13 Chapter 13

"Jake, let's eat dinner," Kiefer said as he stood by the door while watching Jacob write in his notebook.

He stood there for a couple more seconds, waiting for Jacob to respond, but he didn't seem to hear him.

'He probably put his earphones on full volume,' Kiefer sighed as he stood properly and started walking towards the omega.

"Let's eat dinner," Kiefer said as he removed Jacob's earphones.

Jacob looked up at him and faced his notebook once again as he said, "Yeah, thanks. I'll eat after I finish this. You can eat first."

Kiefer's eyebrows furrowed upon hearing the omega's response. He let out a sigh and pulled Jacob's swivel chair and turned him around to face him.

He put his hands on the armrests and slightly bent his back as he stared at Jacob's face.

"Jake," he smiled at him. "Eat," he commanded.

Kiefer was staring directly into Jacob's upturned blue eyes and he could see how Jacob was on the verge of getting annoyed at him, but he didn't stop.

"I'll just finish one last problem and I'll go downstairs," Jacob said as he glanced at his notebook and sighed.

"Sure. I'll wait for you here while you do it," Kiefer smiled.

'Damn it. He's not giving up,' the omega thought as he clicked his tongue.

Kiefer smiled even wider when he heard Jacob's tongue click. He felt victorious. It was as if he had won a fight against his overgrown child who wasn't really his child.

Kiefer turned Jacob's chair around and pushed him slightly towards the table so he could continue answering. The omega grabbed his pen and started writing in his notebook and as he did that, Kiefer stood behind him, watching him go through one mathematical problem.

It didn't take Jacob long to finish it. It hasn't even been two minutes since he started answering it and he was already done.

He slowly lowered his pen and let out a sigh as he stood up from his chair.

"Happy now?" Jacob asked as he looked at Kiefer with the eyes of a dead fish. "I sure am," the alpha smiled at him.

Jacob let out another sigh and walked out of his room to go downstairs while Kiefer followed behind him.

He was annoyed.

He was annoyed that Kiefer disturbed him while he was in the middle of studying. Even his own parents don't do that to him, yet Kiefer always tells him to stop so he could eat.

Deep down, Jacob knew that Kiefer was only doing that out of concern, but it became a little annoying the more frequent it became.

While he knew that Kiefer had a point, Jacob just couldn't help but get annoyed because the flow of his thoughts had been disrupted.

But his annoyance came to a halt when he saw the food that was waiting for him downstairs.

Jacob quickly ran downstairs and Kiefer couldn't help but laugh when he saw the way he reacted.

"Buffalo Wings, Chicken Alfredo, and Cucumber Salad? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Jacob faced Kiefer with a huge smile on his face.

The food wasn't anything special, but because Kiefer was the one who cooked and prepared them, it became special.

It was as if he had magical hands that can create extra delicious food that Jacob refuses to eat those dishes if Kiefer wasn't the one who cooked them.

Buffalo Wings, Chicken Alfredo, and Cucumber Salad have never tasted the same ever since he had a taste of Kiefer's cooking.

"I did tell you I'll cook you something good. I had to prepare your favorites if I wanted you to eat properly, right?" Keifer smiled as he pulled a chair for Jacob.

"Thanks a bunch, man. This is a secret, but you cook better than my mom," Jacob said with a smile on his face while staring at the food, wondering which dish he should eat first.

"I'm gonna tell on your mom," Kiefer laughed as he sat next to the omega.

They started eating together while chatting about random things. Jacob forgot that he even got annoyed at Kiefer earlier, and Kiefer was glad that Jacob was eating a lot.

Dinner was good and they were both happy, until...

"You should come over next time when Leo is here. He'd probably be amazed once he gets a taste of your food," Jacob said while removing the bones from a chicken wing.

Kiefer glanced at him and racked his brain trying to remember if he knew someone named Leo and realized he didn't.

"Who's Leo?" He asked as he watched Jacob put the entire boneless chicken wing in his mouth.

The omega turned his head to face him while chewing his food and raised his saucy hand, gesturing to wait for him to finish chewing.

He swallowed hard and said, "My tutor."

Kiefer felt like a bucket of ice-cold water was poured on his head. He blinked a couple of times and smiled as he turned his head straight, now facing his plate.

"Haha... Yeah, sure. I'll cook for you guys next time," he said as he poked a cucumber with his fork.

Keifer suddenly fell quiet despite talking nonstop earlier.

He was now eating his food quietly without saying a word to Jacob.

He couldn't quite describe the feeling he was feeling at the moment, but the only thing he knew was that it didn't feel good at all.

He was feeling strange again.

'I don't mind cooking, but do I really have to cook for him too?' He thought as he smiled a little while staring blankly at the cucumber on his fork.

He put the cucumber in his mouth and as he started chewing, he couldn't help but remember the name Jacob mentioned earlier.

Kiefer stared down at his plate and thought, 'Leo... was it?'

His fingers rubbed on the utensils as he felt a pang on his chest, strangely feeling worse than he did earlier.

'Even his name sounds handsome.'

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