14 Chapter 14

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"Dude, what the hell? Concentrate!" One of Kiefer's friends, Elijah, said and clicked his tongue when he saw that he was the only one remaining on their team.

Currently, in an internet cafe playing a first-person shooter game with his friends, Kiefer was spacing out while thinking about Jacob.

"Sorry, I think I have to leave now. I forgot my sister told me to be home early today," he said as he stood from his seat.

"Oh, Denise? Say hi to her for me," Elijah smiled as if he wasn't pissed at Kiefer for not playing properly just a second ago.

"Yeah, sure. See you tomorrow at school," Kiefer said as grabbed his bag and hung the slings on his shoulders.

He quickly left the computer shop and started running home at full speed as if he was being chased by something.

'It was today, right? He's gonna get tutored today, right?' He thought as he ran on the sidewalk while trying not to bump into anyone.

The computer shop wasn't very far from the subdivision where he and Jacob lives. He arrived at the subdivision quicker than he expected because he ran from there.

Kiefer quickly pressed the doorbell and pressed it once again when nobody answered him after three seconds.

It was as if he was getting impatient.

He swallowed hard while panting and wiping the sweat from his forehead from running for several minutes.

The front door opened and Jacob's mother came out. She gasped and quickly went to the gate to open it for Kiefer when she saw the state he was in.

"Oh, dear... You're sweating so much, sweetie. Come in and have a glass of water. I'll get you a change of clothes from Jacob's room," she said as she led him in.

"He's getting tutored right now, so I think it would be better if I go there instead of you. He'd be less distracted if that were the case. Would that be alright?" Chie, Jacob's mother, said as she handed a glass of water to Kiefer.

"Oh... Yes, Mommy Chie. Thank you," Kiefer said as he accepted the glass with a smile on his face.

Honestly, Kiefer didn't even really know why he was running like that just to get to Jacob's house quicker.

He didn't even stop by his own house to change his clothes and immediately headed to the omega's place.

He was confused, but he knew he felt unsettled that Jacob was alone in his room with a man that he has never even spoken to before.

Kiefer drank the water as he watched Chie walk up the stairs. He quickly finished his water, parched from running nonstop.

He took his phone from his pocket and saw that Jacob had texted him earlier.

He opened his message and saw that he sent him a photo.

From: Jake

Leo's here. Wanna come over and meet him later?

Kiefer frowned when he saw the selfie they took together.

'He's smiling again,' he thought as he stared at Jacob's face. His eyes then moved to look at Leo's face and frowned even more when he saw how huge his smile was while looking at Jacob.

'Jake is literally a high school student. Isn't he ashamed?' He thought as he scoffed. 'I mean, sure we'll be in college in a couple of months since the school year is ending soon, but still... It's still very weird,' he thought.

He turned his phone off and unbuttoned his uniform so he could be a little more comfortable in his undershirt.

He was sweating so badly and he felt sticky all over that he wanted to at least take his uniform off.

As soon as Kiefer finished taking it off, Chie walked down the stairs while holding a shirt that Kiefer had left there when he stayed over before.

"Thanks, Mommy Chie," he said as he accepted the shirt from her hand.

The alpha went to the bathroom that was the nearest to the living room and took his shirt off. He grabbed a towel and wiped his sweat with it and thought that it might be better if he just took a shower.

Kiefer went out of the bathroom without wearing a shirt and looked for Chie to inform her that he was gonna go home to take a shower. But as he was looking for her, he ran into the person he was frowning about just a couple of minutes ago.

Leo stared at his face and his eyes traveled down to Kiefer's body.

Kiefer frowned when he saw the way he was looking at him and immediately covered his chest with his arms.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to look. You work out?" Leo asked as he smiled at Kiefer.

Kiefer hesitated whether he should answer him or not and eventually did. "I do," he responded briefly.

"Nice bod. Keep it up. Leo, by the way. I'm Jacob's tutor," Leo said as he put his hand out for a handshake.

Again, Kiefer hesitated whether he should shake his hand or not and still decided to shake it.

He removed his arms from covering his body and took Leo's hand to shake it. "Kiefer, Jacob's friend," the alpha said while shaking his hand.

While he was shaking Leo's hand, he couldn't help but tighten his grip to establish dominance. He was smiling, but it was obvious that he wasn't looking at Leo with kind eyes.

"Strong grip," Leo smiled as he tightened his grip as well.

The two boys were gripping each other's hands a little too tightly that their hands which were supposed to only shake for a while were now trembling from the force that they were exerting.

'What's up with this kid? Was he that offended that I looked at his body? I mean, I couldn't help it. He was walking around half-naked like that,' Leo thought while still smiling at Kiefer.

"Boys? What are you doing?" Chie suddenly appeared.

The two let go of each other's hands and acted as if nothing happened between them.

"We were just introducing ourselves to each other, Mommy Chie," Kiefer smiled at her.

"Dear, why are you not wearing the shirt?" Chie asked as she sighed while looking at Kiefer's naked torso.

"Oh, I was gonna tell you that I'll be going home to take a quick shower. I'll go back here after I do that," Kiefer smiled at her.

"Okay, do that, then. And you, Leo, my dear, you were going to the bathroom, weren't you? I guess it's free now," she smiled as she turned her head to him.

"I'll be going now," Kiefer said as he looked at Chie and smiled at her. He took one last look at Leo and tried not to make a weird face when he saw how he was acting so friendly with Jacob's mother.

Kiefer grabbed his bag in the living room and quickly went out without even wearing a shirt. He quickly ran to his house so nobody would see him like that and headed inside right away after opening the gate.

As he closed the front door, he looked at his hand that shook Leo's hand earlier.

'It's all red.'

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