Spacecraft 45

[Adult Content - Please Choose Your Reading Wisely] In the future, the population surge will reach its limit. The competition for life destroys the Earth itself. One by one the elites left Mother Earth, they were looking for life on other planets. And those who are unlucky, are forced to live lives no better than street dogs. Aldi is one of them. However, with all his efforts, Aldi tries to survive, even hijacking the spaceship of one of the rulers. Of course, he did that with the help of others. Thus, begins Aldi's adventures on Earth and also in outer space.

Ando_Ajo · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
247 Chs


"Aah," Wong snorted and shook his head, while Nyoman almost choked on the food in his mouth when he heard Wong's snort. "You're asking about things that make us want to feel the same, Cap."

"What do you mean, Wong?" the captain frowned.

"They're both having fun," Wong shrugged. "What else should I tell you, Cap?"

The captain shook his head. "Damn it," he growled. "Never mind, let us forget about them!"

Again, laughter sounded boisterous filling the dining room.

"I need two people to accompany Hyker," said the captain as he looked around at everyone. "Anyone?"

"For what goal, Cap?" asked Aldi who was a little curious.

However, since being on board, Aldi feels that he has not been able to provide any assistance. This is a little annoying, he thought. At least, Aldi wanted to be useful to the people who were willing to accommodate him and Ely on this spaceship. A little contribution might be a different concern for the people there.

"I want to visit SARO," Hyker said in answer to Aldi's question and everyone's curiosity. "Well, for those who don't know what SARO is, I'll explain. That's one big ride, a stopover station for everyone, out there. My goal is to get information about the paths and journeys the Federation will take."

"Kind of dangerous mission," said the captain. "Are there any two of you who dare to accompany Hyker to obtain that information?"

"I'm coming with you," Noami raised her hand. "You mind, my friend?" the girl asked Hyker.

Hyker smiled. "Not at all. I'm glad you showed that you're a brave girl."

"Is that a compliment?" Naomi grinned, she glanced at her friends before her gaze returned to Hyker. "Or… you tried seduction me?"

The lead pilot chuckled. "Well, if you think so, you know, that's more fun for me."

"Man…" Naomi laughed almost silently by shaking her head between the laughter of some of her friends.

"Who else?" asked the captain, again looking at everyone in the room one by one.

Since this is everyone's first experience in outer space, that's why they—you name it—are a little scared to get out of the spaceship. Even more, with the need to find out things related to the people of the Federation. This is a kind of death squad.

"I'm coming with you guys," Aldi raised his hand.

"Sorry, Di," said the captain. "You can't. You're just like me, the exception."

"Hey-hey-hey!" Aldi stood up, he felt belittled by the people, especially by the captain. "I'm not a coward who just wants to hide, Cap, please remember that!"

"And please remember too," replied the captain, heaving a long sigh. "You said yourself that you were a fugitive, didn't you?"

Aldi nodded, he looked at everyone, "Yeah, that's the truth. And?"

"That means," said Captain Dharma, "you can't go along with Hyker and—" he pointed at Naomi.

"Naomi," replied the girl.

"—Naomi, to go to SARO," said the captain again. "Out there," he continued, "it's not just the Federation people who will be scrambling after you, I can assure you the other gangsters and bounty hunters will be hunting you."

"Sorry, man," Hyker chuckled with a shake of his head. "You will only jeopardize my mission. Sorry, you're just staying here with the others."

Even though Aldi was not happy and dissatisfied with the captain and Hyker's decision, however, what Captain Dharma and Hyker said made a lot of sense. It will only jeopardize the small mission itself if he insists to come over.

In the end, Aldi sat back down half cursing the situation.

"Hey," Ely whispered to the man in front of him. "You don't look very excited. I know what you want."

"Don't you start with me, Ely!" said Aldi with a half mutter. "What do you know about what I want?"

"I know," Ely smiled broadly. "You want to feel useful, right?"

"I can't believe this," Aldi snorted as he looked away from Ely.

"You know," said Ely, still in a whisper. "They don't know at all. So, you just be patient. Who knows, you might be able to do something later."

Again, Aldi stared at the little girl half in disbelief at what he had just heard. "Who are you?" Aldi whispered to Ely. "A psychic, eh?"

"Damn it, you're making fun of me!" snorted Ely with a sullen face.

"Hey, just shut up," Aldi whispered, "or they'll throw us off this plane!"

Ely hid her laughter, as did Aldi so that the people there wouldn't be offended by their attitude.

"You need someone proficient with weapons, man?"

Hyker turned his head, his gaze colliding with Yuma's figure. The black and sweet man of Papuan descent was sitting in front of Naomi.

"If you can," Hyker said, "why not?"

"Alright then," Yuma raised his hand. "I don't understand airplane engines—or whatever it's called. But when it comes to weapons, you can count on me."

"Very well," said the captain. "You two are done with your lunch?"

Naomi and Yuma both nodded their heads.

"All right. Now, you two come with us."

Naomi and Yuma stood up from their seats, looked at Cinnong and Boris, and they clapped their hands together, high fives.

"Good luck, guys," said Cinnong.

"Hey, Lae," Boris called to Yuma. "Be careful, don't do anything reckless. And most of all, take good care of Naomi!"

"Ow, you're so cute, Boris," Naomi giggled.

"Relax, man," Yuma chuckled, he stepped behind Naomi. "Or do you want to replace me?"

"Conch!" Boris snorted.

"What does it mean?" Xian turned to her mother.

Well, Yuan Xi herself wasn't sure about the true meaning of the word 'conch' that the Batak-blooded man said just now. Is it the mollusk's snail, or is there another meaning?

In the end, Yuan Xi said, "Don't bother, Sweetheart."

Boris chuckled softly looking at the little princess there, while Cinnong glared at him.

"You should be able to control your mouth," Cinnong shook her head.

"Sorry," Boris smiled wryly. "My bad."


Naomi and Yuma followed in the captain's and Hyker's footsteps. The four of them headed for the hatch which was at the very rear and the bottom level of the large aircraft.

In the very back room, they found four chameleons tied with wide belts at the bottom of the room, one of which had broken protective glass, the chameleon that Aldi and Ely had used before.

The captain took the three people went down the steps. On the two walls, separated by the stairs, there were two doors to another room. Captain Dharma invites the three to enter the room on the left.