Slayer Knight: Survive The Undead

“Consider all of my actions an act of mercy. I will end you swiftly, so you won't even know when it happens," Alina murmured coldly. "Someone, please, carry my sister. I will bear the weight," Hobe asserted firmly, stepping forward to intercept the swing of Alina's blade. The others stared at Hobe with a mix of curiosity and disbelief. They remained silent, secretly hoping that Alina would end the man's life swiftly. One swift strike would solve the problem, and their lingering guilt would fade away. "My sister is not heavy," Hobe insisted, his voice filled with determination. Alina locked eyes with Hobe. "Playing the hero, huh, Hobe?" Hobe was taken aback, his gaze fixed on Alina. It was in that moment, as he stared at her, that Hobe realized she was Miyagome, the girl he had crushed since two years ago. "Miya..." Hobe whispered. !!!Explicit adult content above chapter 49 and will be informed at the beginning of the chapter. Please refrain from accessing the chapter if you are underage. Thank you.!!! ~~~ #dystopia #scifi #politics #conspiracy Hobe Satsubasa, an ordinary high school student who worked at a fast-food restaurant in a small mall, lived his daily life taking care of his 5-year-old sister, Hari Antsumi, when a deadly zombie virus outbreak struck their small town. For a year, Hobe managed to survive alongside his sister by accessing food supplies and other necessities through the mall where he worked. Hobe believed they could continue to live peacefully like that forever. However, Hari got infected by the virus, and Hobe learned that he could find the cure in the nearby big city, Zad Town. There, he coincidentally reunited with his high school friend and his crush, Miyagome Natsujime. She went by the name Alina The Wolf and survived by becoming a Slayer Knight. Miyagome told Hobe that he could have anything he wanted if he joined the Slayer Knights. But how was that possible? Why could the people known as the Upper Society provide anything they desired? Where did they live? And why did the Upper Society seem to be safe from this epidemic? disclaimer: - 18+ above, please be wise - content warning will be cautioned at the beggining of chapter - the cover is commissioned

Tizzz · Sci-fi
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175 Chs

__Citywide Mission End__

With a swift motion, Alina's Moonfang blade swept down from his back. The blade arced through the air, slicing through the remaining zombie that had been pursuing Hobe, Ray, and Hari.

The creature crumpled to the ground in a lifeless heap, its threat extinguished.

The sound of the blade meeting its target was followed by a momentary silence. The tension in the air gradually dissipated as the last of the immediate danger was eliminated.

Alina's stance remained firm, her focus unwavering as she surveyed the aftermath of the battle.

As the seconds passed, the group's ragged breaths began to synchronize. The fight had been fierce, and the victory hard-won, but they had managed to survive.

With a final sweep of her blade to rid it of any remaining traces of blood, Alina let out a slow exhale.

Alina's hand moved to her neck where the communication chip was discreetly embedded. She pressed the small button to activate the radio, her expression focused and determined. "Status check," she said firmly, her voice carrying a mix of concern and authority.

One by one, the responses came in. "Mark here." His voice crackled through the speaker, his tone steady and unwavering.

"Tibby reporting in," came the reply, though there was a hint of nervousness in her voice.

However, the silence that followed the call for Alex and Emily was palpable. Her fingers tapped impatiently on the side of her communication chip as she tried again, "Alex, Emily, respond."

Seconds stretched into an agonizing silence, the absence of their voices hanging heavy in the air. Alina's grip on the her sword device tightened.

Alina's gaze fixed on the bustling facility depot building, the cacophony of distant undead cries filling the air with an eerie symphony.

"The mission countdown has been in progress." Mark's reminder was accompanied by a nonchalant shrug, and he leapt from the building's height without a second thought, leaving the rest behind. He gracefully passed through the barbed wire fence they had breached for entry.

As the seconds ticked away, a digital countdown displayed on the retina of each Slayer Knight, a virtual language that only they could decipher, marking the dwindling moments until the mission's culmination.


# Countdown timer for mission completion

countdown = 30 # seconds

# Display countdown on each Slayer Knight's retina

for slayer in slayer_knights:

display_countdown(slayer, countdown)

# Wait for mission completion


# Mission has reached its culmination



"Let's move," Alina's voice rang out, firm and unwavering, a declaration of her leadership to the team.

Hobe panted heavily, his breaths ragged and labored. He dropped to his knees before Alina, who was still holding onto the back of his head without realizing it.

Alina's gaze remained fixed on the approaching horde of zombies, their footsteps growing louder as they closed in.

Meanwhile, Tibby grumbled under her breath, seeking refuge behind Alina's form. She hid there for protection, as was her usual stance. She never felt ashamed of being a burden to the team.

"Alex... Emily...," Emily's voice trembled slightly as she continued trying to reach them, her desperation evident in her tone. She clung to the faint hope that they were safe somewhere out there.

Yet, silence greeted her on the other end of the line. The airwaves remained devoid of any response, leaving her with a growing sense of unease that gnawed at her heart.

"Let's go, quickly follow the prepared exit path. Stay within the lines to avoid triggering any landmines. I won't tolerate any more foolish behavior!" Alina's voice held a stern edge as she dragged Hobe's thin and frail arm over her shoulder, guiding him to his feet.

They sprinted along the exit path that Emily had meticulously prepared. Each step took them across the treacherous terrain, and they navigated through the barbed wire fence one by one, as the pursuing zombies unwittingly triggered grenades that scattered limbs, torsos, and intestines in their wake.

The zombies inadvertently triggered grenades, causing body parts to scatter around like grotesque confetti.

"Everyone, stay close!" Alina called out, her voice cutting through the chaos. "Don't stray from the path, or you might trigger the mines!"

In a swift motion, Mark swiftly patched up the gaps in the fence with new sections of sturdy iron. He secured them tightly, his movements practiced and efficient.

"We can't let them follow us," he muttered to himself as he secured the makeshift barrier, his fingers moving deftly.

With a decisive flick of a switch, he activated an electrified current, sending shocking jolts through the zombies who managed to escape the landmine traps.

As they finally reached the exit, the survivors gathered, breathing heavily but alive. Alina's gaze swept over the group, her expression grim.


**Mission Accomplished!**

🎉 Congratulations, Slayer Knight! You have successfully completed the mission. 🎉

**Survivor Score:** 28/9

**Slayer Knight Score:** 3/3

**Total Points Earned:** 2050

**Mission Completion Time:** 27:57

Well done on rescuing all 9 survivors and ensuring the safety of your entire team of 3 Slayer Knights. Your skillful strategy and swift action have paid off, despite the challenges faced during the mission. Your dedication and courage are an inspiration to us all.

Prepare for your next mission, Slayer Knight. The fight against the darkness continues, and your strength will be needed more than ever. Stay vigilant and keep honing your skills.

May the odd guide your path.


The three Slayer Knights and the nine survivors managed to make it through.

Alina The Wolf felt a heavy weight settle in her chest. The mission had ended in failure, despite their best efforts.



Player Status Check:

- Alina:

- Points: 1200 (Highest)

- Active Mission: Completed

- Rank: Advanced

- Mark:

- Points: 850 (Second Highest)

- Active Mission: Completed

- Tibby:

- Points: 0 (Active)

- Emily:

- Points: 800 (Expired)

- Active Mission: Inactive (Deceased)

- Alex:

- Points: 600 (Expired)

- Active Mission: Inactive (Deceased)

Note: Points and inventory collected by Emily and Alex during their active time as Slayer Knights have been nullified and cannot be transferred.