Spacecraft 45

[Adult Content - Please Choose Your Reading Wisely] In the future, the population surge will reach its limit. The competition for life destroys the Earth itself. One by one the elites left Mother Earth, they were looking for life on other planets. And those who are unlucky, are forced to live lives no better than street dogs. Aldi is one of them. However, with all his efforts, Aldi tries to survive, even hijacking the spaceship of one of the rulers. Of course, he did that with the help of others. Thus, begins Aldi's adventures on Earth and also in outer space.

Ando_Ajo · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
247 Chs

For the sake of the Mission

Ivy grabbed Yuma's hand, bringing him closer to the crowd who were still dancing tirelessly.

Meanwhile, George and Sasha are getting more intimate. George stuck his hand down his crotch. Then he did something to his shaft before he used his hand to squeeze Sasha's waist.

Sasha moaned softly, smiling broadly at George. The two of them kissed again as Sasha's hips moved faster over George's waist, back and forth, sometimes up and down.

"I'm not good at this one," said Yuma, who felt awkward when the time was about dancing.

"Just relax your body."

Ivy stood in front of Yuma, drew closer, then huddled together. Ivy giggled, at least, she wasn't a girl with short stature, it was just that, in front of Yuma, she was only as tall as the man's chest.

Yuma smiled with a pounding chest, his palms now on the slender girl's waist.