Everyone is honest

After the quest, Haru brought Brandish and Irene to his world. When he told them that he came from another world and it surprised them, but they were quite curious about another world and wanted to come with him.

"So this is another world?" Irene looked at her surroundings in amazement, thinking that there was a huge difference between Haru's world and her world. She could see from the architecture alone, there were more than one or two-level differences. It was so different that she was amazed, especially when she saw how tall Haru's house was. It somehow made her think that the Tower of Babel could be built in this world.

Irene had been living for the past 400+ years and somehow she was glad of it since she could tell that there would be a lot of interesting things as long as she was with Haru.

"Wow..." Brandish could only utter that word at this moment.

Still, Utaha, Sora, Megumi, Erina, and Kirari were dumbfounded when they saw Brandish and Irene since the getups of those two were so revealing, but when they thought about their origin, they couldn't say much since each world had a different culture.

Brandish and Irene also saw the five girls and could tell the difference in the getups between them.

"Haru, is this not alright to wear a bikini?" Brandish asked naively.

"...It's alright to wear a bikini, but let's wear that on the beach or pool. It'll be terrible if you wear a bikini on the street, you might get caught by the police if you do that," Haru said calmly. "Also, if possible, don't use magic."

"Okay." 2x

Brandish and Irene nodded at the same time.

"Can we talk now?" Utaha suddenly asked.

"Okay." Haru nodded.

"Brandish-san and Irene-san, is it? Thank you for taking care of our man in another world, so how about we talk to each other to get to know each other better?" Utaha said politely.

"Okay." 2x

Brandish and Irene agreed without hesitation.

The group of girls went directly to the room to talk to each other, but when Haru wanted to follow them, they directly stopped him.

"We need to talk to each other first!"


Haru could only sigh and sat down on the sofa while thinking whether he should visit everyone from the Muse, but he knew that there was something that he needed to do. He thought about what he had done to Brandish and he felt that he knew that he had done something similar to various girls in the various worlds that he had met, and he knew that he needed to meet those girls to explain everything.

With that said, Haru wondered which world that he should visit first.

There were various worlds that Haru had gone into in the past 2000++ chapters.

Haru thought for a moment and felt that he should go to the world of Infinite Stratos since, in that world, he had left so suddenly, without leaving much of explanation. Even though he had told Tabane to tell everyone that he was alright, somehow he was quite worried whether Tabane would relay that message or not.

'Alright, let's visit them.'

Haru thought that it should be a summer vacation in the world of the Infinite Stratos and he was sure that he could play together with everyone at that time. Without hesitation, he made a copy of himself, then teleported one of his bodies to another world.

It had been a while since Haru had met them, and even though it might be a week or more that they had parted, he hadn't seen them for quite a while.

'I wonder whether I can see Ichika too.'

Haru's mood was good so without hesitation, he teleported to the world of the Infinite Stratos.


"Hey, hey, did you miss me?" Tabane was full of smiles when Haru suddenly came into her world.

"Yeah, I miss you, Tabane," Haru said with a smile.

Tabane's private house was located on one of the unnamed islands near Japan, but with all the security that she built, there was no way for someone to be able to find her house. Still, instead of the house, it was similar to a laboratory, and her living place was built to accommodate everything that she needed to build whatever she wanted to build.

There was no plant, nor big bad, and if there was something special about this private house, then it would be the large outdoor bathhouse that Haru built when he came in the past and that place had become Tabane's favorite place when she rested.

When Haru and Tabane met each other, they didn't hesitate and walked to their room to do the thing that they had missed and after they were satisfied, she created a circle with her finger on his chest, and asked, "Are you going to watch Houki-chan's performance?"

"Houki's performance?" Haru raised his eyebrow and felt confused.

"Did you forget that my house is a shrine? They often do dance rituals when there is a summer festival," Tabane said.

"You're not coming?" Haru asked curiously.

"No, if I come, then the festival might be stopped since Houki-chan will get angry at me," Tabane said with a smile. Even though she might often act stupid, she also knew that what she had done, caused a big problem for her family, but she didn't regret it since that was what a family was for, right? Causing trouble for a family was a normal thing, so there was no need to be shy to cause trouble.

"Okay, I'll watch the dance ritual," Haru said.

Tabane smiled then whispered, "Try to get Houki-chan, then you can have two sisters at the same time."

"............." Haru was speechless and said, "It's my first time seeing someone who can give her little sister to her boyfriend."

"What? You don't want to?"

"No, I want to."

Tabane smiled and patted Haru's head. "It's great that you're so honest with your desire."

Haru couldn't deny the fact that having Tabane and Houki at the same time made him excited.

"Still, not only is your mouth honest, but your body is also very honest." Tabane smiled as she rubbed Haru's hard prick with her slender and cold hand.

Haru shuddered with how good it was and kissed and sucked Tabane's neck which made her moan loudly.

"Hmnh... Ahnn... More..."

His hand rubbed against her ample bust as he played with her nipple while his other hand teased her clitoris, causing a large amount of juice, keep gushing out, like a flood from her honey pot.

Haru wanted to suck those delicious juices, but suddenly Tabane called his name. "Hmn... by the way, Haru." Her voice was sultry and tried to hold the moan that was about to come out from her mouth.


Haru was under her skirt and only answered with a short answer since he was quite busy.

"What are you going to do with Ichika?"

"Ichika?" Haru stopped and suddenly felt quite complex. "What do you want me to do with him?"

"Well, can you get his big sister?" Tabane asked and felt that it would be great if she could be on the bed together with Orimura Chifuyu.


"Let's talk about that later since we have something to do, right?"


Tabane's mouth was honest, but her body was even more honest.

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