Don't you have something to say to me?

When the dance ended, Houki excused herself and returned to the room inside the hall to change her clothes.

Ichika also followed and waited outside since he wanted to spend the rest of the time with Houki. He stood there, waiting for her, but then someone called him out.

"Eh? Ichika? Why are you here?"

"Yukiko-obaasan?" Ichika looked at Houki's aunt in confusion.

"You're not with Houki-chan?" Houki's aunt was confused.

"Um, no." Ichika shook his head and asked, "She isn't inside?"

Houki's aunt looked at Ichika for a moment, then thought about Houki. 'Has she fallen for someone else?' She felt a bit weird and confused, but at the same time, she was also curious. After all, she saw Houki was full of smiles quickly running after the Kagura dance. She thought that Houki was going to meet Ichika, but was she going to meet someone else?

"Yukiko-obaasan?" Ichika was confused since Houki's aunt suddenly fell in silence.

"Ah, nothing. Wait a moment, let me see whether Houki-chan is inside or not," Houki's aunt said.

"Ah, no, it's alright. You don't need to be in a hurry. She might be busy and help the shrine, right?" Ichika said with a smile.

Houki's aunt looked at Ichika for a moment and could only nod with an unnatural expression. "Yes, she's quite busy right now."

"I see..." Ichika felt a bit disappointed and said, "Then I'll go back first."

Houki's aunt wasn't sure what to say at this moment and only hoped Houki would come back as soon as possible since there were a lot of things that she was going to ask her. "Sorry, Ichika-kun, I'll tell her that you're looking for her."

"Yes." Ichika thought that it couldn't be helped since he also knew how busy the shrine was during the festival.


Houki, who had changed into purple yukata with cherry blossom patterns, walked to the backyard of the shrine where there was a gazebo where someone could see the scenery of the town.

This place was quite deserted and was only known by some people.

Houki didn't know why she walked to this place, but she had a feeling that bastard was in that place. Her surroundings were extremely dark since there was no light, but it didn't stop her from walking. As she was about to approach that gazebo, even though it was dark, she could see a figure of someone sitting on the bench, staring at the scenery of the town as he ate takoyaki.


Houki's voice was loud and her voice echoed through the forest in her surroundings. Still, from her voice alone, someone could tell how angry and annoyed she was, but this figure was unfazed and said, "Are you hungry?"

"I'm so hungry!" Houki said as she sat next to this figure.

"I bought Taiyaki, do you want it?" Haru asked and gave the taiyaki in his hand.

Houki didn't say much and took the taiyaki from his hand.

Haru looked at Houki, who was annoyed and said, "I saw Ichika there. You're not going with him?"

Houki glared at Haru since this guy was quite nasty. She squinted her eyes and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Of course, I came to meet you," Haru said without hesitation.

"Really?" Houki was surprised.

"I heard from Cecilia and Laura that you were going to perform the Kagura dance. Luckily, I didn't come late and I could watch your performance," Haru said with a smile.


Houki felt so complex at that moment. When Ichika praised her, she didn't feel anything, but when this bastard told her that he came personally to watch her performance her heart was beating so fast and she also felt embarrassed. "How is it?"

"Well, it's not bad," Haru said ambiguously.

"Huh? Not bad?" Houki was displeased.

"I was late before, so I didn't fully see how you danced before," Haru said unnaturally, but Houki didn't doubt his words and said, "Then I'll show it to you here again."

"Is that okay?"

"Um." Houki nodded without hesitation.

Houki then stood up and started to dance gracefully again in front of Haru. This time, she wouldn't allow him to give him half-asset praise and she needed him to tell her that she was the best.

There might not be music, and there was only one audience, but even so, Houki's dance was even better than what she had shown on the stage before.

As the dance ended, Houki asked, "How is it?" She was breathing quite fast, but it wasn't because she felt tired instead she was quite nervous, waiting for his answer.

"It's great," Haru said.

"How great is that?" Houki asked with some displeasure, wondering whether that was the only thing that Haru could say.

"It's so great that I want you to monopolize you for myself," Haru said as he gazed into her eyes.

"Wh --?!" Houki blushed and her face was hot. She didn't expect that this guy would confess to her. She lowered her head shyly as she kneaded her hands together.

Haru wondered how someone could be so cute so he didn't hesitate and pulled her into his embrace, letting her sit on his lap.

"Wha --?!" Houki was startled and wanted to fight back. "You..?"

"You don't want to?" Haru asked.

Houki curled her lips and in the end, she searched the most comfortable position as she sat on his lap. She could feel his head on her right shoulder, but instead of feeling ticklish or uncomfortable, it felt so warm and complete. "You're not going anywhere, right?"

"I won't go anywhere."


"If you don't believe me, then why don't you follow me back now?"

Houki snorted and could tell that this guy was thinking something bad. Still, she didn't really mind and said, "Well, I'll visit your home tomorrow."


Houki sighed at how childish this guy was, but then she recalled and asked, "Do Charlotte, Laura, and Cecilia live in your house too?"



Suddenly there was a beautiful firework exploding in the sky, but Haru somehow wasn't in the mood to enjoy the fireworks. Still, it could be used to change the topic of conversation. "The fireworks are beautiful."

"I want to go back."

"Wait! Wait!"

Houki sighed and continued to sit on his lap. "Don't you have something to say to me?"

"I love you."

".............." Houki blushed and quickly got angry. "It's not that, right?"

"Err, I love you so much?"


Haru lifted Houki's body and put her legs to the side, letting her sit on his lap in a horizontal position, then kissed her cheek gently. "I love you, Houki."


Houki knew that this guy was bad, but why couldn't she forget him?

"Don't you have something to say to me too?" Haru whispered.

Houki's face was red and she was embarrassed, but she gave him the words that he wanted to hear. "I love you too."

Haru hugged Houki happily and kissed her cheek again several times. "My Houki-chan is so cute!"

"Do - Don't say something so embarrassing so easily!" Houki felt that her entire body was burning, but she didn't hate this feeling. She put her head on his shoulder and said in a lonely tone, "Don't leave so suddenly like that, alright?"

"I won't."

Houki snuggled closer and looked at the fireworks. "The fireworks are beautiful."

"Houki is even more beautiful."

Houki curled her lips and hid her face on his neck, feeling embarrassed.

Haru smiled and kept their position as they talked to each other, watching the fireworks together.

Houki smiled happily, but then she was dumbfounded when she noticed her aunt watching her with a smile from behind.


Haru also turned his head and also saw Houki's aunt.


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