And it seemed like he was categorized as a "non-dangerous person" since he wasn't imprisoned in a magical cell.

Seeing Spider-Andrew's reaction, Mark was curious, "Do you two know Max?"

In Spider-Andrew's world, due to the influence of the multiverse, significant deviations occurred in the events compared to the original plot.

The most significant change was that the Osborne Tower, which was not heavily damaged at first, was destroyed greatly. And then Norman Osborn became the Green Goblin.

Moreover, he became a Green Goblin with a mutation level higher than the Norman Osborn in the typical movie universes.

This exposed his identity, inevitably causing a significant impact on the Osborn Corporation.

However, in just a few days, logically, the other party should still be under investigation like the Stark Industries on this side, but unexpectedly, they encountered Electro?

Mark was curious for a moment, realizing that something interesting must have happened during the days he left Spider-Tom's world.

But now was not the time to be curious about that.

While Spider-Andrew and Gwen Stacy were on guard against Max, Max's hands were crackling with sparks.

He could follow Mark because Mark had treated him kindly, considering him a friend. He could also calmly face Middle-Aged Tobey-Spider and Spider-Tom because they looked completely different from Spider-Andrew. He knew they weren't the same person.

But Spider-Andrew's appearance reminded him of his arch-enemy.

Mark quickly walked to the middle of the two parties to mediate.

"Come on, not now," Mark said.

Seeing Mark, Max calmed down a bit, and the sparks in his hands disappeared as he turned away.

Spider-Andrew also noticed from Mark's attitude that this Electro seemed different from the one they knew, not as aggressive.

He apologized, "Sorry, Max, I was a bit too aggressive."

Max, hearing this, slightly eased his expression and said in a muffled voice, "It's okay, I'm just too scary."

Mark chuckled, hugged both of them, and nudged them together, "We're one team here, don't be like this. Come on, shake hands, smile a bit."

Gwen Stacy walked to Spider-Gwen's side, looking at Mark strangely, "Is he trying to placate kids?"

Spider-Gwen nodded solemnly, "When kids fight, adults usually mediate like this."


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