Is my bed soft?

In the flower garden, there was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair that was braided, watering the flowers. She hummed a song, enjoyed her time alone, but even so, there was a trace of loneliness on her face.

The girl was Charlotte Dunois, who was Haru's roommate at the Infinite Stratos academy.

After Haru left, he told Charlotte to live in his house. He might have been living in an apartment in the past since he was living alone, but he had decided to take Charlotte so he bought a house without hesitation.

The house was two-story, with modern architecture, and a beautiful flower garden in the yard.

The beautiful flower garden had always been Charlotte's favorite and even though there was a robot that would water those flowers regularly, she loved to water those flowers manually since she could tell that those flowers answered her.

When you take care of a flower, the flower will answer you by growing beautifully.

If Haru knew what Charlotte was doing, then, without doubt, he would think of her as having a flower or plant addict.

Still, Charlotte loved this place since it made her know that she had a place to return, she had a house. It might be a bit too big if she lived here alone, but if she thought the future when she had a child with him, she felt that this house was perfect.


Charlotte's face flushed when she thought that she would have children with him, but she didn't hate the idea, or rather she loved that idea. However, she sighed since it had been two weeks since he disappeared after the attack on the training camp before, and it made her wonder where he was.

"Do you want children?"

Charlotte was hugged suddenly, which made her startled, and wanted to beat up the person who hugged her by using her Infinite Stratos, but when she smelled a similar smell from behind, she turned her flexible waist and kissed him without hesitation.

Haru thought that Charlotte had something to ask or wanted to beat him up, but in the end, she kissed his lips without hesitation, so he also didn't hesitate to enjoy the kiss. Still, her body might not be the best among all of his girls, but it had always been so nice to hug her since her body was so soft.

They kissed each other until their lips were swollen because they kissed for so long.

Charlotte's eyes were red and looked at Haru in resentment. "Why did you only come back now?" She was so worried about him, especially when she couldn't contact him and all the messages, and her call couldn't be connected, which made her have a grudge against him.

Haru patted Charlotte's butts several times and said, "But I come back, right?"

Charlotte curled her lips and flushed when her butts were patted, but she didn't hate it. Instead, she swayed her butts left and right, telling him that it was alright to touch her butts more. "Still, you really like my butts, huh?"


Haru looked at Charlotte again and kissed her wavy blonde hair. "I'm a bit hungry, is there something to eat?" As for whether he loved her butts or not, the answer was obvious, right?

"Okay, okay, wait a moment." Charlotte was full of charming smiles and turned off the water before she brought him inside the house while telling him a lot of things.

Haru felt that his decision to have Charlotte in this world was the greatest thing that he had ever done.


Even though it might have been only two weeks since Haru had been away from this world, he really felt that he had been away from Charlotte so long so even though he was eating, they sat next to each other and neither of them wanted to part with each other.

Still, there was something that Charlotte needed to ask. "You're not going again, right?"

Haru ate the beef bourguignon that was cooked by Charlotte, then shook his head. "You don't need to worry. I won't go anywhere."

"Great!" Charlotte, without hesitation, kissed Haru's cheek.

"Hey, I'm trying to eat." Haru was speechless.

"I want to eat too," Charlotte said sweetly, like a baby asking for him to pamper.

"Good grief..." Haru showed an "it can't be helped" expression and said, "Open your mouth then."

"Ahh..." Charlotte opened her mouth obediently and ate the food that was fed by Haru.

"Is it good?"


"By the way, you're not living here alone?" Haru could tell that even though there was only Charlotte here, she didn't live alone in this place.

"Um." Charlotte nodded and said, "I live with Laura and Cecilia here."

"Laura and Cecilia? Where are they?" Haru asked curiously, but Charlotte pouted, and said, "Mooo..., you're with me, yet you're asking for other girls?"

"Sorry, sorry, it's just unexpected that you'll tell them that you live in my house. I thought you were going to monopolize this place alone," Haru said as if had found out her dirty secret.

Charlotte smiled awkwardly and said, "Well, that thought crossed my mind before, but this place was a bit huge for me, but in the future..." She blushed when she thought about her future with him.

"Well, in the future, this place should be suitable for our family." Haru nodded. He could get a better and bigger house, but since Charlotte was satisfied with this place, then he didn't say much. He raised her chin and stared at her eyes deeply. "Did you miss me?"

"Um." Charlotte nodded without hesitation and hugged his neck as she whispered into his ear. "I miss you, Haru."

The soft and warm breath tickled his ear, but at the same time, it caused a desire to be born on his body.

A small curve grew in his mouth as his voice echoed through Charlotte's mind.

"They won't come back today, right?"

Charlotte's body trembled as she hugged him so tightly, and at the same time, she also knew what he planned to do. "Wa - Wait a minute, let me call them."

"Why do you want to call them?" Haru looked at Charlotte weirdly, wondering whether this girl wanted to lose her first time in a foursome?

Even though Haru didn't really mind, it surprised him that Charlotte was quite wild.

"I'll remind them not to come back today," Charlotte said without hesitation, then used her phone to call Cecilia and Laura, telling them not to come back, and told them to go to Houki's house since she remembered that Houki's house was a shrine and she might need help.


Haru looked at Charlotte and thought that this girl was so crafty.

"Done?" After a moment, he asked.

"Done." Charlotte nodded with a smile.

"By the way, I have never slept in this house, is the bed soft?" Haru asked.

"It's very soft." Charlotte nodded without hesitation.

"Really? I need to check it and I might need your help too, is that okay?"

"Okay, I'll help you to test the bed whether it can accommodate two people or not."

Haru and Charlotte then went to his room where they would test the quality of his bed. After all, it was important to know if his bed wasn't good, then they might need to change this bed tomorrow.

So without further ado, they checked his bed together to test how soft it was.

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