17 Chapter 17

"So, what is it? What's the matter? Did something happen between you and Leo?" Jacob asked as he raised a brow.

"Hey, what would even happen between us? We literally just met the other day," Kiefer chuckled as he raised his brows while maintaining eye contact with Jacob.

The omega stared at him for a couple of seconds and sighed.

'He's lying again,' Jacob thought as he pressed his lips together.

"Well, you're right. You just met recently, so what could have possibly happened between you," Jacob smiled as he let out a sigh.

Kiefer chuckled and said, "Yeah. Really, nothing happened. Let's just go downstairs and have dinner, okay?"

Jacob stared at him for a couple of seconds again and stood up from his seat. "Sure. Let's go," he said and started walking to the door.

That night, they had dinner again together.

It wasn't anything special. After they had dinner, Leo went home and Jacob walked him out again while Kiefer stayed inside the house.

Honestly, he wanted to go out with Jacob but he was scared of feeling that strange sensation again. It was very uncomfortable and he didn't want to feel that way again.

After that night, they had a couple more sessions together again. Leo was still as good as their first session and in fact, he might have actually gotten better at teaching Kiefer now that he had a better grasp at understanding the best way for him to learn.

Then suddenly, one day, Kiefer came to Jacob's house thirty minutes late…

… now with pierced ears.

"You got piercings," Jacob said as he watched Kiefer sit on the chair next to Leo. "Yeah, well… I thought I should change my image a little before college," Kiefer chuckled.

"It looks good on you, man," Leo beamed at him and patted his back.

"Now, let's continue with our session, okay? I'll let you go this time for being late, but don't repeat that again. At least give a heads up if you're gonna be late for our session," Leo said with a brotherly smile on his face.

"Okay, sorry…" Kiefer responded as he looked at the book that they were using.

The entire time Leo was going over the topic, Kiefer couldn't help but space out. He couldn't focus and listen properly to Leo's explanations because his mind was somewhere else.

'That's it…?' He thought as he pressed his lips together and then pouted. 'I mean, I know Jake doesn't really compliment people often, but even Leo said something good about my new piercings,' he thought as he threw a glance at Jacob.

"And that's all for our session today," Leo said as he closed the textbook. "I won't be joining you guys for dinner today because I have an appointment with someone. Don't forget to answer the drills I gave you, okay?" He said as he put his things inside his bag.

"Thanks for today," Jacob said with a smile on his face. "Thanks for today," Kiefer said as well. "You're more than welcome. Don't hesitate to contact me if you don't understand something, okay?" Leo said and ruffled their hair.

"You don't have to see me off, Jake. I'll head out first," Leo said and slung the straps of his bag on his shoulders.

He went out of the room in a rush, leaving the two alone in the room.

"Can I sleep over tonight? My parents won't be home and Denise is staying at her friend's house," Kiefer said as he walked to the omega's bed and sat there.

"And since when did you ask for permission?" Jacob raised a brow as he chuckled. "You're right. I'm not gonna ask again next time," Kiefer laughed and lay on the bed.

"Oh, right. My dad came home last night from his business trip and brought some sweets home. Would you like some?" Kiefer said while staring at the ceiling.

"I would never refuse that. Thanks in advance," Jacob said with a smile on his face and stood up from his seat.

He sat on the bed next to Kiefer and randomly punched the alpha's abdomen lightly.

"Ow! What was that for?" Kiefer said as he got up from the bed and glared at Jacob while holding his abdomen.

"I just felt like it," Jacob chuckled and Kiefer glared at him even more.

"Sometimes, you're even worse than Denise. Even my own sister doesn't punch me in the gut," Kiefer pouted and acted like he was about to cry.

"Hey, stop overreacting. We both know that didn't hurt. It was more like a light pat on the stomach," Jacob chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. I'm gonna tell your mom that you hit me. What a violent man!" Kiefer looked at him with judging eyes and Jacob just laughed at him.

"Whatever you say, Mr. Evans," the omega shrugged.

"Oh! By the way, when is Mommy Chie coming back? Should I cook dinner tonight instead of her?" Kiefer asked as he lay on the bed again.

"One might think you own the bed if someone sees you right now," Jacob scoffed as he threw a glance at Kiefer. "And about my mom, she said she was gonna go somewhere. She didn't exactly say where, but I'll try asking her what time she'll be home," he continued as he took his phone from his pocket.

Jacob sent a message to his mom on messenger knowing that she's always active there. It didn't even take a minute for her to respond to his text.

Jacob couldn't help but laugh when he saw his mother's reply.

"Hey, she's not coming home tonight. It turns out she went to Singapore to go shopping," Jacob sighed and pressed the power button on his phone instead of replying back.

"Seriously… She goes there as if it's some kind of neighborhood market," he mumbled to himself and lay on the bed next to Kiefer.

"Damn. That's the kind of rich I aspire to be," Kiefer jokingly said and laughed.

The omega turned his head to look at him and the alpha's pierced ear caught his eye.

Jacob unconsciously touched Kiefer's ear, but not his lobe where he got himself pierced. The moment the alpha felt Jacob's fingers on his ear, he immediately froze.





"Your ear is so red. Did it hurt?" Jacob asked as he rubbed Kiefer's ear.

Kiefer couldn't hear a word he was saying. The only thing he could hear was his own heartbeat.

When the alpha didn't respond to what he asked, Jacob rose and looked at Kiefer's face. That was when he saw that it wasn't just Kiefer's ear that was red, but also his face.


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