22 Chapter 22

"What's up with you two? Did Elijah pee on you or something?" Jaden asked while looking at Chris and Elijah.

"Ugh, dude! Really? In front of the food?" Sean groaned as he glared at Jaden. "Sorry," Jaden said and pressed his lips together. "They just became like this after going to the bathroom together. It's weird," he continued.

Jacob looked at Jaden and saw that he was looking at him too. Jaden just smiled at the omega and then looked at Kiefer.

He saw that the alpha just sat there, eating his meal quietly.

It was strange.

Kiefer was definitely strange today.

Just like all the guys in his circle, Kiefer was also pretty loud. In fact, the only person in his circle of friends who was a little on the quieter side was Chris and only Chris.

Of course, there was no way they wouldn't notice it, especially Elijah. He's been observing Kiefer today, watching every interaction he makes with Jacob.

"Oh, sorry. My Mom just texted me. I have to leave now," Chris said while looking at his phone screen, reading the text he just received.

"That's too bad..." Jacob said while looking at him. "Yeah, sorry. Let's hang out again next time," Chris smiled at him.

"Hold on! Me too. Let's go together. We live in the same direction anyway," Jaden said and hurriedly stuffed his face with food, finishing his meal before leaving.

"Faster, faster. You're so slow," Chris said, jokingly rushing him. Jaden just continued eating, ignoring his words.

It was a given that he hasn't finished his food yet. After all, that was his third serving while Chris only had one serving and the others had two.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, Jaden finally finished eating and was now drinking water.

"Ahhh... Thanks for the meal." With a satisfied look on his face, Jaden rubbed his stomach and leaned his back against the back of the chair.

"Stand up. We're leaving," Chris said as he stood up from his seat. "Oh, I'll walk you out of the subdivision," Jacob said as he stood up from his seat.

"No, it's fine. Just continue eating," Chris said as he looked at him. "I'm already finished. I'll walk you guys home," the omega insisted.

"Okay, sure," Chris gave up and just agreed. "Then, me too. I'll go with you," Kiefer said as he stood up from his seat.

Sean and Elijah who were planning to stay a little longer looked at each other and shrugged. As if speaking with their eyes, they both came to an agreement and decided to just stand up as well.

"We'll go too. It's getting pretty late," Sean said as soon as he stood up. "What about you, Jaden? Why are you still sitting?" He continued as he glanced at his friend who was getting cozy on his seat.

"I'm getting sleepy. Food coma, maybe..." Jaden said and closed his eyes.

Sean felt his eye twitch upon hearing what Jaden said. He let out a sharp sigh and walked towards Jaden, quickly lifting him up by holding him on his armpits.

"Just sleep when you get home later. You look like you own the house or something," Sean said and pinched his side. "Ow! Fine! No need to resort to violence," Jaden glared at him.

The guys just sighed as they listened to the two bicker. They all ended up walking out together in the empty streets of the subdivision.

It was pretty quiet and honestly, the only people who were making noise in the area were them.

While they walked together, Jacob looked at the person walking next to him and saw that Kiefer had a grim look on his face.

He was always like that. He always wore his heart on his sleeve.

It was always obvious if something made him happy or if something made him sad and upset, just like now.

"Did something happen?" Jacob asked while looking at Kiefer. The alpha stared at him for a couple of seconds and then looked at Elijah who was walking next to Jacob as well.

"I'm just a little tired," Kiefer said and chuckled.

Jacob let out a soft sigh. 'He's lying again,' he thought to himself as he faced straight.

"Okay. Go home right away later and rest," the omega said without looking at him.

Somehow, he couldn't help but feel upset.

It's been like this these days. Kiefer doesn't usually lie to him, but he keeps lying to him lately. Jacob couldn't help but think that his best friend was hiding something from him when he usually doesn't.

They were quiet while they walked while the rest of the boys were rather noisy. Elijah, who was walking next to Jacob now joined his friends in their conversation, leaving the two behind them.

Kiefer looked at Jacob and saw that he was wearing his usual poker face. But even though he looked like that, something seemed different about him.

'Is he upset about something?' Kiefer thought, worried about the omega.

Jacob rarely gets upset. He's indifferent about most things, so the different look he had on his face made the alpha worry.

Kiefer faced straight and then looked down, staring at his own feet while walking. They went like that until they reached the exit of the subdivision.

The boys said their farewells and told Jacob that they will definitely come over to hang out with him again.

"See you tomorrow!" The boys said, waving their hands while jogging away from Jacob and Kiefer.

Jacob waved goodbye at them and Kiefer smiled and yelled, "See you tomorrow!"

The two watched the boys walk away until they were out of their sight. When they couldn't see their backs anymore, Kiefer and Jacob turned around at the same time to walk back home.

They were both quiet, which was a very strange occurrence for them whenever they were together. Kiefer always starts a conversation and Jacob always responds to him, keeping the two of them talking to each other.

However, this time, neither of them spoke until they reached home.

"Good night," Kiefer said with a smile on his face as he watched Jacob open the gate to his house.

The omega, who had just opened the gate, turned around to face Kiefer. He gritted his teeth and let out a sigh.

Jacob looked at Kiefer's face and saw that he was wearing a genuine smile, making him feel bad for getting upset with him. But he still couldn't help it. He still felt upset. But even though he felt that way, he thought he shouldn't do anything yet and see how things go forward from now on.

Jacob's slightly tense body relaxed and he then smiled at Kiefer, a rather forced one.

"Good night."

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