24 Chapter 24

The sound of the door slamming startled everybody who was in the living room.

"Kiefer Evans! What do you think you're doing?" Jasper, his mom, yelled as he watched the alpha march to his room.

'I didn't mean to close the door like that,' Kiefer thought as he flinched, startled by the loud sound the door made and his mother's loud voice. But even though he wanted to apologize for slamming the door, he didn't want to talk to them because he was still mad about what happened earlier with Jacob.

"Puberty?" Kiefer's dad said as he shrugged.

"Seriously, that boy! He never slams the door like that, but now he's suddenly acting up," Jasper sighed sharply and sat on the sofa next to his husband.

Kiefer, who just opened the door to his room, carefully closed the door this time, afraid to get yelled at again.

Kiefer couldn't care less. He was mad that Jacob was taking somebody else's side instead of his. What's more, is that he was defending some other man who was getting too close to him.

"Fine! Suit yourself. I'm not gonna interfere anymore," he said to himself as he put his bag on the floor and slumped on his bed.

He closed his eyes as he buried his face on his pillow and the moment he did, the memory of seeing Leo and Jacob so close to each other suddenly flashed in his head.

'He looked like he was about to kiss him or something...' He thought to himself, feeling an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach.

'And Jacob was just letting him do that,' he thought, feeling strangely upset.

He just laid there for over an hour, ignoring his parents when they told him to have dinner about five minutes ago.

And then a thought suddenly occurred to him.

'Who he dates is none of my business. What am I getting upset for?'

After cooling his head in his bed, Kiefer let out a sigh and admitted to himself that it was wrong for him to get mad at Jacob like that.

'Why did I have to talk to him like that...?' He thought as he screamed into his pillow.

That night, Kiefer spent most of his time thinking about how he should apologize to Jacob. They rarely have serious fights and the last one they had was back when they were still in middle school.

Kiefer thought he could just apologize to Jacob tomorrow, but then morning finally came and he just stood outside his house, waiting for the omega for over thirty minutes already.

'He's not checking my texts,' he thought as he checked his phone to see if Jacob had already read them.

It was now fifteen minutes before the bell rings and classes start and at that moment, Kiefer knew Jacob probably already left without him.

And he was right. Jacob really did leave without him.

Homeroom had already begun and he was stopped by the gate earlier for being late and having pierced ears. Just like that, he wasted seven minutes of his time talking to the Student Council officers in charge for the day and arrived at his classroom even later.

"I'm sorry for being late, sir. May I enter?" Kiefer said as he stood by the door.

"Go to the faculty room later during lunchtime and meet me, Kiefer. You may now go to your seat," their teacher said while looking at him.

Kiefer entered the classroom, half of the class staring at him as he went to his seat. The teacher continued talking, but the alpha barely paid attention to what he was saying because he was busy looking at Jacob.

'He didn't read my messages at all. I wanted to apologize but I just waited for nothing,' he thought to himself, feeling sad that Jacob was blatantly ignoring him.

Their homeroom finally ended and their 10-minute break started. Kiefer stood from his seat and started walking towards Jacob's desk.

"Jake, can we talk?" He asked, standing in front of the omega's desk.

Jacob just ignored him.

While Jacob wanted to solve whatever happened between them, he was still too upset to talk to Kiefer about it. If they talked now, he might just say hurtful words to him and the situation might get even worse.

Kiefer just stood there, waiting for him to respond even though it was obvious he wasn't gonna talk to him at all.

"Okay. I'll give you time to cool off. Let's talk when you've calmed down," Kiefer said after standing in front of his desk for five whole minutes, half of the break time they have before their next class starts.

"That's that. I won't say anything to you unless you finally wanna talk, but I'm still gonna try to apologize in another way," the alpha said and went back to his seat after saying what he wanted to say.

The moment he sat on his chair, he let out a sigh, placed his arms on top of his desk, and rested his head on top of them.

'Of course, he wouldn't talk to me. He's still upset,' he thought to himself, feeling his chest tighten.

He turned his head a little to the side and his face immediately became distorted when he saw the person standing in front of Jacob's desk now.

'I was only gone for a minute and he quickly went there after I left,' Kiefer thought as he turned his head to the other side so he wouldn't see them anymore.

'Jacob seemed to enjoy his company too...' The alpha thought, feeling even more bitter. 'Why is Elijah suddenly interested in him?' He frowned.

While Kiefer was getting annoyed by himself, their teacher came and their next subject started soon after.

Their lunch break came and while Kiefer usually comes with Jacob to the cafeteria to have lunch together, he went out of their classroom right away as soon as the bell rang to head to the faculty room.

But because Jacob was so used to going to the cafeteria with him during lunchtime, his eyes quickly searched for Kiefer but he was already gone.

'Right... He did say he wasn't gonna talk to me.'

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