21 Chapter 21

"Kyaaah!" The boys squealed and giggled when the main characters of the movie shared a kiss for the first time.

Elijah and Kiefer hugged each other while squealing, while Sean, Chris, and Jaden who were sitting on the floor were slapping each other and giggling like little kids.

Jacob, who was sitting next to Kiefer, chuckled when he saw them react that way while watching a romantic movie.

"Oh my! That was so sweet!" Jaden said as he covered his mouth with his palms, getting teary after hearing the male lead's short speech.

"Shhh! Shut up, I can't hear them," Chris said as he put his hand on top of Jaden's hands which were covering his mouth, stopping him from talking more.

Jacob just sat there quietly as they watched the movie. Kiefer kept stealing glances at him, checking if he was enjoying the movie.

Despite Jacob's indifferent demeanor, he actually enjoys watching romantic-comedy movies. He loves it so much. It was just his thing. And while he loves romantic-comedy movies, he hated horror movies the most.

The last time he watched a horror movie about a clown with a red balloon, he had a hard time sleeping at night. He couldn't even shower with his eyes closed. He kept his eyes open, resulting in them turning red from the shampoo stinging his eyes.

When Kiefer got back earlier from getting the bowls and spoons for the ice cream, the boys were already picking a romantic-comedy movie. He felt relieved that they decided to watch something of that genre because he knew that if they did decide to watch a horror movie, Jacob wouldn't have said anything and watched the movie with them.

'But who was it that suggested we should watch a romantic movie?' Kiefer thought as he munched on the chips.

The movie ended with his question not being answered until...

"Man, I guess it was a good thing we watched that movie. Thanks, dude," Jaden said as he hugged Elijah, his eyes still red from crying.

"It was a romantic-comedy movie but this guy kept crying during the cute scenes," Sean laughed as he rolled on the floor while laughing at Jaden.

"Whatever. You're just not cut out for romance. That's why you're single," Jaden said as he turned his head to Sean and glared at him, still hugging Elijah.

"You're single too, so shut it," Sean said and raised his middle finger at him. "What? What did you say?!" Jaden said as he sat on top of Sean and pretended to throw punches at him.

While the two of them argued about something petty again, Kiefer looked at Elijah and watched him laugh at their friends.

'But he likes horror movies...' Kiefer thought, finding it strange that Elijah was the one who recommended watching a romantic movie.

"Oh, right. Dinner. Would you like to have dinner first?" Jacob asked, still seated on the sofa.

"Of course!" Jaden and Sean said, halting their pretend fight for a second. "Then, me too," Chris said with a smile on his face.

"These guys have no shame at all. Jacob already bought us snacks and you're trying to leech off him again. By the way, what's for dinner?" Elijah said as he looked at Jacob.

Jacob blinked a couple of times and laughed when he heard what Elijah said. 'I thought he was gonna start some kind of lecture,' he thought while laughing.

Kiefer looked at Jacob and smiled when he saw him laughing. But because he was looking at him, he didn't notice that Elijah was smiling too.

"You heard them, Chef. What should we have for dinner?" Jacob said while looking at Kiefer. "I'll check the ingredients first. I'm sure those guys will eat anything," the alpha said with a smile on his face.

"Sean, help me out," Kiefer said as he turned his head and looked at Sean who was now the one on top of Jaden and pretending to hit him.

"Okay," Sean nodded. "I'm done here, loser," he said as he looked at Jaden who was under him, and flicked his forehead.

"Argh! That hurt, you asshole!" Jaden yelled as he watched Sean walk away with Kiefer.

"Oh, we're going to the bathroom," Chris said as he grabbed Elijah's arm. "Sure. Just walk straight and then turn to the right. It's just near the stairs. You can see it right away," Jacob said while looking at them.

"Thanks," Chris said as he dragged Elijah who had a confused expression on his face. "Me? I wasn't gonna go to the bathroom," Elijah said as they walked.

"Wanna play a Mxrio Kart?" Jacob asked as he looked at Jaden who was sitting on the floor. "Yeah!" He quickly responded, his frown turning into a smile quickly.

While Jacob was setting things up so they could play, Chris and Elijah who were heading to the bathroom went inside together.

"Dude! What's up with you today?" Chris whispered as he locked the door. "What do you mean?" Elijah asked as he raised a brow.

"You know what I mean, Eli," Chris sighed.

Elijah looked away as he let out a sigh.

"I stayed away from him after that incident, sure. But I wanna be friends with him again. Jacob's not a bad person," Elijah said while rubbing the back of his neck.

"You've been doing fine the entire school year. What's up with you now?" Chris asked as he massaged his temples. "I thought it was already over? I thought you said you were already done?" He continued as he put his hand down and looked straight at Elijah's face.

Elijah remained silent. He didn't know how to respond to what Chris said.

He had a point and he didn't want to acknowledge that because acknowledging what Chris said meant acknowledging what he actually felt.

"Be honest, Elijah," Chris said while looking at him. Elijah didn't meet his eyes but he didn't mind it and still continued talking.

"You already broke up. Are you still not over him?"

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