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I bought some clothes and cleaned the blood off the backseat, then drove to the party. There's this U-Tubr, throwing the party in her freaking penthouse. Just how much did she make through streaming? Well, I'll buy one real soon...

Anyway, I parked my car in the parking lot, just opposite the building near a gas station. I'll wait here and keep an eye out for when Liz comes out to go home. Depending on the situation I will act. I got out and walked toward the small store next to the gas station. Might as well buy a packet of chips or something.

"Hi!!" I greeted the old lady behind the counter flashing my charming smile, "Can I get a packet of Cheetos and a bottle of water please?"

"Sure!!" She replied in a sweet old lady voice taking out the snacks from the shelves behind her.

I paid for the snacks and drank some water walking around the gas station keeping an eye on the entrance of that penthouse. Not long ago a group of girls came out and got in a taxi drunk. I put the snacks in the car and walked toward the party. Need to check what's she doing and who is she with. I walked behind the building. It was easy to avoid everyone's eyes since they were too busy partying to even pay any attention. I put on my mask and began to climb up the wall. Behind the building was a large wall and long trees, so, I won't have to worry about the outsiders seeing me or anything.

I began to check every floor through the glass windows and walls. I tried to stick on the brick side and peek since it's kinda hard to crawl on a glassy surface. The party was in full swing. Everyone was dancing, singing, drinking, and vomiting in the corner, but the only thing that caught my attention was a girl dancing in a freaking short green dress on top of the kitchen counter. She was holding up a white wine bottle on her lips with one hand and making sexual gestures with her other hand, totally wasted.

Hahaha! Those boys swarming around her like bees to honey. Hopefully, she will get gangbanged by them, lucky for her. She's on the perfect road to become a whore or a junkie fucking for drugs and drinks, who am I to stop her? She made the decision on her own to come here. She wants to destroy herself. Who am I to ruin her fun?

On the left, there's these couple of guys smoking pots and God knows what. Haha. Another girl was grinding with the guy in the purple jacket on the pool table. Then there are these two girls kissing and giggling, teasing some nerd-looking boy on the couch. So...TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL. I guess no one cares about anything anymore, living freely and wild.

Finally, I saw Liz sitting alone near the window and drinking a margarita, looking out the window in deep thought, slightly slouching. I squinted my eyes, to look closely. Wow. She's really drunk. Just how much did she drink waiting for Flash? Well, girl, he ain't gonna come tonight, I made sure of that.

I crawled around the building, toward the bedrooms, and what I saw there was... Dang!

Jake, Flash's friend, who was there with him, kicking the shit out of me that day, this guy... Oh, God. He's strapped on the bed on his stomach and a granny in a black latex suit, whipping him with a belt and she's got a strapon around her waist. Freaking hell! He acts all tough and this... Eeeww! I jumped down in disgust as the granny began to lube that strapon. I don't even want to think what's gonna happen next. I don't want to get scarred for life. One scar was enough for a lifetime.

I crawled back to my previous position, keeping an eye out for Liz. Soon, she stood up and began to walk toward the exit. That's my cue. I jumped down and returned to my car. She walked out of the building, alone. She then called an Uber and waited near the gate. The car arrived after approximately 10 minutes or so. And I followed the taxi.

Where the hell is she going? This isn't the way to her house nor the hospital, in case someone called her to inform her of his situation. Then, where's the taxi taking her to? And that guy is driving too fast. Something's wrong. I can feel it. I can't see her due to the tinted back glass. But, this is the perfect scenario where I jump in and save her. Let's see where the car stops.

I followed the taxi from a pretty safe distance. Can't raise suspicion of the driver, you know. After some time, the taxi stopped at an ATM and the driver got out. What's the plan of action, then? Hmm...

He took out a small handgun and opened the door.

I quickly opened my clothes. I was wearing my suit inside, so, in a flash I put on my mask and jumped out of the car. We are currently at Park Avenue 21/23, no one's around this part since it's pretty much empty here in the middle of the night. I webbed to the building on my right and jumped onto the roof. Then I made a round around and webbed down on the light post behind the taxi.

"Get the fuck down, or I'll blow off your skull. Hands in the air!!" He held the gun to her forehead.

Liz got out of the car with her hands in the air, but still drowsy from drinking and, for an extra effect, she looked utterly confused, blinking, "What... What is this? W-Wait!"

"Walk over to the machine and make it quick. Now! Any fucking movements, and I'll shoot your damn brain out. GO!!"

He pushed her. Liz did exactly as told and made it toward the ATM.

"Use that card and take out money," He pressed the gun on her back head, "Come on, quick! HURRY UP!"

"Wh-what number... Wait, umm," She started typing the pin number, "Wha... what numbers was it again...?"

"You think it's a FUCKING game?" He grabbed her hair and pushed her forehead against the machine, pressing his gun deeper into her back, "Come ON!! You don't wanna play with me bitch!"

"WAIT PLEASE! Owww..." She started crying, "I'm trying, I swear, I just forgot. I'll get it, give me a few seconds. Please."

I jumped over him, and threw a web ball on his gun hand, sticking it to the ground.

"That wasn't cool, man," I stomped on his arm, crushing it under my feet. He opened his mouth to scream, but I webbed it shit, "Shut up asshole." I turned toward Liz, "You ok, ma'am?"

"Spiderman?!" She was shocked, but was, at the same time, relieved, "I... I didn't expect... You showed up at the right time. Thank you... so much. I... He tried to rob me..."

"Well, might have shot you after you handed over the cash since you saw his face. But, I am glad you are safe," I turned toward the guy and webbed him to the ground, leaving only his nose open, "You might wanna call 911."

"I... I can't. My mom would kill me if she found out I was out there drinking and almost got robbed... and shot... God! My head," She stumbled, almost tripping over her own feet.

"Wow!" I caught her in my arms, so, she wouldn't fall, "Well, sit here for a moment." I helped her sit on the pavement. I walked over to the taxi and yup, the service mobile. Nice. I called the police, and informed them of the situation, except for Liz's identity. They will be here in a few. Yeah, I could have killed him, but I ain't in the mood right now and I don't want Liz to see me kill someone.


"Humff!" I took out my right claw. I found out that there's some real toxic venom in these. So, this guy is gonna get a taste of it. A small dosage won't kill him, but the pain he will be experiencing in a few seconds is gonna feel like a hot piece of metal burning through him. I pierced the tip of his nose, just a little...

"MUMMM! HUMMM! MUMMM!" The guy tried to move and scream, but sadly, he can't.

"Next time you go out there, thinking of doing some crime... Remember this pain!" I crushed his teeth with a hard punch, making him swallow the pieces.

I looked toward Liz. She was already dozing off on the ground. I walked back to my car, took off my mask, and got dressed in my regular clothes. Then I drove the car to her.

Time to act...

I got out of the car, "Hey, Liz. You alright?" I took the water bottle, that I bought from that store, and sprinkled some water on her face.

"Oh, Spiderman?" She rubbed her eyes, "You aren't Spiderman? Peter?!"

"Yeah, you look wasted. Come on," I helped her up, but couldn't let her stand up properly. I almost carried her to the car and helped her in the back seat. Then I drove off. "You aren't hurt, are you?" I asked, watching from the rear-view mirror.

"NO. I am a lot better now. Thank you. You... You saw Spiderman? He saved me from that guy... He got a gun, you know. But, now I am safe. It's like an angel came down and saved me from his clutches. And then you came to my rescue... God! I'm so lucky today," She mumbled, lying on her stomach and...


Fuck! Not in my new fucking car!


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