Somniate: Rise of the Faey Queen Book

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Somniate: Rise of the Faey Queen


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If you were given the chance to be queen, will you take it? Red Springfield’s normal life turned upside down with the arrival of a flower boy and a warrior. She was chosen as a candidate to become the next Faey Queen! Vampire? Werewolf? Angels and Demons? Little Mermaid? Tinkerbell? All of them, faeys! Her whole childhood fairytales, down the drain in just one night! A once in a lifetime opportunity was given to her but will Red pursue the treacherous road or will her lack of self-confidence be her downfall? Throw in a dark faey and daemons who messes up the faey queen trials (making her question everything she believes in), and we have one heck of an adventure here. As Red delves deeper into the world of Faeys, she soon discovers that being a queen doesn't always come with a sparkly crown and that love was not even an option for her! But what if her feelings get the better of her? Will she succeed or will the promise of love be more tempting? ========== YUMMY EXCERPT: Red and Ari were lost in the moment of the sweet kiss that they shared. The magical glow of the moss around them created an eerily beautiful contrast of shadows and lights on the two faey’s faces. It was exhilarating, their heartbeats pounding to break free and touch the other. Red’s hand played into Ari’s hair and somehow, her delirious self pressed to deepen what had started to be a delicate kiss. Red’s attack made Ari loose himself and all his self-restraint. Everything that he had convinced himself away from, all thrown out of the window with just Red’s needy touch and wanting mouth. Ari pinned Red to the ground and their bodies were now pressed onto each other, legs intertwined as the elfen warrior cupped the face of his queen. Red was ecstatic, the high of her fever somehow making her heat up and crave for physical contact. Her eyes were closed and rolled as Ari’s lips traced the lines of her jaw, down to her neck, and then up to meet her wanting mouth yet again. Her breath hitched as she felt thousands of butterflies fluttered in her stomach and Ari’s hand unintentionally jerked away thinking he had hurt her. He moved his hand to lean on the ground but had accidentally brushed the belt bag that contained the eldermist berries. A bunch of the berries tumbled out and tiny rolling noises echoed. Suddenly, Ari opened his eyes and realized what had happened. Red’s eyes fluttered momentarily in confusion as Ari ended the kisses and in her dizzy and foolish moment, she too came to grasp the severity of what they had done.


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