16 Chapter 16

"Hi. We met the other day. I'd like to introduce myself again. I'm Kiefer Evans," he said with a smile on his face as he put his hand out for a handshake.

A small smile curved on Leo's lips as he lowered his eyes and looked at Kiefer's hand. 'He's not gonna squeeze my hand tightly this time, is he?' He thought as his smile got a little bigger.

"Leon Gray. You can call me Leo. Nice to meet you, Keifer," Leo smiled as he shook Kiefer's hand.

'Damn it. His name sounds really cool,' Kiefer thought as he tried to keep the smile on his face.

"Haha, you're not gripping my hand tightly this time," Leo chuckled while shaking the alpha's hand. "Haha, whatever do you mean? I don't recall gripping your hand tightly," Kiefer responded, still wearing a smile on his face.

"Haha, alright. If that's what you say," Leo laughed softly.

Kiefer laughed with him, desperately trying not to squeeze his hand. 'Man, why does he seem more annoying now?' He thought as the corners of his lips trembled.

"What are you doing? How long are you guys gonna shake hands?" Jacob asked, looking at them weirdly because they still haven't let go of each other's hands.

Kiefer and Leo quickly took their hands back, still wearing their smiles.

"Well, then. Shall we begin our session?" Leo smiled at them.

Leo was good at teaching. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he was a better teacher than their teachers at school.

His explanations were precise and can be easily understood even by Kiefer who usually never pays much attention to class.

Jacob was told to answer some drills that Leo came up with, while Leo taught Kiefer the lessons that he and Jacob had gone over before.

Although Kiefer normally sucked when it came to numbers, he was easily able to get a grasp on the topic and managed to get almost all the answers correctly just after an hour of their tutoring session.

As much as he hated to admit it, Leo was by far the best teacher he had excluding Jacob.

He felt like he suddenly became so smart just after two hours and found himself looking forward to another tutoring session with Leo.

'Now I know why he's Jake's tutor...' Kiefer thought as he watched Leo check Jacob's answers.

"Excuse me. May I go to the bathroom?" Kiefer asked while looking at the tutor. Leo turned his head towards the alpha and with a smile on his face, he said, "Sure. Go ahead."

Kiefer stood from his seat and went to the bathroom just inside Jacob's room. After relieving himself, he washed his hands and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

Suddenly, he remembered how Leo looked.

'He had a few piercings in his ears. Will it look good on me if I get piercings too?' He thought to himself as he touched his ear and imagined himself with piercings.

'But it's definitely gonna hurt if I get my ears pierced, right?' He thought, feeling conflicted about getting piercings.

"Haaa... Whatever," Kiefer sighed and decided to just come out of the bathroom.

"Great job, Jake. You got another perfect score," Leo said with a smile on his face as he put his hand on the omega's head and ruffled his hair.

Kiefer unconsciously let out a scoff as he sat back on his chair when he saw how he was so touchy with a student.

'I've never had a tutor before, but I do know most tutors don't touch their students so freely like this,' he thought as he pressed his lips together.

Leo turned his head and looked at Kiefer. He smiled at him when he saw the look of disdain he had on his face.

"You did a good job too, Kief. Are you sure you aren't a math genius?" Leo chuckled as he ruffled Kiefer's hair too.

'Kief? Are we even close?' The alpha thought as he forced a smile.

"Well, you kids are such good students. I'm sure you'll get good marks on your finals. We'll go over Science in our next session, so make sure you have your textbooks with you by then," Leo smiled at them, proud that both his students were smart.

Kiefer just nodded while still wearing a forced smile and quickly looked away so he wouldn't have to see Leo's face.

A knock was heard on the door. "Come in," Jacob said as he turned his head towards the direction of the door.

"Boys, you're done now, aren't you? Let's have dinner together," Jacob's mom said with a sweet smile on her face.

"Okay. Thanks, Mom. We'll be right there in five," Jacob said as he faced his study table again.

He proceeded to fix his things and Kiefer just copied what he was doing. Leo, on the other hand, was just sitting there and watching them organize their things.

"Oh, yeah. Leo, I wanna talk to Kiefer for a while. Could you go downstairs first?" Jacob said as he zipped his bag and faced Leo.

"Yeah, sure. I'll wait for you there," Leo smiled at him and stood from his seat. "See you guys downstairs," he said before leaving the room.

Jacob waited for several seconds before talking to Kiefer, waiting for Leo to walk further away from the door.

"Alright. Talk. What's up with you? Are you uncomfortable around Leo?" Jacob asked as he stood up from his seat and sat on the chair next to Kiefer.

"How did you come to that conclusion?" Kiefer asked as his heart thumped from nervousness.

'Was it that obvious?' He thought as he swallowed hard, watching Jacob's facial expression change.

The omega leaned his back against the chair and raised his brows at him. "Your smile looks weird. You look like you wanna take a dump or something," Jacob answered.

"A-A dump? I look like I wanna take a dump?" Kiefer asked with an offended expression on his face.

"Yeah, even until now. I thought you really wanted to take a dump and that was why you stood up to go to the bathroom earlier, but your bathroom trip was too quick for you to take a dump," the omega said and shrugged.

"So, what is it? What's the matter? Did something happen between you and Leo?"

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