20 Chapter 20

"When is Mommy Chie coming home?" Kiefer asked as he looked at the chips, deciding which one to get.

The six boys are currently in a mini-mart near Jacob and Kiefer's subdivision. They decided to get some food before coming to the omega's place so they could snack on something while they watch a movie.

"She said she'll be home by noon tomorrow. She really has to be home tomorrow since Dad's coming home too," Jacob said as he took the two chips that Kiefer was staring at.

"Let's just get them both," he continued as he glanced a Kiefer. "Oh, yeah. Could you get some ice cream, Kief? I think I ran out of ice cream at home," Jacob said.

"Sure. The usual, right?" Kiefer asked as he raised his brows. Jacob nodded at what he said and continued picking snacks while Kiefer went to get ice cream.

"Hey, Jacob. Wanna get some ice cream?" Elijah asked, popping out of nowhere. Jacob turned his head to look at him and said, "Kiefer's getting them right now."

"Really? Then, what about some cookies? It's in the next aisle," Elijah asked as he grabbed a bag of chips and put it in his basket.

"Sure," Jacob smiled at him.

The two of them went to the next aisle and grabbed a box of cookies.

After getting the food they were going to snack on, they all went to the cashier and laughed when they saw how much food they grabbed.

"Hey, are we ever gonna finish all of this?" Sean laughed as he looked at the snacks piling up in four baskets.

"We are," Kiefer said while nodding and then looked at Jacob. The omega raised a brow at him and chuckled. "We are," he said and nodded as well.

As their food was getting packed, the total amount was piling up a little too much. The high school boys, who only have their allowance as their source of money, threw glances at each other as if communicating about what they should do about it.

But before they could even tell the cashier to leave some of the snacks behind as they were not getting them anymore, Jacob handed his card and said, "We'll pay with this."

He entered his pin and then glanced at his classmates. "My mom told me we can use this since I don't bring any friends home. I mean, well... except for Kiefer, I guess," Jacob said as he smiled at them.

The boys all pouted and looked at him with almost teary eyes, feeling touched.

"We'll hang out with you more often. Let's do it tomorrow again," Jaden said as he wiped his imaginary tears with his hand.

"Haha, Kiefer and I can't tomorrow. We're getting tutored. Maybe the day after tomorrow," Jacob chuckled.

"Sure! Thank you so much, Jacob! Thank you too, Jacob's mom!" Jaden said as he sniffled.

"Weirdo," Chris said as he looked at his friend weirdly.

The boys thanked Jacob for his treat, making the omega feel a little awkward because they were a little too grateful. But it was fine because they seemed to be happy about getting free snacks.

They walked together to Jacob's place and when they got there, some of them were stunned when they saw how huge the omega's house was.

"Come in," Jacob said as he pushed the gate open and glanced at them, telling them to enter.

The boys entered his house and placed their snacks on the coffee table. They comfortably sat in the living room while Jacob and Kiefer went up to change their clothes.

"They're really like brothers. Are they sure they're really not siblings?" Sean said as he took out the snacks from the bags.

"For real. Their TV is huge too," Jaden said as he opened a bag of chips.

"How is that related to what Sean said?" Elijah laughed at what Jaden said. "Just let the poor kid be. He's just sad his parents won't let him use the TV after he accidentally hit their old one with a baseball bat," Chris responded as he shook his head.

The boys burst out laughing as they made fun of Jaden.

"Hey! They said they were gonna let me if I get good grades on the finals," Jaden frowned at them.

"Heh. You don't even study."

They all looked in the direction where the voice came from.

It was Kiefer, walking with a huge pillow in his arms. Jacob was walking behind him, and it was then that they noticed that they were both wearing the same pajamas.

"Hey, what are you? Twins? A couple? You're wearing matching pajamas," Sean laughed when he saw that they were both wearing pajamas with a cute bear pattern on them.

"Kiefer wanted to wear them and forced me to wear them too," Jacob shrugged as he walked ahead of the alpha and sat on the sofa with the other boys.

"Oh, Kief, could you get some bowls and spoons for the ice cream?" Jacob said before Kiefer could sit on the sofa.

Kiefer put the huge pillow on Jacob's lap and went to the kitchen to grab what Jacob asked for. As he went to get them, Jacob and the other boys proceeded to choose which movie to watch on Nxtflix.

"It should be horror, shouldn't it? It's a lot more fun to watch a horror movie with friends," Jaden said as he munched on the chips.

"Dude, you're gonna finish the snacks before the movie even starts," Chris said as he watched Jaden stuff his face with chips.

Jaden just looked at him and continued eating the chips, ignoring what he said.

"No, not horror," Elijah said while looking at Jacob. "Let's watch something else. We can try a romantic one for a change," he continued as he beamed at them.

"Really? A romantic movie with a bunch of dudes?" Sean said as he raised a brow. "I'm all for it," he continued as he raised both of his hands.

They all laughed and agreed to watch a romantic movie just as Elijah suggested.

Chris looked at Elijah and sighed when he saw that he was staring at Jacob again.

'Seriously... He should stop looking at him like that.'

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